Saturday, February 6, 2021

Sewing Saturday... the tropics

 Welcome to the tropics...

It all started with the Project Quilting challenge to interpret a vacation.... make a quilt in one week!

The problem is not lack of ideas as I wanted to interpret about 6... One morning as I had my first cup of coffee I went to youtube to see what meditative drawing was about. As I listened to Cher talk of mindful drawing, I pulled out some scrap paper and my new pen set and started doodling. Layers of colors in lines produced this...

When it was done I was astonished! I love it! I've had a love of palms for years...

so I thought, as one does, what if I used threads like I did pens? and this happened...

paper on left, finished quilt on right

I started by tracing the "bones" of my sketch onto tear easy stabalizer, layering backing, peltex, top fabric and tear easy, then thread painting the bones before pulling off the stabalizer

then chose about 30 colors of rayon and metallic threads to start fleshing it in

Oh what fun!

the answer was like my inks  layer the colors giving them depth

I'm not sold on one coconut but didn't want three... 

I looked back at the drawing while quilting until I said, done! And did a thin binding top and bottom, and facing on the sides, the final design decision in a 6" X 10" piece of sewn art

look at all that thread on the back!!

It's nice when it works, no?

I also pulled out some yellow scrap projects for the RSC color this month...

heh heh... it's good to have a flamingo stash, when you need a yellow piece for this sweater. I'd like a sweater like that

these blocks have been on the wall for months, so I sewed (made it work) many together, matching them to the endless diamond from Deb, to start my larger quilt with several star log color combos to come. 

Haven't done my round robin blocks yet... not very energetic but Joy enthused me to sew again after our zoom this week. 

that's about it folks! 

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  1. The palm tree is amazing! Wow! I'm intrigued by the little fussy cut sweaters . . . hmmmm, what will they become?

  2. What a great palm tree - amazing! And I love your fussy cut flamingo!

  3. I love your coconut tree, and the quilting swirls, pretty!

  4. LOVE that quilt! So cute and reminds me of all the times I've spent in Hawaii. Good thanks for triggering that!

  5. Your palm tree is really amazing, LeeAnna! Definitely art in fabric and thread. I love how you can translate your vision into reality!

  6. Wow, both palm trees are fantastic. I definitely couldn't draw one, so I probably couldn't threadpaint one either. And, of course, you need a flamingo on a sweater.

  7. Fantastic quick quilt. Right now some palm trees and warmth and NO snow would be fantastic, so I get your theme.

  8. Spectacular thread-y interpretation of your drawing, LeeAnna!!

  9. It turned out beautiful! It's amazing, actually - so artistic. Love the yellow toned quilt, too. So creative. Thank you for your kind condolences for my Whitey Bear. I'm hoping he shows up in my dreams soon xx K

  10. Hi LeeAnna,
    Cool festive palm !
    Great yellow burst of positive energy !

  11. Of COURSE you used 30 different thread colors -- that near-empty spool made me smile. I love your fabulous palm tree and the way you translated your inked drawing into a thread sketch. Also digging the choice to bind only the top and bottom edges and face the sides for this piece -- unusual and effective.

  12. I would love a flamingo sweater like that too! I could wear it while sitting under that palm tree.

  13. You are a beautiful painter with thread.

  14. Your thread painting is spectacular! I love it!

  15. Your palm tree quilt is an absolute stunner.

  16. Oh what fun the palm tree is! I really like the yellow logs around the star too.

  17. Amazing is a good word for the palm tree. I'm lost on how you are even making it

  18. Such gorgeous thread painting! Love your tree. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.