Thursday, February 25, 2021

I Like Thursday #233


Welcome to this week's list of likes... from colorado where the temps are minus double digits to a high this week near 70F and the beautiful snow we got last weekend was melted soon after I took this picture! Much more to come overnight... the winds are picking up and the temps are falling (as of this writing on Wed night)

Quilt making

wonky stars for the round robin

I finished the top for my "table scraps" challenge and will reveal it on Saturday! 

color took center stage this week! Last week, I finished this one

and this one

I like finishing art and on time!


finished with this one: A Likely Story - McKinlay, Jenn

 now listening to this one,

 reading this one after finishing the one in series before it...lucky it was available

 Fine Dining

I liked making chicken fajitas this week, with more onions and peppers so that we not only had two days worth of lunches, but also an appetizer left over. 

 To make these we saute onion and pepper strips in olive oil, with garlic, wine fajita spices and chicken strips. I dice tomatoes, avocados, pull out jars of roasted peppers, grated cheddar cheese, sour cream, salsa, and tortillas. 

Layer and roll up, for the best lunch. I plan enough for lunch the next day with no prep but warming. 

before baking, the crumble full of butter looks like adobe!( after baking we cut into it before taking pics!)

I had some apples on their last legs so looked up a recipe for pie with caramel sauce. I had a fourth of a jar ofTrader Joe's caramel sauce left so I made this: 

I had to cook it longer than expected as the store bought bottom crust was still soggy, and the butter really dripped off the topping but OMG it is so good y'all. Next time, less sugar and butter in the crumble topping, maybe less than the 7 cups of sliced apples called for too. We will make this again!

 Home - Johanna Basford Johanna Basford

I participated in a lecture this week by Joanna Basford... in Scotland. I like the things I can do now that we are not meeting in person. She quoted Picasso

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." Pablo Picasso

I love her take on life, her lecture was wonderful, she believes in hard work and being nice, finding how you can help your community not just looking for a way to make the biggest bucks. She is generous with free drawing and coloring videos that I always love. Her lecture done from Dundee Scotland will be available next week to the public.
***My sharp KKBuckley scissors fell off the ironing board this week, and merely grazed my foot instead of embedding themselves in it... thank you to my angels

watching online

Diane from Austin sent me this link of (live giraffe baby -cam  right after birth.) That started me watching more live cams... plus Chris Ameruosa playing guitar for critters, bros of decay showing abandoned castles in France and Italy, history shows, adopted dogs on DODO, and listening to Kevin Bacon, (LOVE the Bacon Brothers band) asking how much longer ??? (we're all asking that!)

that's about enough for now, right? now for Milo...

I liked this bit of sun to nap in this week... my chicken was tired too

Milo's Moments

so Mama and I have been playing a fun game... I wait in the talky talk room (family room) while she hides one of my toys like the lamb in the front room. 
can you see it?
then she says, OKAY! Milo.... SEARCH! and I come running to look everywhere til I find the toy!

NOW?? okay Mama here I come!
first I look where I found it before...

Or use my sniffer to find it since I left spit on it!

AGAIN??? I'm ready to play again

I am good at wait now since I am almost 4. I'm really good at finding too. Even outside when Mama says Milo search! I find toys, or other good stuff for her. I'm a good boy! 

Now sit, visit these aunties who have lists of likes too!

unable to post this week 


  1. I love the apple pie... and with your tipps and the recipe it will be a sould food day when I make it ;O)

  2. The blocks in your table top scraps blocks look awesome. Can't wait to see. Great books. I actually have been watching a wee bit of TV. Oh thanks for the link to the two native guys. My family (including my mother) watch them for a laugh, smile. Milo is learning new things, I have been working with Bobbin too to find her toys. Now if she would just pick them up. Oh your pie almost looked like a dutch type of apple pie I make. One of the grandson's favorites. Awesome likes today. Hurrah for one day of nice weather. Reminds you to continue to hope for spring.

  3. Love that Milo is playing hide and seek! We used to do that with our poodle Paddie all the time. I LOVE your projects this week! Have a safe and happy day!

  4. I love fajitas but don't cook them too often as my husband does not. But when I do make them I use chicken or shrimp. Yum! My favorite local (non-chain) Mexican restaurant here puts thinly sliced carrots in their fajitas too. Really good but I haven't eaten there in a year now unfortunately.

  5. The snow tree sure is pretty. Oh those fajita things always smell so good. We just had a baby giraffe born at our zoo too. Have fun hunting Milo! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  6. The painful days of puppy craziness seem far away now don't they? I used to play this very game with Rocco (sniff), right from when he was a puppy. He always used his nose so well, for his entire life, which, according to Cesar Millan is good, and how it's supposed to be, so good work both of you! Funny I had those similar last legs apples and mixed them with some frozen raspberries to make an apple/rasp crumble, yum. You are so right about having so many more advantages now that we are at home, and I've been privileged to watch/listen to, to practise yoga with, people I never would have been able to prior to Covid because they are looking to find ways to connect. :-)

  7. Your snow photo is beautiful. Our snow is icy, half-melted piles and mud season has arrived in our backyard. Yesterday was a balmy 50 degrees. Last night was 9 degrees with the wind chill. Hopefully spring is not far away. Your quilting looks lovely, as do all your creative efforts. The pie looks delicious. Milo is so cute and what a smart boy. Thanks for the links and for sharing and hosting ... :) Pat

  8. Your fajitas sound yummy, and it's great to have leftovers for lunch the next day! Loved the Kyra and Kevin video - they are favorites of mine. Fun game with Milo - such a smart boy!

  9. I got stuck on your fajitas. Yummy. We love fajitas.

    Milo is handsome and he's a good boy too.

    Love the shot of that tree. It screams winter.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches to Milo. ♥

  10. WoW! What a week! The Art pieces are incredible. And the Food! Oh Yum! We too had an apple crumble pie with caramel (same recipe) that I made before Christmas and stuck in the freezer. It was terrific. I think I shall try hiding one of Cinnamon's toys. I wonder if she will have as much fun as Milo! You are awesome. Have a marvellously happy day!

  11. You accomplish more in one week than I do in a year! Awesome!

  12. We really love the snow tree and there were a lot of them this year. Milo you are one cool pup

  13. Oh Colorado!!! Only you can go from minus double digits to 70 degrees in days. Your art is so beautiful! And love that Picasso quote! I'm going to save it.

  14. What a beautiful photo of the tree covered in snow! I'm still smiling at your Snail's Trail quilt - so fun! Milo, Wilbs likes to lay on our kitchen windowsill to catch the best sun, just in case you want to try that. And you are a good boy!

  15. Almost 100º temperature change from one day to the next? That is really extreme. Fajitas sound like good cold weather food.

    be safe... mae at

  16. I love when the snow sticks to the trees, creating a winter wonderland, as long as I don't have to go out in it. Pie looks delicious, boy, you are doing a lot of baking lately. We've had two sunny days in a row, 57 yesterday, 34 today, but the sun I'll take any day. Can't wait to see your Table Scraps. I got mine done really early this month.

  17. Your quilts are delightful! That tree looks awfully cold.

  18. Thankful for this great posting!
    Have a good weekend, hug Elke

  19. I love what you've been working on! Fajitas are always a nice quick meal. I've been into quesadillas lately - I may have to swap to fajitas again. Hide and seek! Always a great game. :-)

  20. A nice batch of likes this week (I think I gained 5 lbs. drooling over that pie!). Oh Milo, you so adorable and smart! Well done, sweet boy.

  21. Your fajitas sound good. Milo seems like the best dog. We had a week of snow and that was enough for me! lol Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend.

  22. LA - the block in the third photo is fabulous! I love the quote from Pablo Picasso. And Milo's moments -- adorable. How could you possibly resist those eyes! Goodbye February and welcome March!

  23. The fajitas look good. I was pleased to discover how easy these were to make.

    I'm giving Milo a virtual pat. Good boy :)