Monday, January 5, 2015

Mischief in Mt Airy

 On a recent trip to see some open houses, we stopped for a stroll around the historic city of Sykesville (and Mt Airy) Maryland.
Cole found an interesting window to look into...
A closed realty office has as it's greeter The most loving beautiful friendly cat. It danced for us. Cole was so mesmerized he just watched with no barks. We did too. The cat did quite a show!  I suggest you click on the pic to read the cat's story. The office promotes rescue. We checked out the town's history in the window next door but Cole continued to commune with Grey Goose.
I LOVE a historic town so we parked and strolled through the town, imagining it in the late 1700's and early 1800's when the mill was started. This is the train station now a restaurant that has murder mystery dinner parties.
How fun is that!? I want to go with friends to eat and solve the mystery.

Drew and Cole waited outside while I looked around and got the flyer. I sneaked a pic through the door. My patient menfolk...
As we continued our walk, I noticed the buildings were not quite touching...
What in the world?? A hand widths apart. They must have built the second one from the inside out, not caring about the windows and doors on the first one! How would you maintain either?? There were several like this. I guess when you start a town in 1830 there might not be too many rules.
I wish I could peek back to the real people who lived here, and chat with them.
Another window, this time with a poodle in it! Cole totally ignored this one for some reason. 
I saw this in one store, and thought it would give you a chuckle...

We needed a snack and stopped at this Mt Airy Burger King and were happily surprised to see this
In the seating area. I had to wait til the family of four left to get a picture! I wanted to eat there but we were done with our snack. They also had cool lights and etched glass dividers...
Someone was very creative!! I expressed my delight to an employee and she said management wants to "update" the look. Too retro. Oh no! It will look like every other Burger joint! Not every change is good.
So, to recap, this was the last day of our holiday stay-cation. We didn't find a house but we spent some great time watching videos, hanging around together and Cole will have a hard time accepting the end of constant together time. LeeAnna
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  1. What a handsome black poodle. I have one also, named Jack. He is my running buddy and a bit of a trouble maker. :)

  2. You take the best walks! I love the pix of Cole looking at Gray Goose.

  3. Cole, you are so interested in Grey Goose, is he teasing you?
    Love the pics!

  4. Wow that sounds like a awesome town. Loved the story of Grey Goose and seeing all the things you all seen.
    Wednesdays wags!

  5. What a cute town! I love when businesses have cat ambassadors--my old town had a bookstore cat! I hope Cole adjusts to the lack of togetherness ok--Barley will be dealing with that come Monday!

  6. Our mom would have been so disappointed that the office was closed. She definitely would have wanted to visit that pretty kitty. Looks like a fun day! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo