Thursday, March 1, 2018

I Like #78 quilting, birthdays, Barbie shoes, and links

Welcome to this week's list of likes!

I liked sewing again. It's tough to figure out a new setting, and even things up without rulers. I have so many I only invested in a 9" square with slip proof bottom, to try, and a new cutter. I worked on my V-day quilt. I did an envelop turn, then pinned a lot because I don't know where my walking foot is.
 I went around the applique, then around again,

and again in concentric circles because love radiates out. I am planning to do some free motion inside the heart but I'm not sure what yet.

I was going to do a blanket stitch around adding in beads, but they were heavy as well  glass, sparkly and pretty.

I think I'll just go around the outside with these connected red beads.
I'm going to put this scrap I got at a free table at a local guild for a sleeve. It's to represent our new area, the west.
Sorry you can't see the quilting in this light. It's sitting on the end table to be hand stitched closed and the sleeve put on tonight.

Of course there will be beads and the flower embellishments to come.

I picked up these 2" squares at the free table too,

 washed and ironed them (my allergies make me do it) and I have about 250 that I arranged by value. Trying to decide what to do with them. They are mostly light and medium with just a few sort of dark ones. I want to use only them (not my own) to make something for the table. 

I like that Milo made it to age 1 year today.

 I did a post for his birthday yesterday because I wanted to do an I Like post today. Please go read about my baby though right here:


I liked this yarn at Michaels called  "cupcakes". It changes color in big wide stripes. I'm knitting another cap. It came with it's own puff.

I found another Barbie shoe on our walk.
Of course, being out West, it's a boot!
I always pick up a barbie shoe on walks.

My collection is up to three now!

A high heel in bright pink, a ballerina flat in teal, and now a black boot.

Somewhere there is a Barbie limping along with half a shoe wardrobe.

My spirits were lifted this week when one of my friends, one of our I Like people, sent me the link to this man's blog. A writer. He writes much like I do. He is heart felt.
I loved this post, and I left this comment for him
"Brilliantly wise… without giving an answer you gave her hope. You did what so many people want, someone to share the pain, not a pat answer to look at the bright side."

I loved this video of whales saving other creatures from being eaten. Scientist studied them and believe they are doing it for kindness. Sheesh, could some humans learn how to be kind too?

Milo's Likes:
Hi Y'all! I'm a big boy now. I told mama I don't need a leash now that I'm legal but she says I do so just to keep her happy I still use one. And to make sure she doesn't wander off. I seem big and courageous when I bark but I'm still kinda scared of stuff.
I loved all my birthday pressies! I love chewing on stuff. I may be big now but I still like destroying papers and chasing balls and tearing up toys.

 I LOVE toys and when I love a toy it seems to get torn up. I love having a cookie each night, and sometimes a whimsy bone. I like looking out the back door and being wherever Mama is.

Go visit these people who are Mama's friends. They do I Like posts too! But come back, we have other things to tell you. Especially because I'm a "Big Boy" now!
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  1. I'm so glad you are sewing and creating. The Valentine block is sweet-can you not access your tools for sewing? I would feel incomplete if I couldn't. How in the world did you wash 2 inch squares? Poor Barbie. Thanks for including me and have a fun day! mary in Az

  2. Milo is a source of joy isn't he? I went over and read Sean's article...Thanks for the link. Life is hard and then it isn't which is what time teaches us.
    Pretty Valentine block and I'd love to see what you will create with those little blocks....might give me a clue what to do with mine! Happy March.

  3. Hi LeeAnna,
    It seems like it has been SO long since you were able to be sewing and having a creative outlet. It looks like you have a nice setup with your machine being right by a window! Aww, Milo - one year old now. I'll check out that post. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Milo loves his toys to pieces! LOL - that is just what puppies do I guess. He's a sweetie anyway!

  5. Thanks for that link to Sean - awesome! Happy to see fabric and yarn today -- hugs to you.

  6. Loved your birthday post about Milo! Happy Birthday, Milo! Glad you are getting to sew again. The Barbie shoe collection is hilarious - I wonder whose Barbie is missing so many shoes!

  7. So glad to see progress on your valentines quilt and I love that yarn, what a pretty color combination!

  8. Happy Birthday Milo!!! Smoochies from Scout! LeeAnna, love the heart! You crack me up with the Barbie shoes! How awesome! Cheers and have a great day!

  9. I knew when you started the Valentine project that you were on your way to getting your quilting mojo back. Do what you can with what you've got. You'll be unpacking the boxes and finding the missing supplies before you know it (and spring will come and you'll see green again, too). Glad I'm still in FL because Rochester is getting 10 to 15 inches of snow today. Happy Birthday again to Milo. Mine is tomorrow.

  10. One of the things I love about blogging is finding kindred spirits ... thanks for the link to Sean.

  11. I would pick up a Barbie shoe too! It reminds me of the little things I find when we go to the beach. I keep them all in a small box! Enjoy your week sweet friend. Hugs!

  12. Your art quilt is coming along nicely. Welcome back.

  13. I always love your embellishments. You come up with such neat things. That Barbie boot is pretty stylish!

  14. I think your sewing set up looks good. Anywhere you go it takes a while to work out where you want things. But it is great that you have plenty of light.
    I think I have at least one found Barbie shoe somewhere. And Holly has brought back a couple of the Peppa Pig characters from somewhere. She thought they were great treasures. I have hid them because my husband set them up with my nice decorations. %-}
    That yarn is lovely. Just the colours I would have chosen, too. I wonder why it is called cupcake?

    1. Oh. And looks like we will get a few more Sean of the South fans! Good.

  15. I like visiting your blog and finding you are sewing again!And I like the links in this post a lot.
    PS Happy Birthday to Milo.

  16. It warms my heart to know that you've been to guild. You've sat at your sewing machine and worked on a project. Happy digging through your supplies (so you don't have to go re-buy ALL of your rulers and notions!!) May you be filled with joy at each new discovery.

  17. Ah good to see you sewing. Happy Birthday a little late Milo.