Thursday, September 13, 2018

I Like Thursday # 106

Welcome to this week's list of likes. I may not like temps in the 90's but I love the spectacular cloud shows here in Colorado! This stunned us one evening as we left Target!
I like that my flowers are coming back to life, and the shape of this awesome white flower
each little stem has 5 small petals all on one side, which makes me want to stop everything and go make a quilt like this

Our neighborhood had a Doggie Day at the pool just before shutting down for the winter
the ambassador, wearing a cow hat!!!
Baby Milo couldn't go as his ears aren't great yet but we went to interview potential playmates for him.
this boy, Archer is one of Milo's mates, and enjoyed a swim with his man while his new sister barked from the pool side
 Some dogs preferred wading in the baby pool

This portable doggie spa was there to give post swim baths. The HOA gave three lucky dogs a gift certificate. ALL the people were hoping to win!

Our coffee maker gave up the ghost Saturday, yikes! We went on the Great American Hunt for a RED COFFEE MAKER. 5 stores later, the worker at Lowes suggested Target.

He went on to share that he has ALL red kitchen appliances, most kitchen aid brand, including all his pots and pans!
I love the fact that he didn't just answer my question (btw Lowes does not carry coffee makers now) but went on to tell me about his life and kitchen!!! Connections...

We found one at Target, yea! and it's even prettier than our old one and seems to do a better job.

Saw this in a shop in Idaho Springs

Had to share the weekly flamingo sighting
I did a travelogue post look HERE !

while looking for the coffee pot in Bed Bath and Beyond, I found this outdoor tablecloth on sale for $3 with another 50% off that! Score!
and Target had these kids socks to build a costume for Milo for Halloween
And remember...

I enjoyed listening to this album on youtube this week. Old jazz standards with a fresh twist by Sting
Milo's Moments
Hi peeps! Hope you had a  fun week
Lookie at me being good...look fast!
 I have been more quieter than normal, Mama wonders if I'm growing up until I get the 10 o'clock crazies every night! 
I liked going with Mama and Daddy for a "rideinnacar" last weekend.
 I saw and smelled a lot of new things. I shopped but didn't want anything. I waited outside some stores, and showed "enormous poodle patience!"  which is not easy ! I deserve a cookie!

(ed. note: yes, lots of patience til he began his siren song to tell me he was outside and I was inside and that was not acceptable )

I met a lot of fine dogs like this girl who just moved down the mountain 
I said, I love your snowy white hair, and she said I looked like a lot of fun!

(Ed. note: they moved "down" to Idaho Springs that's over 6000 feet above sea level!)
We would have run all the way down the street if only our peeps let go those stupid tethers!
Note the Enormous Poodle Stride here!
 Haha, I stretched Daddy's arm and gave him a big workout! 
I admit, I like an afternoon cocktail as much as the next poodle, especially on the back porch with my bowl on the step, or as I see it, my throne. 

That's it, please visit these nice people also keeping track of things they liked this week. If you want to join us let mama know and she'll put in your link too!

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  1. the mama awwed and ohhed about the pool day... but we say.... no thanks ;O)))

  2. Hi LeeAnna! That sky is gorgeous. I have been enjoying our sunsets lately - I need to take a photo! The dog pool day sounds so much fun. Too bad Milo couldn't enjoy it. Is that pool near your house, and you can use it during the season? I'd be in it every day. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Great likes! We love Target for our red appliances (got our microwave there). Good to know they have red coffee makers too! Milo is so handsome, his hair is still so black! I'm a little envious everyone thinks Scout is an old dog until she starts hopping around! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Milo just cracks me up! Lovely sunset and coffee maker - it's all about color. A pool in Sioux Falls does the doggie day at the end of the season too and I know my daughter took her previous dog to swim in past years. Great idea!

  5. A doggie pool party! How fun!! I love my red Kuerig! and my mixer. Red makes me happy. :) That sunset! Gorgeous.Can't wait to see Milo's costume.

  6. Sounds like you are starting to like living in Colorado. Wait for fall, it will come and will be glorious. Not the colors of back east, but the aspen are beautiful! We are heading to Grand Junction the first part of October to see family. Haven't been that direction for several years. I grew up over there. Hugs, Sharon

  7. I'm surprised you didn't get that flamingo planter-gorgeous. I also like those red appliances- just haven't purchased many yet. Love me some STING. Enjoy those clouds girl!

  8. Fun that you guys went to doggie day at the pool! I'd never heard of that, but just last week my mom mentioned that her city pool does it too. Sadly we'd missed it but it's a cool idea. And your sky pictures are gorgeous. I'm sorry it's still so hot there. It's been cooler here this week, but still very humid. I live in fear of the late summer which I know will come back in a week or so with high temps again....

  9. Beautiful sunset photo! We've seen some pretty ones lately, too. I love anything red, so your red coffee maker is perfect! The dogs at the pool day looks like fun!

  10. I love the red zing of color in a Kitchen!

  11. Love the first photo of a sunset and how can I not like a doggie pool party!

  12. Milo is a handsome boy. I like your new coffee pot! And yes - so much to give thanks for.

  13. That was a pretty fun looking pool party and Milo, you're such a hoot! Love the flamingo. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  14. Doggie day at the pool sounds like the best idea :) Sweet for the dogs and I hope you both made some new friends. Thanks for linking up today and enjoy your weekend.

  15. I think I need red appliances, too. We need a new iced tea maker. Coffee maker will probably be the next thing to go.
    Love, love the flamingo pot. Idaho Springs is great for gift shopping. Glad you're out having fun!

  16. I so enjoy your Milo moments and wish Cabo and Milo could be play pals. I giggled at the flamingo, and our town also has an end-of-summer dog party at one of the public pools. Cabo is getting over an "eye thing" so we're trying to clear that up for the next ten days. Hope your weekend is wonderful.

  17. Gorgeous first photo! Doggy day at the pool...what fun!

  18. ...Sunday they say that it will 87F, that insane. I'm glad to hear that global warming is fake news, if it was real it might be HOTTER! Everyone needs a nice flamingo! Thanks for the Sting.

  19. A doggie day at the pool .. how fun! I love your red coffee maker, and that flamingo is awesome! Would love to have him in my garden ♥ I love reading Milo's thoughts ;-) Have a great weekend!

  20. Really beautiful golden colors in your opening sky shot! Hey, thanks for the tip on the Sting album. I like Sting and I like jazz! Enjoy your weekend.

  21. That is a gorgeous sky! So golden. Alana

  22. Lovely and beautiful and colourful sky captures.

  23. Keep commenting in my blog because I love your comments.

  24. Hello, gorgeous sky shots. It is great the doggies were able to enjoy the pool before it closed for the season. Cute photos of your Milo. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  25. Wonderful series of photos and love the doggies ~ Milo is sooo sweet!

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores

  26. I love your colorful skies. I love the idea of a pool party for dogs. I love also your new coffee maker and I love the name for your blog!!
    Take care, I hope you are having a good weekend.

  27. That's too cute the dog day at the pool, I wish we could do something like that around here! Looks like even the humans had fun.

  28. What a cool idea to have a doggie day at the pool! We have been nursing our coffee maker along - we think that the lime in our water here is coating the inside, making it run much s-l-o-w-e-r. I think it might be time to buy a back up just in case! And I'll go to Target too if it means sunsets like that!

  29. This post is filled with tons of Awww. Love it.

    Have a woof woof day Milo. My best to your wonderful peeps. ♥

  30. love your adventures he is always good