Monday, March 19, 2018

Oh, so that's snow...

Good Morning! Look what we woke to...
It blew all night, covering our back door screen.

Our neighbor moved here from Florida, and he and my husband chatted over shovels this morning.

He said, "this place sucks"

Hey, it's "Easter snow" y'all!

I will say, we are not totally happy here either, it's not what we hoped for and our Maryland home is apparently not as nice to others as it was to us. It was astounding to wake up to this pillow-topped day though
Opening the slider I saw this...
clinging to the door frame.

Apparently it is damp and clingy and blew toward the back of the house last night.

But, look at that pretty morning sky.

That means sun, and sun with above freezing temps today will melt some of this mess, hopefully from the roads that are never plowed around here.

Look at the snow on our patio step off the slider...

Interesting arrangement of snow build up creating more interesting shadows. I don't know why that area to the right formed in a weird shape! Nothing under there!

Nature was playing  overnight.
 Just Saturday we were shopping for a patio umbrella to give respite from the intense sun in our back yard. We won't be needing one for this table today.

I love the shadows on snow this morning. If I were painting them, I'd use paine's gray or dark purple to shadow the painting. I might work in the studio area this morning.

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  1. Spring snow - it's like a bad joke. We just get hoping for green grass and flowers, and it snows again. We got 6" about a week ago. Wet, heavy, spring snow. And expect a couple more inches tonight. I'm so over winter!

  2. LOL Oh man I just love allll the seasons along with their sursprises. I'm sorry you don't like your move as much as you had hoped and that your old house misses you. :(

  3. Somehow we also got snow again this weekend. not just our few inches and gone later in the day - or the next day.
    The snow 2 weeks ago stayed, as did the cold for several days. and the snow that came Saturday is mostly still here. A little melting from the sunshine and just above freezing, but it has gone back down again when the sun left. I think it will be icy. I need to pick up a prescription, but don't fancy slipping on the ice.
    I am glad you get the sun there, though. You have more chance than we do to get some vitamin D.
    I liked your shadow post. As you say, some situations are 'unnatural' shadows and highlights. Real, but not reading as such if you haven't seen it in person.

  4. You got a lot more snow than we did last night. It poured down raining for about two hours and then changed to snow for about two hours and then quit. Enough to make everything white but that’s all.

  5. We think it's beautiful!! Then again, we didn't have to shovel it ;-)!

  6. This must be the Colorado Low that is going to bring a 4th! Nor'easter Wednesday. We need to drive from Greensboro to Leesburg so I'm hoping it moves on really fast.

  7. Snow is beautiful when you have no where to go ... and especially under a blue sky ...

  8. Inconvenient but oh so beautiful! xx

  9. I like the photos but I'm glad we got just hail and rain and no snow ;O))) Phenny is with me, it was a challenge to get him out of the house while "ice cream" was on the street ;O)))

  10. When I lived in Denver we only got "sticking snow" about once every three years so hopefully your next two years are snow-free. Sorry the MD house is not sold. That's a burden you don't need.

  11. How pretty. We had a storm like that a couple of weeks ago. Whole front of the huge house plastered with snow. Pretty but noisy as it melted and it made Bobbin bark her little head off. I do love the juxtaposition of the blue sky and the pristine white snow.

  12. Beautiful but then I don't have to shovel it. Your photos are so cool. mary in Az

  13. Ok, you are scaring me! Here in NY it's predicted we're getting snow tonight into tomorrow. This would be the fourth dump in the last two weeks. Most of what we've received to date has come and gone in a day. Pleeeeze don't let us be getting what you just got!

    I know what you mean about it having felt like we were on the cusp of Spring and more snow is just not what I want when my mind is on getting started for Spring planting. Oh well, I have seen snow make pretty backdrops for quilt photo shoots!

  14. Hi LeeAnna,
    Wow, that's quite a bit of snow. But it is still March no matter what the equinox says. I heard the east coast is getting another no'easter - the fourth one this month. Crazy! I'm sorry your MD home is not selling. That is crazy too. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  15. Oh my goodness, this is a lot of snow!!!! Wishing you Spring soon! As we speak it's snowing outside here in southwest Indiana.

  16. Wow, LeeAnna, that is some seriously beautiful snow you have there! The combination of snow and blow can make some incredible shapes, even where none can possibly be expected!
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  17. So many gorgeous snowy snaps all over Blogland this week!The good news is that it won't last forever :)

  18. Stay warm! We got snow over the weekend, but it melted yesterday. Waiting for spring to come as I am done with winter. Have a great weekend !

  19. Something so beautiful about big piles of snow against the blue, blue sky.

  20. Pillow-top is such a good description! Great photos, and wishing you warm weather soon.

  21. I am catching up...lovely snowfall and photos! I hope all the snow brings lots of spring flowers. x K

  22. This must be the Colorado Low that is going to bring a 4th! Nor'easter Wednesday. We need to drive from Greensboro to Leesburg so I'm hoping it moves on really fast.


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  24. Nice to see the snow while we are seeing the last of the Summer heat.
    Thank you for joining the Travel Tuesday meme.