Thursday, February 18, 2021

I Like Thursday # 232


welcome to this week's list of simple likes! I love oranges and now that I'm baking again, love using fresh orange peel. I used to use the microplane but now will use this one. Much easier. 

I zest it onto freezer paper, fold up and freeze til I need it.

speaking of eating...

 Fine dining

My friend Cindy shared this recipe with me... Oh. My. heck! it's so good. I used cooked chicken strips for the protein, it has sun dried tomatoes, cream, spinach and parmesan!

Link : creamy-parmesan-sauce

Jocelyn from Canadian Needle nana shared a chocolate cake recipe, using stout, and Baileys, a while back. We made it for V-day and it is so GOOD! It's kind of big too so we'll be having it all week!

before icing
I tried this recipe for cinnamon buns, easier to make as there  is only one proofing and they were beautiful... a bit drier than last time. I used the kitchenaid dough hook to knead them this time.

the link/ video is beautifully done:



  on ebook for nighttime reading

on audio book

finished the  house of chocolate,  and will read the next one when it's available


This is US was superb this week! American Idol returned and the judges comments are terrific, Louis Gates show on PBS was so good with Pharell this week. 


these guys are musicians... they love playing music... "The Spring will come"

after the darkness the sun will come... 

I shared this video on Monday but it bears repeating if you've not seen it, it's a tribute to friendship


story and pics on Saturday

This week, I did a line drawing, finished my V-day painted heart, and am working on the Project Quilting snails trail for this week's challenge. I like making art.


I had a great time chatting to friends this week, including my local art quilt zoom, and zooming with Joy! I'm relieved my friends in Texas are okay after their extreme weather. It's been cold here, even down to about -17F one night, lots of snow but then we expect extreme weather.


Milo's Moments

It's been cold around here, so I had to wear my boots... I do not like wearing boots, and after coming back in I have to lick my feet clean of their smell, which takes a long time. Almost until it's time to put them back on to walk again! 

my boots and daddy's boots
 I've been given a small pillow to sleep with at night, so I now have a big one to keep me from falling and a small one to rest my poodle head on. I like it! 

Mama's been teaching me a new game, I'll share that next week! I like learning. 

these nice aunties are also sharing their lists go see!

unable to post this week 





  1. you boots together... bootiful ;O) thanks for the recipe of this parmesan sauce... we will try that asap...

  2. Your chicken dinner looks and sounds so yummy! Thank you for the recipe. I have two pillows too, Milo. Mom put them underneath a blankie on top of my bed and it makes it higher and softer and I really like it! I can't wait to see your new game!

  3. Such yummy food stuffs and we never thought about freezing zest! Milo, I'll bet you look so sharp in your boots! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  4. The idea of freezing the zest is fantastic! I never thought of that, and I think of all the citrus fruit I eat without zesting and then never have an orange or lemon to zest when I want to bake something. Milo's boots are super cute. I'm sorry he detests them so much! My friend has a hairless cat and another friend knits sweaters for her- when the cat owning friend purchased a store-bought sweater, the cat detested it so much she pulled it off in the litter box and peed on it twice before my friend gave in and threw it away and let her wear only the hand knit ones.

  5. This Is Us really was good this week. Looks like eating at your house is much more interesting than at mine. I really don't enjoy baking but I do love eating however! LOL I'm glad your week has been a pretty good one.

  6. That chicken recipe sounds really yummy! You've been baking up a storm - fun! We've really been enjoying Finding Your Roots every week, too - so many interesting people to learn about. Take care of those toes, Milo!

  7. I am making Orange marmalade today plus a sausage tortellini soup for dinner! Paired with my home made rustic baguette! Yum- come on over!

  8. I'll second that notion about freezing the zest...never thought of it before. A flavour I love. Thanks for the shout out and so glad you enjoyed the cake. I'm surprised by how cold you can get it there. I'd been reading your post and missed when it switched to Milo...wasn't till you mention licking your feet I realized it wasn't you talking. LOL

  9. Oh. Those. Cinnamon. Buns. They look soooo good. I am on a no-added-sugar diet, but for them, I might make an exception. Top them with cream cheese frosting?!?! Yum!!!

  10. Great likes! You are doing a lot of baking! I love the idea of freezing the zest! Greetings Milo! We don't make Scout wear boots but we do make her wear a coat. Have a great day!

  11. Hi Lee Ann,
    Your Cinnamon Buns look really yummy. Haven't read your books, but I'll be checking them out. Really liked the music video. I really like the pink heart. Can't wait to see it done. Have a great day!

  12. love my zester! a sprinkling of zest in butter before applying to steamed veggies is Devine!

  13. Oh your cinnamon buns look yummy. I never thought of freezing my orange zest. Great hint, thanks. Bobbin is not a fan of her boots either. I make her wear them when it drops below 0.

  14. I've never used a zester like that. Easier, eh? Maybe I should find one and give up on the micro planer too! Did you use some of that zest in the cinnamon rolls? Bet that would be good! have a great week! (Milo: Good doggy to please the folks. Also helps to keep the floor clean!)

  15. That zest looks pretty. Those cinnamon buns look awesome! I like your artwork. Milo's boots are cute!

  16. Why have I never thought to freeze zest? Brilliant! Always fun to see what you are enjoying each week. Milo, your booties sure are cute!

  17. I love fine dining and cinnamon rolls! Food is a joy!

  18. All those delicious looking foods, yum, yum, yum. I'm doing a detox diet so the sight of food in pictures or TV has me salivating. Thanks for the tip about freezing orange peel. I'll do that with lemon, once I get a zester of some sort. Cheers, LeeAnna!

  19. Oh the food. Yummy. I can't pass up food.

    Hello Milo.

    I hope you had a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches to Milo and have a great weekend. ♥

  20. Loving that pasta recipe! I will be making that soon. Thanks for linking up and glad to hear you enjoyed the biscuit recipe.

  21. I think I gained 5 lbs. looking at all that great food! What a brilliant idea re the orange zest. Gonna have to remember that one.

  22. Your food looks tasty. I've never seen a zesting tool like that. Cool! That the Spring will come is sure :) We live in hope.