Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sunday's writing prompt "The Best part of the Day"

Two stories for you this week. Two prompts and two stories. Hope you enjoy them.


THIS WEEK'S WORDS  Prompts from  Sunday's Whirlagig

welter, quartz, bedside, pocket, moves, daughters, wipe, blossoming, trust, wisdom, shakes, pure

The best part of the day

Ah, she thought. A shower, a fresh pair of pj's and a good book, it was the best time of the day.

Warm light from her bedside table lamp, created a little pool of warmth. She had what she needed, a book, a glass of water, and comfort of a soft pillow. Ahh this was one of life's pleasures.

She thought about her daughter's love of reading, started so long ago with books shared at bed time. They were alike, she and her daughter. Her daughter had blossomed into a fine woman, full of wisdom of the ages, with a pure heart and good sense of humor.

Oh let her be safe and happy tonight, she prayed.

When her daughter moved across the country, she had to trust in the universe to take over protection duty, and trust that her daughter knew how to deal with life.

She knew it would be a good thing, but there is a bit of melancholy as she remembered snuggling the little girl against her,  smelling like soap and bubble gum, the two of them shaking with laughter at their stories read aloud, the closeness they felt.

That's it, she thought, remember that the closeness isn't changed by physical distance. It can be felt anytime she remembered, or spoke to her daughter. Yes... the warm pool of golden light under her lamp, the story she was reading, the soft bed and warm pj's all comforted her now. And the memory of times shared was just as warm.

Life changes and brings about the two sided coin, letting go and embracing the future.

She would sleep knowing that her daughter was living her life, and happy, and embracing her own future this night.

The second prompt comes from the Sunday Whirl 


She would win this time, she thought!

She loved hide and seek, if she wasn't "it" that is.

She skipped down the driveway, laughing to herself.
 No one will think to look behind the cardboard from the moving boxes!

Her family had just moved to this town, from across the country. She had been sad to leave her friends and for a while thought she would never meet new ones but here she now was, playing with, and hiding from, kids who were looking for her!
She felt like she belonged to the group now! She was no longer invisible, they saw her and liked her.

It's a good feeling, and she was home.



  1. I absolutely love your little stories! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. I loved how the stories were really personal and believable. Great writing!

  3. You are an excellent writer, I love your stories. Love your quilting too, but, boy, you are a greater writer.

  4. I love that little detail about the child smelling like soap and bubble gum!