Thursday, December 8, 2016

"I Like" Thursdays #13

Welcome to my list of things I liked this week.
1. I like paintings, and admire trompe l'oeil, paintings that fool the eye. This was under a bridge in the town of Frederick. Believe it or not, it's just a painting.
 2. I like Candy. I try not to eat candy but I'm back on the sugar wagon. These are worth the cost! White chocolate around a mousse of heaven mixed with peppermint.

3. I like cows. And I like shopping!!! Especially specialty stores decorated for the holidays.
Such a cute applique pillow. Reminds me of my un-set cow blocks, right?
We went to the city of Frederick Saturday night for their "first Saturday" Christmas event. There were lots of musicians, the stores were open and full of glee (also wine, cookies & cider) Here is more cow art

4. We got to visit with people and their dogs, (I love dogs and petted nearly all of them)

Drink up pups! A store put out this lovely seasonal water bowl
5. I like listening to Christmas music sung by a choir out in the cool night air under sparkly tree lights, and seeing these horses  (I like horses) although I felt sorry they had to pull a wagon.
6. I like fashion. Unfortunately I lost my waistline somewhere around 50 (let me know if you find it) but I love clothes, trying on clothes, owning unusual or comfy clothes and I really liked this coat (no, didn't buy it)
that bag says, "Happy Everything"
7.  I love a pretty window and this was awesome.

The shop owner said it was just a pressure curtain rod with strings of lights hung (looped) over it.

She gave us hot cider and told us all about living in Frederick.

I really like that city.

8. I like listening to books on cd while I'm in the studio. Just listened to another  by author Susan Wiggs, called The Apple Orchard. Since starting the blog I keep track of a most books I read on my
 Book Reviews page here
I read two books at once: by listening to one in the studio, and reading one in bed at night.

9. I like the tv series "Murdoch Mysteries" filmed in Canada.
The 9th series just became available on disc, and thankfully our library had it! Yea! Like an old friend.
It  is set circa 1899 and has terrific fun who-done-it's we can't figure out til the end. The show foreshadows future inventions, has characters from history, is intelligently written and fun to watch.
The show has strong female leads too.

10. I Like studio tours and enjoyed Anne's bright and happy sewing space, check out this page of posts with pics of her studio

11. I liked this Zuni Native American man I interviewed this weekend in New Market MD. He is Zuni but also carries Navajo art.

I was delighted by the small sculptures hand carved from stone, painted or embedded with gems. I feel the bear is my totem, see the bear with a turquoise arrow on his back?

They all have meanings which he will share with you.

 For instance the bear is for strength, introspection and spiritual journey through life. My husband likes the wolf, teacher, sharing knowledge, pathfinder. The little stone is a reminder of what you want to manifest.

There is more to like but I'll stop here.
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Please consider writing a post of things you liked this week. Let me know and I'll include a link to it!
We need to see good things these days don't we?
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  1. Oh I love Murdoch mysteries, and I agree with your list how can you not love all of those things?

  2. I'm a liking this week too, LeeAnna! Love the idea of the lights on the window (might do that next year). Lots of fun things that you liked! You made me want to visit Frederick!!! I loved your Xmas trees too (previous post). But the post also made me cry. I am holding you both in my heart this holiday season. Keep busy and many many hugs!

  3. Like that photo of the lights on a pressure/tension rod in the shop windows. I like peppermints, too - but I'm trying HARD to resist all the temptation in the stores this year so I don't gain 10 lbs. like I usually do in Dec. Super cute cow holiday pillow!

  4. Lindt truffles are awesome. Love those cows. What fun!

  5. That cow pillow is great! I also like the coat- No waistline here but I've been admiring lots of coats lately with slightly unconventional shapes and that one looks very cool!

  6. I loved The Apple Orchard, too! The Beekeeper's Ball has some of the same characters and is good, too. I enjoyed your tour of the Christmas event in Frederick! So many fun things to see and do. The lights hanging on the curtain rod are a fun idea!

  7. That window with hanging lights is fabulous! Makes me want to be more festive...who am I kidding...makes me become festive! Now to go find some howliday decorations to put out so I can ditch the Bah-Humbug feelings! Thanks for inspiring me. ღ

  8. Love those cows! You need to finish your cow quilt because it will be just as fun as that art. I LIKE having my Christmas tree lights twinkling this time of year. It makes me happy.

  9. It's Thursday already. Yikes! Lindor truffles-yes, but I hope you meant mousse and not mouse. Love your lists, don't stop.


    1. "why yes I meant mouse... doesn't every one eat Christmas mouse? In white chocolate? " lol
      I need a proof reader! Thanks and I changed it.

  10. I loved your post today you made me feel smart I do not spell well never have BUT I think I noticed a word out of place ( of course I could be wrong )
    I am pretty sure you don't eat MOUSE

    <<<<<<2. I like Candy. I try not to eat candy but I'm back on the sugar wagon. These are worth the cost! White chocolate around a mouse of heaven mixed with peppermint. >>>>>>

  11. Gosh I read fixed it didn't you?
    I love Lindor's Chocolates of any kind. I'm not eating anymore for a while though. I joined WeightWatchers, and LOST 5.6 pounds last week! I need to get healthy again. My spirit animal or totem is a dragonfly...not an animal I know, but still very much my spirit. I love native things, I suppose it's a good thing I am surrounded by reservations here.
    I love the cow pillow and silhouettes.

  12. Gorgeous coat, chocolates to die for, and lovely decorations--you've got that holiday spirit LeeAnna! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It is much appreciated! best, nadia

  13. Love your "likes" postings; I like being able to see the signs on the road now; but not liking the loss of near vision--reading glasses on a chain around my neck--such a drastic change. Not quite back to quilting or crafting yet--2nd eye still "repairing" itself--amazing the human body's abilities for self-repair...hugs and Merry Christmas to you and yours....Julierose

  14. Oh, Frederick is a lovely town! There are lots of trompe l'oeil paintings there - I took pics of a couple that I found while we walked around. And full of interesting shops, too!
    Thanks for the Murdock mysteries heads-up! Looks like my cup of tea!

  15. I like...your lists! Feeling a bit out of sorts recently, but these posts always cheer me up and remind me how much there is to be grateful for.

  16. Just your kind of place, full of interesting things. Check out my I Like Thursday's post at

  17. Wonderful wonderful post LeeAnna, so true that we need good things these days. So many many things I relate to here! Love of cows (I did the same cow block you did last year, mine are unset, and I have 1/2 of the last one to finish, plus a bull), love horses, my uncle had a team of Percherons which I believe are those in your photo, LOVE dogs, books, Lindt! have 3 kinds in my house as I type, trompe l'oeil, yes! (you got the French correct too - I was a French teacher), and uncanny, I just bought a Dreamcatcher for my grandson last week in a local Native American Arts store, and I'm Canadian, live 4 hours south of Toronto, where Murdoch Mysteries are filmed. (however, I have never watched the show, need to change that!)

  18. LOVED your post and checked out the link to Spring Leaf Studios and WOW! What a lovely and bright space! I just told my husband, "I'm ready to paint my studio walls white!" He said he's up for it....I just might take him up on that! :) We'll see! :)