Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Just a WEE portion of the whole quilt
Eeeek! I'm working on the Quilt Doodles quilt from last year for a blog hop. I said I'd do the hop, with my (ahem) (panic) finished quilt. And I'm set to post on Jan 24th.
And I just finally finished piecing the top row!!

Uh.  Oh.

So yesterday I pinned the rows to the design wall and they are so pretty as is. I started planning how large to sew the segments to be quilted.  When you have to quilt a bed quilt in sections because of a troublesome back condition plus a small home machine, it takes planning. It is do-able but takes forethought. 
Since the rows are already nearly 60 inches across, I won't be able to do the embroidery in the quilting stage so I started blanket stitching around the blades and the noses. I used variegated gold thread on the noses and YLI silver thread around the blades here. I  was trying to do it quickly before a physical therapy appt. and took a shortcut in not putting stabilizer under the stitching on curves. It pulled up a bit, so when I am able to continue with them I will put a piece of typing paper under for the embroidery then pull it off easily. 
During the quilting process I will cover the already silver embossed blade with straight line quilting stitches and the silver metallic thread, to make it glisten. Gotta keep to threads that can go thru the washer and dryer, since this will be large enough to at least be a coverlet on our king.

When I signed up for the hop, I thought I'd be done with this quilt, no problem!! Well, life intervened, know what I mean jellybean?   I always think I can get more done than I do. I always have many many projects and commitments and deadlines looming. 
I'm never bored. 
So, yesterday while feeling overwhelmed I did what many people do when they foolishly think they can get it all done... I made a LIST!

what happened to this color?! The ironing board is lime green in real life!
That's right, just follow the list! Easy peasy!

Until I lose the list.


  1. I saved that pattern to make eventually. I just love how sweet and cute all the different components are.

  2. I love a list! Actually you sound quite organised and what you have done looks pretty cool to me. Good luck getting it done. :-)

  3. The portion of the quilt you showed us looks pretty nice already! I don't quilt ~ don't have patience for it ~ but my mom does, so I know how long it takes to finish a quilt project! Chapeau!

  4. Roh no! Losing The List is always the worst! *wags* - Gilligan from

  5. I live by lists! I have to make a list of my lists! LOL. True. But on the positive side, the bassets got a bath today! It took all of 15 minutes at home to do a group roll in something stinky!


    1. ohhhhh nooooo. I want Cole to stay clean for at least 24 hours! Doesn't always happen but, I want it.

  6. Hi LeeAnna!
    I remember when you made those gorgeous mugs of tea! :)
    What a great quilt to use on those future cold winter snowy days!
    I find writing things down, making lists, helps "ease" the mind of clutter. I don't have to worry about forgetting this or that.
    And my father says always keep something on the list, then the can't nag!
    Take care,

  7. I love making lists!!!!! It looks awesome so far,good luck on the finish. You always do a great job!

  8. The blocks look so lovely. I especially like the steam rising from the tea cup! Are you doing QAYG or just at the machine embroidering stage?

  9. Well, I was set back with Phys. Ther. but am at the embroidery stage. Quickly heading to QAYG stage. Hopefully leading to FINISHED stage! The whole quilt is really bright and happy. LeeAnna

  10. Just follow the list...she says
    My list continually evolves - it has a life of its own.
    Hope the Phys. Ther. is successfully done. We need to meet soon!!!

  11. Lovely. Quilting is one of my favorite art forms. Quilts are not only beautiful but warm.

    And my grandmother was an avid quilter. I have one that's barely hanging together that I can't seem to toss out. I posted a picture of it here:

  12. Looking good!
    Life almost always intervenes :)
    I make lists, too. It helps to see it broken down into steps -- then the whole doesn't seem so overwhelming!