Sunday, March 18, 2018

Shadow Sunday #1

 If you aren't the lead dog, the view never changes...

There are a group of photographers who share shadow photos on Sunday HERE and I am joining in their link party today.
We have moved to the "high desert" and the sky is an ever changing light show. Something about the altitude, the Rocky Mountains Range, the particular circumstances of this place makes for a wonderful light show each day. Clouds are different here.

You will never be bored here, if you just look up. We can see a snow storm happening miles away as the clouds rip open crossing the mountains, while we have clear skies. This week I saw rain from very far away, hitting small areas, while next to them was clear sun. The sun is intense.

It creates wonderful shadows and I tried to capture a few for you today.

This is a path between homes. The official temp can be 50 F. but in the sun it feels like 75.
Trees and shade are at a premium here. One becomes grateful for a bit of shadow. The same temp of 50F feels like 30 when the sun starts to set and the wind picks up.
It's all relative.
This guardian is either in full shadow, or highlighted. What percentage of shadow does it take to then just mention highlights? The opposite of shadow? If I tried to paint this, people would say, that's not right! Not normal! However, it is right here in real life!

It's difficult to capture Milo still... so his shadow is constantly changing. We know this is a poodle with a toy and chewed up leash... We know it's a dog but look at just the shadow... Again, if I painted this, people would say how odd! That's not right, but here it is.

A shadow chicken.  Cluck cluck cluck!

If I made a piece of art like this, would it be considered absurdist? Yet, here it is!

To leave you today, a very quiet, still shot of a shadow. It is still but you know as the sun moves, the clouds build or recede, it changes minute to minute in real time.

Life is like that... constantly changing.
Change in all it's manifestations is my word of the year...


  1. I envy you that bright blue sky. :)

    :) Linda

  2. Excellent shadows. I like the gargoyle.

  3. Milo is an artist in his own right!

  4. Good shadows here! Thanks for linking to Shadow Shot Sunday 2!

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