Thursday, December 15, 2016

"I Like" Thursdays #14 Roadtrip!

Christmas at The Breakers in Newport
1. I Like road trips!
We recently took an impromptu road trip, Friday to Monday up to Newport, RI. So much to experience!  I have a couple posts to come of some gorgeous photos of decorated mansions. When we went up after Cole passed, we got a year long pass to the mansions. Three of them had Christmas displays this month so we went for a look-see.
The house above is the Breakers, yep one family's home. For 6 weeks a year. 

2. Here's a shocker, I Like Fabric.  I like visiting quilt shops when on a road trip. Good chance to stretch your legs, doncha know...
Of course we went to two quilt shops along the way where I got these lovely items.

Olde City quilts in Burlington NJ  Large and friendly
Don't you love the 50's Christmas girls?!! and the labs skiing??

I always prewash fabric, because of all the chemicals used in processing. Unwashed fabric when ironed outgases some nasty stuff. So I put the pre-cuts  in a mesh bag and washed them.
Well y'all, they shrunk unevenly. And not all shrunk.

 So imagine you did some precise stitching, and the first time you washed the item it got all wonky. They shrunk along the cross grain so they are now 4.75" X 5"

Not good. Losing a quarter inch every 5 inches is significant.
Meanwhile,  the regular fabric did not shrink at all, just sayin'

 LOVE a black lab!
Also bought a gallon bag of scraps for $3 that included this...
and I think my bag held the equivalent of about 3 yards of fabric. I'm pretty jazzed! And it was so much fun to dig through the bin.
There was a lot of one starry fabric in usable pieces and several batiks. Yea!
 Click the image for details (to read it)

I also visited....

CT Quiltworks in Mystic CT small but mighty store with lots to want! What a great shop! Worth the trip!!

3 I Like meeting with friends for Thai food!
Funny how some people are just so connected  that when we see them after a long absence it's as if we saw them yesterday! That's how it is with my friend Nancy ( pugmomquilts)

She and her husband Mike drove a long way to meet us for dinner one night and it was the highlight of the weekend.That was the real gift altho Nancy gave me a bag of flamingo items including a sa-weet flamingo fabric!

It's rare enough to find a good friend but to find a "couple" friend that enjoys each other is like gold.

(earlier that evening we attended a grief ceremony at the local Lutheran church, Coping with loss at the holidays. My eyes were kind of squinty from crying... but that's part of life, dealing with loss)

It was good to end the visit with lots of laughter, good conversation, and connection.
I Love my friend Nancy

4.I Like stuffies and free patterns for stuffies like this cardinal from  apine industriose
I have made a red stuffie each year from the same red felt and it's fun to see them each Christmas
 5. I like fun clothing! I bought these mittens at the Potter League shelter craft show. Two quilters re-purposed old sweaters by felting them, then made mittens with fleece lining. So cozy and cute, right?? 
I've worn them every day since!
6. I like wool socks and I like Feetures socks for runners, and now I can have both rolled into one!!!
We bought these at the running store in Mystic Village, buy three get fourth free! Whee! We now have two new pairs each for winter.              I had to throw some wool socks away, worn down to holes, so finding wool that's thin is a bonus!
7. I Like Jacquie Lawson's animated advent calendar. (
It's so beautiful, an interactive online advent with activities each day. I have decorated Christmas trees, sweaters, wreaths, snowmen, and others. I've seen sweet vignettes of a seaside village at Christmas. I made snowflakes that drift down while I'm looking at the scene. Decorate an item and it shows up in the village. 
I can't tell you how I look forward to it each day!!! My good friend Mary has given it to me for three years now and it's so appreciated. Go check it out, you'll love it. Puzzles! Smashing ornaments game! 

8. Speaking of gifts, I got a surprise gift from my good friend Mari (academicquilter) who is always there with a cheerful word, perspective and friendship. When we met in person the first time I felt as if I had known her for years. She sent this set of wool pieces, out of the blue! I am so excited about them, the colors are perfect for a flamingo stocking! She also sent several patterns one of which we will both do next year. 
The fun continues!
Speaking of flamingos...
9. I Like flamingo items and whimsy so when we found this umbrella in Newport last weekend, well...
it had to "fly" home with me. I told DH it was the "perfect Christmas gift"  It's going to hang around the front door looking all useful and cute at the same time making me smile each time I see it!      Click to see details     look how it stands up on it's own three legs, heh heh
10. We are listening (together both of us) to the "Number One Ladies Detective Agency" latest book on disc  and I highly recommend the series. Rent it on disc as the reader is so good. I can totally do the Botswana accent now. Yep. On the phone you'd think I was from Africa! Seriously it's also on video from the short run show. Read, watch, listen for a good story. 

11.  I Like funny fridge magnets. DH spied this one, and it's a great way to tie up this week's list
It's always sit...stay...heel... never think! Innovate! Be yourself !
As usual, I encourage you all to think about the things you liked this week, and play along with me. Let me know if you did a post and I'll include it here with these fine folks:
(give them a moment to do their posts)


  1. Another great post LeeAnna, thank you. More similarities...I have a fridge magnet (that my mum recently gave to my husband, not me, think on that for a moment, uh huh) that says "Acquiring a dog is your only chance to choose a relative", and The No 1 LDA books!! SO good, like a massage for your soul right? Nancy! Lucky you getting to meet both Nancy and Mari! Julie and her husband, Tish and David, me and mine, we all 'click' too, which is EXTRA neat!

  2. PS how interesting that we were next to each other in Lorna's linkup and I didn't even realize it until I had linked up. :-)

  3. Happy Thursday!! I am a firm believer in washing fabrics first. It just makes me sense to me, why worry when you can do such a simple thing? I love LOVE the fabric you got!!! But my favorite thing is that umbrella---it is awesome!!! Have a great week! Signing out and hugs, Mickie

  4. You have a great list this week, LeeAnna! I get the Jackie Lawson Sdvent calendar from a friend every year, too, I and love it! So fun! Those mittens look amazing, and warm, which we will need at our house the next few days. :( And what fun to meet up with a quilty friend in real life! Happy Thursday!

  5. This was an especially fun post. So fun to see you've met up with blog friends. I have met a couple of other SD bloggers, but need to wander further from home! Love that flamingo umbrella. That cracked me up!

  6. Sounds like a pawsitively pawfect weekend away! So much to like in this the $3 grab bag of fabric and the skiing Labs! Adorable umbrella, too! Meeting up with old friends after a long time is icing on the cake of life. ❤️

  7. I so look forward to Thursdays now just to see your newest list. And there's so much to love this week. The Christmas fabrics, the text fabric scraps (I have to find some of those), and the flamingo umbrella. I laughed out loud. Glad you had a good visit to RI.

  8. You had such a great week! I would have loved to go on the mansion tour and pick up the fabric steals that you did - I'm jealous! And be watchful of that flamingo that he doesn't fly away. Thanks again for sharing on Midweek Makers - always fun to see what you're up to

  9. What a nice list. I enjoyed reading this. I would love those mittens in #5. :)

  10. Jealous that you and Nancy got to meet up again! <3

  11. I love to like Thursdays likes! Today i got a new computer tower, yep i am a desk top jockey,so tomorrow i will chime in !!!

  12. Well.....I LIKE your post.....what fun to read your appreciation of life!

  13. Love those mittens! And you find the best fabric. - the winter one with the dogs is awesome.thanks for sharing

  14. Those are the sweetest, nostalgic fabrics. And what a terrific idea to re-purpose sweaters into those adorable mittens!

  15. You always bring home the neatest stuff from a road trip!
    Good thing there are lots of roads with fun destinations where you live!

  16. You always bring home the neatest stuff from a road trip!
    Good thing there are lots of roads with fun destinations where you live!

  17. what a great little road trip! i really love the dog fabric, so fun and that flamingo umbrella is pretty cute too! thank you so much for linking with willy nilly and have a great week ahead!

  18. Such an inspiring list! Those mittens and that umbrella are so unique and fun. Thanks for sharing!!