Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday "playing for a change"

I linked to The backyard traveler today and he played a song from the movement called "playing for change" a group who publishes songs done by people around the world playing together in each video. I love watching musicians who are one with their instruments, and seeing unusual instruments.

This one really struck a chord (so to speak) in me...

 If so many people worldwide are tired of war and being judged to be less than, and being poor and hungry, then why are the few who want to distract us from peace causing so much trouble?

"Listen to the music"

linking to

sundays in the city


  1. that's what I ask me too...a lot...

  2. A charming version that has me tapping my toes and swaying in happy. Thanks, I really needed that today!

  3. had to share this with two of my oldest dear friends from way back in the day like the 197..s0mthing,,, and they both loved it!!
    Mucho Mahalo , sonja

  4. I love both these tracks. Until humankind reaches a new level of consciousness, we will continue to have the 'same old, same old'.

  5. Thanks for finding and sharing these songs.

  6. Because you don't usually get to positions of power by being nice and the distracters are very good at distractions.
    And because of hate, stupidity, ignorance and laziness. All you has to do is look at the president elect for the answer to this question and many more.
    Kind of a deep thought to ponder on a Saturday so Go Badgers.

  7. The woman in front of me on the plane (I’m on a short visit with my mom) was wearing a tshirt covered in flamingos and I thought of you. Loved your likes post. Imagine they had a doggie day in the pool. Murphy accidentally fell in ours the first day we had it open our first summer here and it really scared her. She’s never gone in again. And Rex doesn’t like getting even his toes wet. Missing them now.