Saturday, May 5, 2018

Preparing to quilt "Tweet"

In the midst of chaos and panic, I stopped to layer and start quilting Tweet this week!

Quilting to the rescue!!!

I also made a video about how I start the quilting process.

My videographer was off earning money for a house for us so I had to work the camera while talking so forgive me for all mistakes please!

Most of you are old hands at this and have your ways to start that process but it's always fun to peek into someone's studio, isn't it?
The video:

After making the video, I chose threads from the one box I found

and did the stabilization quilting lines and actually am now ready to do the free motion work.
This is a fabric bowl made for me by my friend Linda...

 it sits on top of the machine cabinet, holding my best usable pin cushion, my little microblade scissors, glasses, and clover seam ripper. I can toss over thread spools and bobbins when working.

I listened to TED talks while working today.

Then I did the dishes, walked the dog, and looked at more houses that were on too steep inclines.

If only all I had to do was quilt....

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  1. I hope y'all find a suitable place soon. We put House 1 on the market yesterday, officially moving to House 2 today! We are leaving a lot here for "staging" and will be returning regularly to check on things. Moving is exciting and exhausting at the same time. I'm ready to chill!

  2. Hoping you find a place of your own very soon; glad you took a moment to relax and sew. Rest your worrying mind for a bit;)))
    Tweet is so cute...hugs, Julierose

  3. That's a neat looking bowl and pin cushion. Lots of color, like your quilt, makes life simply wonderful. So, I think. :-)

  4. Even your tools are pretty!

  5. A video? Off to have a look!! Here's hoping things calm down for you soon.

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  7. um, not exactly. My husband goes to work to earn money to put toward this house and my job is to spend all day every day looking for one we might could afford and fit into that isn't sold within one hour of posting.
    I am lucky to have friends... that bowl is about 6 years old and still my favorite.

  8. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap! And sharing your quilting video.

  9. Thanks for sharing the video with us! Very interesting how you plan to give extra texture to the quilting. mary in Az

  10. I love watching you work. :) Love your thread box. I have a thread box that looks like yours. I dumped it yesterday on accident so got to love on all the colors. :) Can't wait to see your birdies all stitched out. House hunting is soooo much work! Good luck.

  11. The time spent basting a quilt is worth the effort, especially when it lies flat. Free motion quilting is one of my favourite ways to machine quilt. Using a 40 weight Rayon thread to do it, keeps it supple and soft.

  12. Hi there My Sunny person, there are all ways some thing on your blogs that make me smile or think. Thanks for the tutorial I've been thinking on and off for a year now that I need to learn to machine quilt or I will leave behind nothing but covettes!!!!!! Have fallen in love with your material bowl, love how she finished the end off in side the bowl very creative and beautiful Sending Hugs and positive vibes Glenda

  13. Yeah! You're quilting, and on such a fun project too! Keep it up!