Wednesday, September 12, 2018

our trip to Idaho Springs

Our trip to the mountain town of Idaho Springs this weekend needed it's own post! Sit back, and enjoy some pictures of the first Colorado gold rush town! Apparently Andrew Jackson discovered there was gold in the creek nearby!
This quickly became a bustling city full of shops, miner's, cafe's, brothels, diversions, and cool buildings were put up to handle the people that came! People still come to town but more are enjoying the surroundings than mining for gold and silver these days.
head thisaway to see some cool architecture!
step up into the stores that may have changed owners many times in the last 150 years but kept the same architecture.

Deep entries, lots of carved woodwork, interesting windows.
I love the square front, painted roof tops, carved parts, and overhangs
frosted glass buffalo
We passed herds of buffalo on our way here.
town built right into the side of mountain peaks
homes right on hilltops
or in town

This used to be the school, then moved near the train track and became city hall

imagine the trains coming and going through the remote town, bringing new people, taking away loads of gold ore
they made use of the bright sun here with many skylights, some quite large and elaborate
 the picture doesn't do it justice as it was enormous with carved plaster work, and a door to what I don't know!!

built in a rush of growth but keeping an eye for beauty as well... look at this lovely hexagon design in a doorway

and people needed things like music and fine food, and items to enrich their lives as well as their pockets.
this was the home and office of the mining engineer, and very architecturally interesting to me.

All that and a poodle,
I like old towns too

I'll leave you with a family portrait, that I've inserted myself into...

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  1. That first step is a doozy! What great photos.

  2. Wow, such interesting history in these towns and thanks for taking us with you, LeeAnna. Enjoyed reading your last post very much, btw. Interesting concept for a linky party.

  3. I'm really curious about how that doorway ended up on the side of the stairs. It did bring the "Winchester Mystery Mansion" to mind!

  4. I love it... it was like sitting in a time machine while reading your post, thanks!!!

  5. Great shots. Love old towns and all their mystery.

  6. How fun to visit old towns and see their sites.

  7. I love old towns and really enjoyed the photo tour.

  8. I really like your photos, especially the architectural details. I remember visiting Idaho Springs as a child in 1969. I'm sure it's changed a lot since then, and yet maybe not so much. If memory serves, there's a beautiful area nearby called Garden of the Gods, stunning rock formations in vivid colors. Worth a visit if you get a chance.

  9. Looks like a wonderful way to learn history. Kit Carson and John Fremont were instrumental in Jackson's gold rush push. Both fascinating frontiersmen and interesting historical figures.

  10. Your family portrait is rather eerie. I'm such a chicken. :-) I didn't know Andrew Jackson was a wanderer. Must go learn more about him. I love wandering around historic towns.

  11. This looks like many of the historical towns around Montana, and I also love that type of architecture. And there is nothing better than a thorough stroll up and down the streets, poking into all the stores and other 'attractions'. Thanks for sharing this history with us!

  12. I love the tile work and I bet the photo that you said didn't do it justice was just incredible. Have a great week.