Sunday, May 6, 2018

And the music played on... another story

This is another writing challenge at ( Sunday's whirlagig)  and the writing prompt words are in bold in my story that follows...

And the music played on and on

As she entered the dance she was surrounded by the music, by swirling skirts, by happy smiling people spinning each other around.

Oh, she thought, now this is my crowd! I love this music! Only I don't know how to do that dance then....someone approached and asked her to dance the next dance with him.

I don't know how. she answered, but... I guess I can learn!

"It's easy" he replied, "I'll show you" and he did. He told her the names of some moves, and showed her how to spin. The spin turned out to be magical... a feeling of flying and being swirled through the air like the skirts she saw flying. She was transported to a happy place, as her new partner taught her the moves while they moved down the floor to the live music.

They did the same moves with each pair of dancers that came up, and she quickly felt the dance in her muscle memory, as if she had always danced this way.

Natural. Free. Swept up with the collective glee of everyone doing the same moves.

As they approached the next couple, she looked down the row and suddenly the room blurred. She was still moving but time stopped. She stopped... seeing the man two couples ahead look at her.
Oh! she thought... no words to fill in the blurry room.

His face was in focus and she would not forget it.

Order returned to the room, and all was as it was before, and somehow she kept dancing.

As he and his current partner, approached her, with her partner, this man asked, "will you dance with me NEXT dance?" Oh yes she would. And did.

He had obviously done this before, so she relaxed in his arms as he spun her around the room. Yes. Yes I will dance with you, she thought.

Had their meeting been by chance? She thought not, she had a feeling that night would be special. They danced and danced that night, turning around and around as they danced but keeping their eyes on each other. They even danced with other partners, but knew where the other one was, and met up again to take a walk outside in the breeze.

Flowers danced outside in the breeze like the people  inside.

They began something that night that led to marriage a year later, and a lifetime of dancing together. They still turn around the floor together, as people watch and smile. There was something about them. On reflection, she knew it was not chance that brought them together.

They had known each other many lives, this was just the current one.

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Eddie Priest's Barbershop & Notary" by Kevin Young: music, spin, chance, reflection, pockets, sting, flowers, wintergreen, guess, turn, running, next


Old Egg said...

I'm not a great dance myself but I can remember what a great place it was to find a girlfriend 50-60 years ago. Every town or village had their dance nights! This reminded me so much of those times.

easyweimaraner said...

that is a great feeling to meet the one you always knew for many lives ;O)))

Tails Around the Ranch said...

I hope this writing shares one of your real life dance experiences. Lovely.

Angie in SoCal said...

I remember those weekly dances. Thanks for sharing.