Friday, February 12, 2021

paint party Friday


welcome to paint party Friday. 

I went to youtube to learn about meditative sketches. The first video I watched was on drawing mandalas...

I started drawing, badly to my eyes, right in the center of the sketchbook paper. Not liking it much, I moved to another set of videos by... Cher 

I watched how she approached straight and curved lines. So I took an orange pen and drew and drew and drew over the page. I turned off the videos and

 Then the fun started with watercolors in some segments 

which ones to color, and which colors? paint or pen? After I painted, I took a bold black pen to go over some intersections, including putting in some dots. White and black. How thick did I want the lines? where did I want them. I approached it with my heart... and liked each addition! Whee!

I liked drawing a white strip along an edge and blurring it with my fingers... I think it made the colors lift and sing. 

I left the orange marker to blur a bit, and even enjoyed the mandala after I painted it. 

When I was done, I propped up the pad, and looked at the whole thing. I'd spent about 20 minutes looking at it very closely in detail. I said, oh! A face!

Hey... I have kind of a round/square face! 

when dh came out of the office, he said, wow! When I turned it over he said he saw a horse, then another creature, then... nothing but colors. He is an engineer, a scientist at heart so his willingness to look for something in this was fun for me.

How much does intent matter when you're making art? Sometimes I know what I want to happen but many times I like making it from my heart, then looking for meaning in it... how about you?

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  1. that are such wonderful colors... they bring joy ...and hope that this sh*t winter is over soon...

  2. I really like that. Great colors, too.

  3. This was a piece that "breaths" with your blog name - Not Afraid of Color. You just let it flow, and it became something beautiful.

  4. Wonderful use of colour. Nice work.

  5. Lots of lovely colour and movement.

  6. Love this! Happy PPF, stay safe, hugs, Valerie

  7. It's very pretty, I looked for a few minutes, and I see a bird, like a Chickadee. :)

  8. Wow!!!! I love this. I am glad you turned off the internet and went for it. I saw a face right off. If you are claiming it, I think it is a beautiful self portrait. Have a great weekend.

  9. I totally see the face!
    You are inspiring me to pull out some art supplies this weekend

  10. i love how you took off with your own art play. Love it!

  11. Sort of look like glass. Happy PPF
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  12. Painting lovelies like this helps these bitter cold days pass. At least next week will be light years better. Stay warm this weekend.

  13. This is wonderful! I find it such fun to study! Might have to try something like this! happy PPF!