Saturday, May 12, 2018

Spring's Rainbow, continued

Yesterday we covered the rainbow from blue to purple to red to orange to yellow and today we'll show green to white, to neutrals. Spring is coming out with color! Yea!

There are so many varieties of green from yellow green
to grass green
 to deep dark forest green
  Isn't it funny how you can hear "spring green" and know what shade that is?
How about white...
yes white is a color, and so pretty next to green and browns
then there is brown mulch, trunks, and dirt, next to black and white
The sun here is no joke!
Neutrals. Brown, tan, black and white, cream, all blend together as a background to the color popping up all over. Scroll down to see the previous post on bright colors seen on one walk.

If you were to do a landscape quilt/painting  would you try to capture one color? Could you do one all in neutrals? How do you see color? Are you color blind in some frequencies? I took this test and found I was not perfect...


  1. Spring is a miracle every year. I love those Spring greens and your beautiful pictures.

  2. What a grand rainbow of colors!Great photography

  3. I love your "eye" in your photos !These lifted my spirits.
    thank you.

  4. See, I told you lasr winter that Colorado wasn't brown all the time. Enjoy the spring colors and sunshine.

  5. As we have been choosing new bedding for our guest room, we have been reminded about how many shades of one color there are - like red. True red, orange red, and burgundy, to name a few. And shopping on line does not help - colors are not always as they appear in photos! Sometimes we had to bring things home to 'test' them out!

    If I were doing a painting, it would likely be a landscape, complete with all the natural colors.

  6. Good name for a blog and nice photo's honoring that name.

  7. The colors of the rainbow are nature's way to 'speaking' to us. 🌈