Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Home and Garden show with artist interviews

We met Monika at the Home and Garden show in downtown Denver on Sunday. It was so much fun. Want to see what I saw there??? Well, step in...
Lots of rows of unusual things here. Everything from landscape, waterfalls, doors... choose one...
Open the door to a friend...
to jewelry to dog supplies!
Don't drink from these birdbaths though.

I loved the spring theme with hyacinth's perfume wafting through the building, hidden eggs, birdbaths to welcome birds who've just returned from the South.

Hope they brought some Southern Food for me!

Aren't these little yard art discs hilarious? They reflect the sunlight in brilliant colors! And move in the breeze.
Speaking of the south... I miss a palm tree. I could have one for mere thousands of dollars! And they dismantle for travel. I talked to the two men, one described the design process for the palms and when I asked to take a photo close up (Because I'm an artist too) the other one shared his art with me.

I did a mini interview with him. He works in his girlfriend's studio. She's very tide, he's very messy.

He makes statement art. Mostly 2-D paintings. Also installations. He was quiet and excited to share his artistic process and vision with me. He only shared images on his phone so I can't show you.

Meaning driven, he starts with a word, or a passion, or a thought and builds somewhat abstract pieces that are representational enough to recognize.

He is very disturbed by gun violence and intolerance among people today. He obviously shares his statement when sharing beautiful art.

He works from within, then shows it through exhibits. I'd love to know how a neat-nik and a messy artist find tolerance within the same space!!

This would make a statement in one's yard. Here's looking at you kid. Note the gorgeous handmade glass yard ornaments also for sale, coming out of the head.

This was one of the three things I wanted to take home. The color was brilliant in person, blue to turquoise, a water fountain that quietly made it's own statement.

The next one was loud! Loud and beautiful, and I can hardly imagine it in the tiny yards here, but it would make a wonderful haven wouldn't it?

Ions, and rushing water are great sounds...
Or this??? Can you imagine seeing it every day???
Lovely gate and fence to invite you into the back yard... are you getting tired yet? Drew was, and imagined himself resting on this lovely mid century looking furniture with gas fireplace and art...
The artwork was metal, for outdoors!
Love the chairs and well, just all of it!
I saw this murphy bed for your poodles...
For a more fancy home than ours. We just have the crate sitting out in view in the family room. Milo sleeps the sleep of the innocent, on his back with legs in the air, between us each night. He is a BIG fan of sleep, especially in the big bed. He always has done. I think it's the only time he truly feels secure. He could sleep 12 hours I think.

Time for dinner? This company makes very unusual tables. Note the legs. They will take down your tree, slice it and make a table for you with it. 

After all that you might like a shower.
I loved this towel rack.

One might need a large home to hold this and I'd love that. Not likely but a girl can dream.

There was a lot of dreaming and wishing here.
The other item I wanted was an enormous umbrella with inner lights, free standing, and tilting for the back yard.

 I doubt I'll find another screened porch haven like I left behind, and the sun bores down on you here. That huge umbrella in blue would be a joy to sit beneath especially in the evening.
Look at these lights... clouds the artist called them.  He and I had an instant affinity and chatted about the artistic vision and personality. I loved his work, and he could be a good friend if he didn't live 3 hours away... if I can remember any of what we discussed I'll share.

It was one of those rare discussions where both people totally get the other, and are excited to talk.

He said his studio is messy (yea!) and he is often driven by ideas. I asked how he came to create the cloud glass sculptures (it's blown glass) and he said over time, after making a number of mountain glass pieces he thought where could he go next.

Like me he knows it's easier to change direction if you're moving than from standing still, so he is a strong believer in making stuff. He was so smart to say there is no waste.
No time nor materials are ever wasted in the process as each movement takes you toward another grand idea. Each new discovery is on the heels of experiment and play. A piece is not wasted... it may not sell or be popular but it took you to the next piece.
Look at the lovely colors blended along the edge.

Imagine! You'd never again have to listen to the inner critic telling you you're wasting your time and materials on a piece!

He built an enormous sound system right in the middle of his studio as he loves to sing and listen to music. He said it changed his world. He loves to go to work! The music lifts his mind to the process.
My opinion is music, or tv or books on disc, all keep the inner critic, the right side of your brain that is about business, the worrier, busy so the left side can create at will. He said he silenced the inner critic a while back, when he decided there was no such thing as waste. Loved that!

There were lovely landscape ideas, plants that thrive here, arrangements of man made with natural items, gates, fences, furniture, fountains, fireplaces, and innovative ways to grow vege. There were products to use to keep your home looking good, and lots of giveaways.

gardeners gave out lots of seeds including pencils full of them!
Everything from pens and totes, to bananas, candy, plastic cups, small knives and tools, fingernail files, anything you can print a business name upon.Yep, they were giving away bananas too.
first thing grabbed was a new yardstick!
We tried truffle vinegar (yum) and considered dog harnesses, saw magic rugs and food items.
We bought cheese curds. I spun the wheel and got $5 off these cool leggings...
The palm tree guys gave me a little palm tree because they took a liking to me! So lucky! 
Lookie at the pile of cool tote bags in the back
things to write on and with, things to measure with, drink out of, eat, hold keys, and stuff to tote it all around in. I had a great time, and it was great to see my poodley-friend Monika.
Great to see my husband having a good time, talking to people, scarfing up toys, finding tidbits I'd like like candy.
Wish you were there!

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  1. Your mini-palm is so cute! Not quite as much fun as the large ones, but much more manageable. It looks like a really fun day, those stain glass doors make me think maybe I should save up money for a pretty storm door. The one I have is so old and generic, and it doesn't even latch, but I bet the really pretty ones are fairly pricy. Alas. I'm really glad you got to talk to some artists- it makes me happy to find them in unexpected places!

  2. Definitely gets one in the mood for spring! Thanks for the tour.

  3. I have got to go to a home-and-garden show! Thanks for sharing all that cool stuff. I'm getting inspired by looking at your photos. To see it all in person, wow.

  4. I love garden shows. It's been a while since I've been to one. This looks like lots of fun stuff.

  5. I really like that beautiful blue fountain! I find the piano one disturbing but i don't know why. Wish I could smell the garden show. :)


  6. It's obvious you thoroughly enjoyed yourself at the show ... and met some cool people along the way. I also like the idea of silencing the inner critic, and that there is no such thing as waste .... one clever dude! Thanks for sharing so many photos of the show - felt like I was there! The towel rack (depending on the size) would fit well with the theme of our new house!

  7. What a show! Love it! So many tempting things, great ideas! Thanks! Mile high tree care ! Have to check that out!

  8. wow!! I love the palm trees and I love love love the idea with the waterfall piano... it would fit perfectly to us...like a sign for another failed diy project ;O)))))

  9. Thanks so much for sharing this Home show. I felt like I was there. Cool takeaways, too.

  10. You found lots of fun stuff! I enjoyed seeing the show through your artist's eyes - loved the piano fountain. I laughed at your photo of Drew - you can definitely walk your feet off at that show!

  11. The Home and Garden shows near me are nothing like yours. Ours seem to be all contractors wanting you to sign a contract to remodel. haha.
    Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I enjoyed hearing/reading about it.

  12. What a great exhibition - thank you fior sharing! A lot to see and get dizzy :) I loved too the small tourquoise fountain and I would love to have that dining table!

    Wishing you a great rest of the week.

  13. Ooh - that looked like fun. That blue fountain was gorgeous!! I haven't been to a home and garden show in several years, but may have to check out an upcoming one just for fun.

  14. Didn't realize you walked off with a couple mini-palms. That's very cool. Oh, and it's true, the camera does add 10 lbs....to your friend's waistline. Awk! It was great fun hanging out with you guys. 😍

  15. Oh! This is wonderful! Thank you for taking me with you. You look cute next to your friend. :D
    I can see why you liked the artist hand in the palm trees. They may not be real, but they would be beautiful. It was great they talked about art with you.
    The lamps are almost Tiffany-like but with abandon. I wonder if you can remelt glass and use it again?
    Fun little dog bed! if it was a dog that would stay in it.
    And the table...yes please. and a house to fit it in.

    Thanks for showing what caught your eye.

    1. Oh yeah, the piano. like Linda Shiffer, I am not so sure about it. But you might like to look at an organ being left to go back to nature. http://rustnstuff.blogspot.co.uk/2017/12/in-landscape.html You have to scroll down in that post to get to the organ. I follow Barry's blog. Fascinating things he makes out of reclaimed metal. And his partner Fiona does lovely print and calligraphy work.

  16. This looks great; I'm glad you had fun!

  17. I want to go to our Home and Garden show to find someone to help with remodeling our condo. It was built in 2005 and there haven't been any changes to it over the years either by the original owner or us. Now it is them. - Margy

  18. Super photos, and insights into the minds of artists.
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  19. LOVE that piano water fountain! This post has me even more in the mindset for spring. Thanks for linking up today!

  20. Are those blue and white flowers for real?? Great post.

  21. It looks like you had a super day Sandy. Those water fountains are gorgeous and just imagine getting to me so many talented and lovely artists too. I'd love to go on a day out like this

  22. What a wonderful show! Pretty items, and lovely photos.

  23. Wow that's a great show! How sweet of the guys to give you the mini palm trees! Don't you love when you are able to connect sigh a stranger like that? Too bad he lives so far away! I really really love the dining room table made from a tree...it's beautiful! Thank you so much for linking to Willy Nilly!! 🤗

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