Wednesday, December 7, 2016

My Christmas tree is flamingo pink!

Well, isn't everyone's???
Actually our big tree in the family room is white this year, more about that later.

Take a look at that pretty entry tree... all pink and beaded.
As I set it up this year, I looked to the right at my flamingo
Who proudly waves her sparkle flag all year while wearing her mardi gras beads. And her lei. Now she is holding a Christmas plant. She gave up her beads for the tree this month because....
Mama like-eee !!!
In previous years I went all out on a railing garland, but this year simplicity won out...
We discovered some years back that all three of us including the poodle got sick when we had a real tree in the house. We went to artificial, or as I like to say, artistic interpretation of a tree. This year I needed some of the pine scent, so we got a wreath of boughs and I draped the end of the lights on it. Voila!
Meanwhile back in the family room we unfurled the tree. It's is in three pre-lit sections, you stack them up, level it, it shakes itself like a dog, and there's your tree. I usually weigh it down with sparkle and ornaments and beads. This year is a lesser year. Instead of winding ribbon around and around I draped it from the top like streamers and I think I like it better! Gold see thru ribbon.


I put on about a tenth of my ornaments,  some  flamingos, icicles of crystal, and some of Cole's.

That's when I began crying.

Oh my poor heart.

He never touched the tree, unlike my lab who treated it like a treat dispenser. She would walk over calmly, look around and choose an ornament, carefully take it off the tree and chew it up.

 Cole treated the tree like any other decoration. He would come in, see it had entered the room, give it a once over, maybe a sniff  test, and after inspection, leave it alone.
For a while I made a stuffie each year,  with red felt. They are lining the tv cabinet and under the tree this year.
 I never wanted to tempt Cole with a stuffie... even a grown poodle has his limits.
Cole's scarf and hat are resting on the little poodle Maria gave us when he went to Heaven.

"Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse" meeting a scottie under the tree

See the pretty bags?
I put them out as decoration. Now they have a purpose... we both ordered gifties for the other from Amazon prime.... from the same account. We don't know who's stuff is in the boxes!! Our solution was to put the unopened boxes in the bags til Christmas morning, and open them together to figure it out!

Drew said " of course, one of these holds the replacement heads for our toothbrush"
Nothing says Christmas like clean teeth!


  1. You are so right, Nothing screams Christmas like a new sonic! Love your decorations. i have a pencil tree up with horse ornies on it and a wreath from the PNW smelling alot like Christmas so far. gotta get going!

  2. Oh how funny!!!! Frank never orders anything online so all that comes to the door is MINE!

    I am also allergic to real trees. Poor Carrie, always wanted to wear perfume and have a real tree. I was just a mean momma!

    Nobody showed up to work in the house again today. ,sigh........

  3. Your trees are beautiful. I like that pink one for your entry! It's festive. The first couple of years we had our cat he chose a stuffed mouse ornament from the tree that he wanted. It didn't matter where I hung it, he was going after it. After our whole big tree was knocked down a couple of times I just gave him that ornament. He "gutted" it and from then on has left the tree alone.

  4. Your trees look beautiful! I'm happy you're finding some comfort in the decorations, I've been thinking about you lately !!!!! You're in my thoughts this first holiday season. Love ya girl ;-)

  5. Oh my gosh, your pink and white trees are adorable! It's really the lights that I love - so the tree is just the thing that holds the lights! Lol! I'm thinking of you with your memories of Cole so strong right now. (((Hugs!!!)))

  6. Sweet Cole is with you, Lee Anna, as you go about each day. All of those things that bring back his memory are signs he's sending you. Both trees are beautiful!

  7. Love your flamingo pink tree! And I always miss my angels when I get out the Xmas stuff. So many memories - like the bite marks from Abby on baby Jesus's head in our wooden nativity set.

    That's so funny about both ordering from the same Prime account! The hubs ordered some stuff from me, using "our" account, so now I can't really order anything for him since he has to open all the boxes that come in - to see whether it's boring "replacement toothbrush head"-type things I ordered, or the presents he ordered!

  8. Your trees are so pretty! I like both of them! I don't know if we are going to do a tree or not. The room mate says he almost bought a small live tree that he can plant on the property later. I keep thinking that I should get some solar lights and just decorate all the trees I already have out there, but we couldn't put any gifts under those! We'll see...

  9. I love your pink tree and the white one is an artpiece... specially with Cole's ornaments... yes, I cried too, but it is the ornament what makes it maybe to your tree...

  10. I love your white tree, it's amazing! I wonder if I could talk my husband into one next year. I can only imagine how hard it was to see those precious Cole ornaments this year. I hope they also brought back many great memories of the love and joy he bought to your lives. Wishing you the best this holiday season and a wonderful 2017!

  11. Your tree is very pretty. One year we had a second tree with nothing but mingos, it was a pink tree with white lights. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  12. The trees are very pretty and we love the flamingo.

  13. Those red stuffies are so cute! That's funny about the presents. Hope you get to open yours! :)

  14. Your trees are so pretty! Christmas morning surprises are always fun. Thank you for joining the Pet Parade!

  15. OMG. I haven't read your blog for a while! I am so sad to hear about Cole! I always loved to hear about all his adventures! My heart breaks for you, as it always sucks to lose them...ah man....

  16. Oh, I love your tree! Thank you for joining The Really Crafty Link Party this week. Pinned!