Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Want a pressie?? Okay!

That is a cowl knitted by me, with fuzzy variegated yarn.
A while back a friend gave me a bag of fuzzy yarn. In a fit of tidying up I pulled it out and gave some to two readers (in fact I've been a bit depressed so I am slow to mail them but will this week)

Anyway, I thought handling soft things is comforting, why don't I zen-out and knit. I did that with the pink yarn and it was too short for a scarf so I joined the ends and made a cowl.

Turns out I LOVE it. It's so easy to pull over your head, keeps your neck warm and looks like an accessory.

knitted, before joining ends
So then I pulled out this pretty yarn and knitted. And knitted and knitted til I got to the end, added in some purple yarn and joined the ends.

That was done with a crochet hook and the purple yarn.

It's a Cozy Colorful Cowl.

One size fits all and I mean it.

Nothing but comfort here y'all.
I followed my motto this year, "USE IT" and made something useful and pretty. Now I am keeping the ballet pink one (I'm an old ballerina and still love pink) and giving you this one.

I tried it on for you to see it's loose but cozy.

I think you could also use it for an ear warmer, wearing it like a head band.

Also in the clean sweep I culled out patterns I like but feel I'll never make. It's hard to give things up but I feel the need to create some order right now. I gave away half of them at bee and these need a home.

Re-home them. They are great little patterns, well behaved, most brand spankin' new. Take one, or take 'em all and give them to your bee! Click on the image to see details.

Tell me what you want a chance to win. Answer the question, favorite unusual Christmas movie. Everyone has seen some holiday movie. I'm looking for something less sweet, and more funny.If you don't want  a gift but want to tell me a movie or how you let go of stuff, I love comments.
I'll pick some winners and let you know in a few days.

Get ready, I have a post for almost every day for a while!
Let's get out there and make this holiday happier!


  1. I love your cowl! I enjoy knitting, but haven't done much in awhile. I've been working on a scarf, but if I knew how to join the ends like you did, I would make a cowl instead! At our house, we love "A Christmas Story." You know the one with Ralphie who wants a Red Ryder BB gun and everyone tells him "you'll shoot your eye out!" I got to see the musical version of it at our local dinner theater last week, and it was fun and hilarious!

  2. I do not watch the usual Christmas movies. I usually do a 'Die Hard' marathon after a day of shopping. And just because I like to keep it real I watch 'The Ref'. Those are not your usual sweet Christmas movies. I am also currently trying to get rid of stuff. It is hard.

  3. I have not heard from you in a long time! I have been so absorbed in this house going back together (or not), it is like I am just reacting to the world as it goes by. Are you cleaning out?

  4. it looks great! my aunt made cowls for the whole family. she said this fuzzyn yarn is perfect for warming a sore neck :o)

  5. What a beautiful cowl! LOVE it. And the colors... With today's temp in the VERY low teens, I could totally use it!

  6. I love the cowl. Purple is my color. But I'm just not a movie watchers, so no help from me.

  7. Thanks for giving to your blog readers

  8. The cowl is really pretty. I always admire them but just can't wear fuzzy things near my neck without breaking out. And I've given up on garment sewing. But some lucky reader will enjoy your cowl and patterns. I must admit that I like the sappy Christmas movies. And the funny ones.

  9. Beautiful cowl and it looks so soft. Would love to share those patterns with some friends too. We like the first home alone movie and also Christmas vacation. Both good for some laughs.

  10. Cool Runnings! Especially when the jamacian bobsled team arrives in Calgary, it's -28C and John Candy says ..." it's not the heat but the humidity that will get you" ! Have to watch this one evry winter...it's just not the holidays without it!
    Love your knitted cowl! No ends to get in the way!

  11. Your cowl is beautiful and really looks warm! Great idea to make it that size. I'm like you....trying to clean out things I know I won't use.