Friday, May 18, 2018

Mountain towns tour

While we can see the mountain range from our neighborhood, we decided to see them up close and personal last weekend. (First post on that is found HERE)
the towns we visited, Evergreen in this post (  HERE)  Frisco and Breckenridge started as mining towns with all that implies. Log cabins, banks, saloons, brothels, rooming houses, etc.
Frisco was named after the vice president in 1878 as a sort of homage and to entice the country into allowing them to be a post office town! It worked!
Over time, the buildings have been covered over, and this showed some of the layers of one wall
Frisco has collected original buildings and placed them in the town green as a historical center. There are about 15 such buildings here, and to join history with current life, there are many activities held here annually. We hope to go back for some of them although getting across the mountains to this area takes us about 2 hours. I liked that on the plaque next to the history, there is a sign that says this person "adopted" this cabin! Way to save history for us all!! Thanks!
there are existing houses still inhabited too.
The town is nestled in a dip of the mountain peaks but is still at 9800 feet! Woozy... 

Amid the historical collection is this beautiful pavilion where events can be held
 My attempt at artsy shots of the fairy lights in the ceiling. How magical it would feel to dance here with the wood floors, the mountains right there, and music playing.
I'd like to do an art quilt based on this!
I'd like to eat at this cajun food restaurant! I like gumbo! I like beignets!

that cajun must be lost if they are from New Orleans. (Nawlins as my friends say it)
look at this shop in Breckenridge. I was too busy shopping looking and panting to take many pictures. Milo was hyper too, and is just learning what shopping with mama and daddy means. He actually calmed down enough toward the end to look at stuff.
I looked at stuff, and got a sale sweater in this cool store but oooo lalala that cow head and tractor!

Have you heard of the small house movement? Crazy! We want more space! Well we saw this little house in Frisco
Apparently someone fits into it. Note the chairs out front for perspective.
Note the poodle out front for perspective
it seems to even have a SMALLER house behind it, for what I don't know!!!
As goldilocks said, "this house is TOO small"

So the hope is once we find and move into our own house, we can concentrate on exploration of the area, and you know I'll show you too! Wonder what's going on this weekend?


  1. I would love to visit this store... and I bet I would no go away without some treasures in my bag ;O)))

  2. We used to love visiting the little mining towns on Hwy 49 in CA. Gold was mined out of these towns and most of them still had populations. Columbia (the Gem of the Southern Mines) was reset as a museum town for tourists. You could eat authentically prepared food at the restaurant... ride in a stage coach... ride horses... see a play... stay at a period hotel and walk the streets of little shops. It was great fun. Thanks for showing your tour. It triggered lots of fun memories.

  3. You guys should check out Georgetown too and if you want 'tiny'...go see Tiny Town. 😇

  4. You find such fun stuff. I keep hoping you find a house!

  5. I would like a tiny house. I bet it would make a really nice sewing room!Have a great weekend!

  6. I could live in a small house if it was just me. Small kitchen-bath-bed and the rest of the area to sew. I am hoping to sew this weekend.

  7. We’ve skied at Breckenridge in past years. But I haven’t visited the other towns. They look interesting! And I would be so claustrophobic in one of those tiny houses!

  8. Looks like a beautiful place - love all the log cabins with the mountains as the backdrop. That is quite the elevation, though - I can imagine being quite breathless. Wonderful photos - love those hanging lanterns and the tiny house. I have too much stuff to live so tiny! haha! x Karen

  9. Milo REALLY gave it perspective! We have been to Frisco and Breck many times since my younger brother lived in Breck and we skied there many a winter. A fun place to visit and shop, but I couldn't live there … too crowded!!!

  10. Wow what fun places to visit. Love the log cabins, and how they are preserving them.

  11. Nice to have a historical center to preserve old buildings and items. - Margy

  12. Well, my dear, you got me at "I like gumbo! I like beignets!" I've only ever been to Nawlins once, in 1980, but I'll never forget it. Let me add to your foody enthusiasm..."Dinner at Antoine's" followed by music in the French quarter. See how I've been diverted from your blog post?
    Milo looks huge outside that tiny house. So cute!
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  13. Milo wouldn't fit in the house!
    I love the aspen with the split bark you can see in the photo of the small house behind the tiny house. The lines around the wound are amazing.
    PS thank you for showing the cow(s)