Friday, February 26, 2021

Sewing Saturday....


wonky star with clocks and scissors
For this week's sewing round up, I worked on three projects. 

1. Table Scraps table runner in yellow for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge but using also B&W scraps

2. Made wonky star blocks and improv log cabin for my Stay at home Round Robin

3. Finished the improv log cabin blocks to go with the hand pieced diamonds, and that section is now able to leave the design wall! (sorry no pics today)

Let's start with the round robin... I am leaving options open on placement for now, but the stars and log cabins were this week's addition

I'm using some of my cute sewing fabrics and colorful scraps... I just love seeing these colors!!!!

love these fabrics!
see the sideways sewing machines?

Iron fabric, spools, Sew Love

Poodle playing in the thread

Next up is the Table Scraps challenge to make a table covering each month... I used scraps from my Black and White bin, and from the Yellow bin, my drunkard's path templates, and the design wall...

It's interesting how much I enjoy each stage of design. 

first choose pretty fabrics... and cut them out to be circles or backgrounds. Decide how much yellow to include. 

Sew the blocks, I use three pins only to sew the curves, press some seams to circles, some to backgrounds depending on placement so they "nest" 

Lots of decisions on where full circles went, where color went, which way circles faced. 

To me it's like the moon stages. 

top half
middle section

bottom left

I knew I wanted to interrupt the line with inserts, decided they should finish at 1/2" wide, and where they should go

chose a background and binding

Quilted each set with curves or straight lines, or both, or neither in the Chrysanthemum ones!

I did the binding differently by sewing it to the front, pulling to the back, machine stitching along the front edge and catching the back in that stitching. After it was done I wanted sparkle so I went over the binding again with mylar gold sparkle thread

 this shows how pretty the binding fabric is...

no pics of the star/log improv pieces... 

linking to:

stay at home round robin 


  1. You've got lots of lovely grays and the quilting is just right!

  2. Hi Leeanna,
    You do a super job bringing the fabrics together what ever the challenge :)
    take care,

  3. Made me think of "by the light of the silvery moon". Love it.

  4. OMG!! That sweet pineapple backing!!! P.S. Your Table Scraps link goes to my blog, but a direct link would work better (as I've already published two additional posts since the Link Party went live.)

  5. What a great moon project. You have such a wonderful sense of what goes together. Can't wait to see the round robin finish. Such a bright & happy quilt.

  6. You're making great progress on the Round Robin! I love, love, love the Moon project!

  7. Your SAHRR is FABULOUS!!! I found the sideways sewing machines PLUS I saw flying irons! Haha! I too love all the colors and shapes, it's so wonderful. Your table runner is really cool and right away I loved your binding. I really checked out your quilting on it too. Thanks for giving us such good looks!

  8. OOoooh!! The black, white yellow table runner is the bomb!

  9. Love your circles quilt. I like the other things you're working on, too.

  10. The Table Scraps runner is great. Very modern looking. Got my first vaccine dose today. I am so relieved.

  11. So many fun colors and prints in your round robin project! Then the black, white, and yellow has a completely different vibe - I love it!

  12. Your table runner turned out great. Nice use of b&w fabrics with cute motifs.

  13. I am blown away by everything in your moon table runner. The fabrics, the offsetting (I like half-inch inserts because they add so much without altering the dimensions of the piece), and the QUILTING!! Table scraps. Not. (even though I know why it’s called that) Table Gem!

  14. I love how your table topper came out! I thought of the moon phases right off. The quilting on it is just perfect.

  15. Hi LeeAnna! I love how your SAHRR project is coming together. Where's the photo of Milo??!! "Poodle playing in the thread" should also reflect our favorite sweet poodle thinking about playing with your thread. HAHA! LOVE your drunkard's path blocks. ~smile~ Roseanne

  16. I really like your B&W plus Yellow table runner! So special! My SAHRR has hit a wall and come to a complete halt! I don’t want a huge quilt! What to do.....I’ll get it figured out! Yours is adorable!

  17. LOVE the pineapple backing fabric.

  18. That black/white/yellow project is absolutely beautiful! Love that color combo and the design is super pretty. Well done with all your projects but especially with this one!

  19. your SAHRR is looking wonderful and a great inspiration! I'm keeping track of the rounds but haven't even started yet! LOL

  20. Lovely table runner, and the backing fabric is cute!
    I'm pleased to be able to join you on Thursday, for my monthly gratitude post ☺

  21. I love all these colors and patterns!

  22. Your gray and yellow circles are great. And they do look like stages of the moon.

  23. What a bright beautiful post full of color and inspiration LeeAnna. Loved the moon runner

  24. I wish I had your ambition. Your work is lovely.