Thursday, January 29, 2015

Studio Words

It's cloudy with a chance of snow today. Again.

I run on solar batteries. When it gets too dark and depressing I flee to my studio, where the full spectrum daylight spotlight bulbs know my name and welcome me.

And all those hoarded supplies are available if only I can find them!

Today I would like to share a portion of my sudio.

I love words. I love them, I love reading them, I love hearing them well spoken, I love their meanings and the look of script. It's a long time love affair I've had with words. Me and words, we're like that (holding up two fingers close together)     There are words all over the studio.

 This is one of two calendars. I just adore this artist's use of image and word (CurlyGirl). She is an inspiration to me and this calendar faces me when I sit at the machine. So does the poster of Betty Boop, which my little niece said was kind of scary with that round face. Again, I love Betty Boop from childhood cartoon films shown in our house on a  reel to reel projector. So she is here too.
One row of books, with Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, my favorite movie,  inspiring, comforting and scary to me as a child. The moral was shoes are really important.

The pin cushion mouse says Embrace Imperfections

A subtle reminder not to even fret over choices.

This tiny little embellishment hanging off a quilt I made last year reminds me to take Risks. 
Another calendar. Erin Smith Art.
When they went on sale, I couldn't resist.

There are some more months I'll end up sharing with you too as they make me laugh!

Laughter is good in a studio, right?

We should enjoy what me are doing and what we make. It's called work, and there are times when it's frustrating.

 I must say, wrestling to put together the heavy bed quilt sections right now is physical work.

For me, I am more creative when I'm feeling something. Right now I need to feel happiness.

These two posters were among the first to go up in the studio. Click on the image to read them, it's worth it.
Greeting cards are especially inspiring to me. I collect them along with supplies. And stories.

This one speaks to my core, and without over-sharing here, my childhood wasn't idyllic. I have spent a lifetime learning about self worth and the role self esteem plays in accomplishment.
One of my basic tenets of creativity is that we must share ourselves in our work.

We are the only ones who can.
Love, LeeAnna

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  1. Loved this post especially the reminder to share ourselves in our work.:)

  2. Love seeing other artist's studios. Thanks for sharing the images... and your words

  3. Hi LeeAnna!
    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing and introducing Curly Girl! Just checked her on Google images!
    Risks! I remember that art quilt! I downloaded the photo and see it regularly when I look through photo's in the "Download"folder!
    Thanks for the tour!
    Take care,

  4. great in spiration in your cosy studio!

  5. A bright, colorful space for creating art. Enjoy!

  6. Creative! Happy Thoughtless Thursday :)

  7. Very refreshing blog... Thanks:-)

  8. Aughhhh the beauty of words. Thanks for sharing today!! Inspired and happy!

  9. I love your take risks pendant charm and your adorable mouse pin cushion. Thanks for sharing a little corner of your studio!

  10. Your studio looks like a fabulous place! Love it!

  11. What a delightful collection of posters and cards; the sentiments of the last photo certainly strike home.

  12. Thanks for the peek into your studio. It looks like such a happy place.

  13. Lovely to get a peek at your studio and I really enjoyed all your words. Absolutely agree that creating isn't just about making something; it's about sharing who you are.

  14. Isn't it nice that you can have a place in the house that is truly yours, and can be decorated exactly as you wish. I believe that every woman deserves this, but few of us ever achieve it. Everywhere I have lived since my marriage has given me such a space, sometimes only a small corner where I could leave up my sewing machine and ironing board, but still MY SPACE. Anyone seeing yours would get a very quick introduction to you and what you value.
    Pat f in Winnipeg

  15. I feel exactly as you do... I run on solar batteries. It's so difficult to stay cheery when I don't get to see the sun for days at a time. (Why did I spend so many years in a darkroom?!?) I love that your studio has the power and inspiration to lift you on snowy days. My studio right now is just the big bay window in our bedroom because I can get the most daylight there while I work during the day. It's so difficult to keep going sometimes once it gets dark! I hope one day I can have a wonderful, cheery studio like yours! And good luck with those big, heavy bed sections; soon they will be complete, and you'll be smiling all over!

  16. I can relate to using the full spectrum daylight glow to fight out the gloom of a dreary day in my sewing room haven. You make an excellent point about words. While I'm a very visual person, words are so very critical too.

  17. I love words too, and really enjoyed seeing your studio. I'm curious about your full spectrum spotlight bulbs. Are they in installed fixtures, or lamps? I dearly need more light in my sewing area but no way to add more light fixtures in the ceiling.

    1. they are from Home Depot, not hardwired in but on cords I plug into foot pedals so I can easily turn them on and off. They are the kind that snap into sort of runners? we can add canisters if I need another. Bulbs from Target, incandescent are easier than led on my eyes.

    2. I think I understand, but didn't find any light bars with spotlights on either HD or Lowes website. I'll keep looking though. Sounds like exactly what I need.

  18. Your studio has such personality! I love words too, I wish I was better at using them! Thanks for linking up to MCM!