Friday, March 16, 2018

Still sewing...

I sewed together the remaining fan blades from Linda's scrap box. She said, be careful they aren't measured precisely. As if that would stop me!!!

Here are the two sewn sections creating a curve... nice!
I've made a couple more as I wanted a bit of golden hue... and some bright green as you know lime is a neutral, right?
 It becomes a real "S" shape however... I wondered about appliqueing it to a long skinny background, and doing some colorful circles to go with... or
separating out the blades... will I do a circle to cover the raw edge centers? Or another shape?
Fun to play with on my tiny temporary design wall.

As to the watercolor...
 I had a good time sewing the horizontal rows, keeping it all connected with chain piecing,

So now it looks long and skinny. And it might be after the rows are sewn.
Funny how you can place all the squares on the design wall, then it looks different sewn

Here it is with the bottom half rows sewn to each other
I hoped to have the whole thing done but something in the sewing I did do, hurt my old PCL torn knee... I've been really thrown off with pain. I don't know if it was some change in angle or just sewing again at a machine, but I rested yesterday and watched these
and am so excited to find a new series that is smart, and funny.

Back to the discussion...

At first I started ironing all seams open this time. I usually press them in one direction across a row, then the other direction for the next row, so they'll nest when stitching the rows. This time I thought I'd try opening.

Well opening the quarter inch seams took a long time. Then I wondered if they would lay flat after stitching and pressing, so I went back to pressing to the side. I'll see which method lays flatter.

I decided aspen trunks won't show up on this light center. The little squares I was given are nearly all lights, and my goal was to use only what I was given. So....
Now I think I'll use a brown scrap to do some branches, not a trunk, and stencil birds on the branches. 
Either that or stencil the birds, cut them out and applique them on branches for dimension.
A quilt evolves.

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  1. Looks great! I love how you arranged the dresden!! I'm off to sew some more after a long walk with Scout. Have a great day!

  2. Hope your pain goes away so you can enjoy activities. Quilts, like paintings, really do evolve as you work on them. I love those bird stencils - so cute!! I like those Dresden pieces laid out in the S shape. It would be a beautiful table runner.

  3. I love separating the blades, I wouldn't have thought of that

  4. Looking good! All so colorful!
    Love the bird ideas!

  5. Sorry to hear you are hurting. And that it was sewing that did it! How sad. Perhaps some sort of different set up. But glad you found some programmes to watch. I haven't heard of that one.

  6. I can appreciate your knee pain as I've been dragging a 5-lb boot around with me for the last week! I've never done a colorwash. It makes a really nice background for whatever applique you decide to do. So glad to see you doing something.

  7. Go, Woman, Go! I'm sorry you are feeling pain from sewing - but glad you are sewing. :) Love that free-blade option, too.

    :) Linda

  8. I hope you recover quickly from the knee pain. It's amazing how the hours go by when you are being creative while those kinks set in without even realizing it! The results are stunning - love the graduated colors - so, so pretty! x Karen

  9. Love, love, love the watercolor-I think appliqued birds would be sweet. Your Dresden plates are lovely too. NO TO THE KNEE!
    I've watched almost all the Hallmark movies! We have the channel so it's my luxury on cable. Enjoy! mary in Az

  10. i wonder, do you have a knee peddle on your machine?
    hope you are much better soon.
    i drink copious amounts of water which makes me get up often!~!
    Your half circles are wonderful, love the s curve. be well !

  11. Two great projects, and it's good that you are sewing, and playing. I hope a bit of rest sorts your knee out quickly.

  12. It’s so good to see you involved in quilt making again. I hope your knee doesn’t hold you up. I love how you are making those scraps sing.

  13. Both projects are so colorful and will be lovely quilted pieces, hope your pain goes away soon

  14. Oh! You have been productive!

  15. oh wow!
    I love your projects...
    so here is my tip about the pressing issue...
    when doing rows like you are, I press to the side so they will nest and then when sewing the rows into units, I press open for less bulk...
    thanks so much for linking up!

  16. You've certainly been busy. I can't wait to see the finished pieces. Thank you so much for joining The Really Crafty Link Party this week!

  17. Both projects are looking great! I love how you have separated the fan blades on the Dresden ends - makes for quite the impact

  18. very beautiful work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!

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  19. I all ways Love visiting you, I all ways feel better after wards. So many idea's you keep inspiring me. Keep smiling and big hugs from Down Under. Glenda

  20. Both projects are looking fantastic! I always press open, and it always takes so much more time. That's the only downside! I will be curious as to the results you find; maybe I will end up pressing to one side if there isn't much difference! I also love the curvy S shape! Those colors all look so beautiful together.

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