Friday, March 23, 2018

The Quilted Heart

I am slowly unpacking some boxes in the studio... and can you believe it??!!
I already have four new projects going at once, and the studio is not truly set up.

That's so me

The thing is, I listen to the muse, and just flit from project to project following the excitement.
I do finish projects too. I like all aspects, the start, the process, and the finish.

I am hampered by not finding my insert for the sewing table, and my machine tray was broken in the move, but I am persevering and this week quilted the V-day quilt background.
While listening to this book...
I love this series, about a group of older women who are the vigilante's. They take up "lost" causes in helping people right the wrongs of life.

I admit to milling around one afternoon in the studio just to hear the end of a disc!

Before even starting on quilting, I did an envelop turn, so I can put a row of beads along the outside of the edge later.
I don't know where my threads are, but I found a box of rayon so I used the red to free motion quilt some spirals and vines/leaves inside the heart. Not too much, I wanted some puff left to the piece. Matching the thread color made it subtle.
Not catching the embroidery in the foot made it a challenge.
Can you see, barely, that I also used the red rayon in the bobbin while I did the free motion on the heart?

Switching to the walking foot, I used the red rayon thread to go around the outside twice, again still subtle against the busy floral background, but I know it's there and it will echo the red beads.
I echo quilted around the heart, in white cotton thread, and on one side, sent radiating lines out to the edge.
I toyed with the idea of marking it, but, really... I just wanted to sew not be perfectly even or straight.

The observer's eye wants it to be even, and will see it as even, so I just relied on experience and muscle memory and it looks great! Just like I wanted it to! And the process was enjoyable.
I forgot to say, I blocked it too. After the embroidery and quilting, one side was slightly off kilter, so I laid it on the cutting table, spritzed the edges with water, mushed it into place and let it dry like that.

I am an art quilter, but I still care about construction, and a wonky quilt is distracting.

Strive for excellence not perfection, and express yourself in your art. This quilt will change yet again, when I add the beaded binding, and the embellishments. Then the sleeve, already made, and it will be done. Done is good.
Meanwhile, yesterday, after I finished this part, I worked on some abstracts, on the watercolor, and experimented with a dresden plate tool I got in a magazine. I lost track of time and almost missed Project Runway!

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  1. Hi LeeAnna,
    Wonderful finish and I'm glad to hear you are ambling around in your studio. This is definitely something that could hang all year as a bright spot anywhere you choose to hang it. I don't know what an envelope turn is but it is nice and clean and crisp. The beads will look cool on this project but not as cool as your quilting. I love it! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I'm so happy to hear you are creating again! It warms my heart (pun intended) that Valentine's Day is so special to you.

  3. Such a beautiful result of your time in your happy place! Lovely stitching and it will be a happy reminder of the start of your new life. xx Karen

  4. I really like the result. The quilting, the embroidery and the idea of beads on the edge - all beautiful.

  5. LOVE the heart. It was lovely of you to call and I enjoyed the phone visit very much. I am playing this week, then have another drapery job to start/finish. Hugs, sharon

  6. Thanks for sharing so many details of your quilting design. It's a treat to see how you work. Your envelope for beading is a fabulous idea.
    Have you joined the Colorado Quilt Council yet? They combine all the area guilds and meet around the state. I remember they had wonderful exhibits at the state capitol.

  7. Where do I begin? The detail is exquisite and I can't wait to see this lovely piece with the beads. You sound so much happier now that you are creating again. Enjoy!

  8. I love the asymmetrical nature of the parallel lines on one side and the radiating lines on the other ... fabulous!

  9. very beautiful work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!

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  10. LOL. I just re-discovered Fern Michael's Sisterhood series, and have been reading voraciously. It calms me too. Pure fluff, but what I need in mt life right now.
    Pat F in Winnipeg

  11. Be sure to put a label on the back with your name and date on it. Even small quilts need to be labeled.

  12. Your heart quilt is simply beautiful! I'm sorry the machine tray was broken during your move, and I hope you've found the insert by now... Or at least you find it soon!

  13. Beautiful work, it is so good to see you become so immersed in art again.