Thursday, December 1, 2016

"I like" Thursdays #12

It's Thursday?? Must be time for I Like lists
Which way do we go???
We'll just start the list, shall we??
1.I like these soaps from Bath and Bodyworks

I just love the scent of Winter candy apple, and Twisted Peppermint.
 My new favorite scent is Winter Citrus Wreath.
We only purchased 8 (on sale)...this time... but we'll return to buy enough to hoard for months to come.( DH who likes to stock up and avoid stores asked if we should just buy a case now)

And Lookie at the new soap holder, covered in pearls, REAL I'm sure! We got the last one in our store.
I mean who doesn't look good covered in pearls??

Speaking of pearls and beads...
Must be blurry because I was trembling with excitement lol!

2. I like beads. I like a sale. I ordered some from Fire Mountain Gems along with my friend Cindy... when we combined our order, we had enough items to get a discount! I got them like a present with a bag, pen and catalogue. I see bracelets in my future heh heh (note those patterns in the picture)

3. I like walking around Washington DC with my mate...
(I'm not so good with selfies and holding my point and shoot camera... )
who goes into art galleries, museums, and gift shops with me. Patiently.
which brings me to
4. I like gift shops in museums
I mean where else can you find this?? (If you want it, you can order one from the National Gallery of Art)
and why oh why didn't I buy this??
I don't know (shaking head)

5. I like, no, I LOVE   Wedgewood, and Boadicea.
Two Guinea pigs easy to love.  When you visit the site, be sure to look for some videos to see these two playing with toys on the living room floor.
Their personal secretary has a recent post of outtakes from Christmas pics this year on this post.
(Their personal secretary also dances and quilts. I too also dance and quilt. Just missing the pigs)

 Don't those pigs want to come see Aunt Leela for Christmas?? Can't you see them on the bus? Little name tags pinned to their sweaters clutching a bag lunch?

 Go see!:

6. Flamingo anythings like this stocking at

 sent to me by my friend Linda... gotta make this

 7. I like trees. (I know, you know but still...)
 Looks like another bare tree right?
Hint, it's in the sculpture garden (see National Archives behind it? ) at dusk. Shiny!
Yep. Shiny METAL tree. AWESOME! Thank you to some artist right? Beautiful things to see in our nation's beautiful capitol. I am trying to focus on beauty and on artwork.
On artwork and on the country valuing art work so that citizens can see it.
I value art and freedom of speech. America is founded on that, truth, and respect for difference of beliefs. Speaking of that....
look at these two books for sale at the Nat. Gallery of Art... (I purchased one on writer's prompts)
Make the world a little kinder....It's possible

That's my list for the week  and I'd love to see yours.
What did you like this week? 
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  1. I too am an art gallery and museum lover. I am always inspired by something and I also love the gift shops. The Met has a lovely online shop too. You've put together wonderful sites to visit. I will be checking them out. Thanks!

  2. Another fun list! Museum gift shops have the best stuff! So do some state parks, especially in West Virginia where they feature local artisans.

  3. You find the best places and stuff to look at! Yes, you definitely should have bought the painter's palette ornament. And I think you did a great job with your selfie! I've been trying to get better at selfies, but not much luck there! Happy Thursday, LeeAnna! I did write a post for today also.

  4. Look at those goofy chipmunks!

    Wedgie! I can totally picture them with little name tags on their sweaters. Their personal secretary may not want to part with them. ;-)

    Love the flamingo stocking. lol

    These are great posts - I never know what I'm going to see each week.

  5. It's so encouraging to read your I like posts! And that flamingo stocking is awesome!

  6. I also love museums and their gift shops. Some of the most unique and interesting items can be found in those museum gift shops. I haven't been back to DC in about 5 years but it's such a wonderful place to explore.

  7. Well, LeeAnna, you have just solved a gift dilemma for me. My best quilter friend loves flamingos and her birthday is next Friday. Of course, I'll never get it done in time because I don't have any felt and she's now in FL and I'm in NY, but I think she'll love it, even if it's a few days (weeks?). Thanks, I just love your I like posts, too.

  8. Hi LeeAnna,
    Looking forward to your beading results!
    Open air art is so fun to see!
    Lovely photo of the two of you!

  9. Lots to that squirrel mug....oh my!

  10. Bahahaha..."Little name tags pinned to their sweaters clutching a bag lunch?" You are too funny LeeAnna. This is a lovely list and it's great to see you had such a nice time in Washington.

  11. Squee!!!! Piggies! I can't even begin to imagine how to wrangle them giving that I have no control over a photo shoot with 2 standards! *Sigh* Must be done with magic. 😁

  12. I love Bath and Body Works! Sweet Pea is my favorite scent. I've been wearing it for years!