Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Feeling blue? or Aqua?

Oh how I want him!!
Do you buy stuff like cream pitchers just for the color and shape? I guess I do. I haven't bought him yet but..
And look at these
that color resonates with me. I need a set of everyday dishes and considered Gordon Ramsey's new line, that same shade of aqua but the pattern is like a bullseye and the curve of them would cause trouble in the dishwasher.

This little teacup on feet!! I'm smitten! I want it too!

And... to a store employee of Antropologie, just wrap up the store, I'll take it.
 As if the elephant and teacup weren't enough...

Their displays are like entering an art gallery.
The scale from enormous in the window, to this little tiny city scape above the housewares.

They must hire artists to design their displays.

What becomes of displays when the store is done with them?? Are they thrown away? What a waste when they could come live with me.

(I can hear my husband now... "where?! in our little house? " )


  1. Oh what a wonderful color! Daughter Carrie just designed and built their dream house. It is totally white and she filled it with everything I that color Aqua

    Very barn industrial and Aqua. I love it

  2. we call that sea glass and it is a most delicious color for dishes, earrings, fabrics, poodles, ....paint ,ocean, sky,beads, dishes,glasses,...
    someone please stop me!

  3. Hi LeeAnna!
    That teacup! What fun to admire things! Now that's a store to visit!
    Take care,

  4. That's one gorgeous little elephant! And a cup on feet? To die for! Happy New Year! Stephie @ Dawn Chorus Studio

  5. I hope that poodle towel went home with you! What fun things you found! I love blue, aqua, turquoise, cobalt....

  6. I love Antropologie seasonal window decorations... They are just gorgeous. Even if I don't make it in the store often I always drive past the windows to drool:-)

  7. Sorry to say I'm absolutely not in this type of things. I prefer minimum stuff at our house but due to two kids we have lot of stuff ;)

  8. I totally want that Poodle towel. I don't know why, but I do.

  9. I love that store, but I don't have one near me. I have to wait until I go to Florida. I did my master bedroom and bath in that aqua color a couple of years ago and I must say that I do love it.
    That teacup with feet might have come home with me.

  10. Window shopping is good; virtual window shopping is better, no temptation at all. I'm reminded of a parent/child conversation overheard on the bus: That's for you to enjoy with your eyes, and you have very big eyes. :-)

  11. I'd be interested in taking home the window displays of Home Goods stores... ;-)

  12. There are too many things I would buy if that were the case. I just take out my iPhone, click a picture and save in my inspirations folder!!!