Monday, January 12, 2015

If you want me, I'm in my nest...

What would the caption be here??
If you need me I'll be in my nest?
I was wasting some time letting the TV suck intelligence from me, while I played games on the IPAD when I glanced up and saw this.

He's never reclined this way before, with forearms on his pillow facing his toy box. Maybe he was wishing he had a poodle version of an IPAD.
"Angry Squirrels!"  "Critter Match" "Word games for Poodles"
Cole is waaaay overdue for grooming. He is really cute and really smelly. It would appear that being an (ahem) older pup he just might dribble a bit when he pees. I know he stores food particles in that 'stash, like many men. (have I told you how much I dislike the trend to the unkempt beards??)
So even though there was snow and ice outside, and we cut his hair on the front porch, we buckled down and gave him a bath yesterday.
POOR my husband!
Afterwards, even though dusk was approaching early from cloud cover, we three went to the porch where Cole had to suffer the indignity of having his nether parts shaved.
I put on my hazmat suit, face mask and do my best to shave a very intimate area. Poodle hair grows almost everywhere. And curls. And clean poodle hair floats in the air like dust.
We had to stop at shaving the face and er, important areas and forego the rest of him for later. Then we went for a little walk before dark, and he fairly DANCED.

I figured he was thinking " Wow felt like I was only being groomed for a minute this time, and mom only nicked me once! No Feet?!? Score!!"
Poor boy! Little does he know today, the grooming continues. LeeAnna
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ps  the fabric bundle under the tree, which is STILL UP, is from my friend Kaja. How did she know I like fabric? This is her place sewslowly
pss I bought this calendar to give to one of you... leave a comment about it if you want to win it!! It's so cute.
UPDATE: I drew names and Shannon won the calendar! Congrats Shannon, hope you enjoy it, and thank you so much for being a constant reader of my blogposts! Cole thanks you! LeeAnna


  1. I just love Cole and his stories! the Swissys always commented on my posts, but the bassets don't do that so much. No idea why.

    Chloe can emphasize with Cole, tomorrow she has a vet appointment. She gets bladder infections and I have to wash her nether parts as often as I can. It takes a battalion of highly trained superheros to hold her down!

    Tomorrow she will also get her toes trimmed. It takes two vets and 3 vet techs to accomplish that task! Which is why I gladly pay for it!

  2. Lounging by the fireplace in a comfy nest sounds pretty good this time of year ;-) We were fairly lucky to get a 45 min morning walk in with temperatures in the 40s and almost no rain today!

    Thankfully our pups are wash-n-go K9s...our girl Missy doesn't mind having her nails trimmed AT ALL, while her brother Buzz is a bit more of a drama's still manageable though ;-)

    That "Maddie on things" calendar looks very cute ~ we love calendars at our pack :-))

  3. Hi!How are you doing ? To much grey days here, hugs

  4. Maddie on Things! What a neat idea for photography! (And I know what you mean about dogs needing baths and a grooming. I've got three of them!)

    --Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats.

  5. Cole, you picked the perfect place... nice and cozy by the fire. Looks like he's asking -Would anyone like to join me?
    Maddy on Things looks fun :-)

  6. LOL about Cole wanting his own iPad (iPawed?) and shaving his, er, bits. Too funny. He looks so adorable curled up in that blue chair! I love Maddie on Things! My sis has the book and it's so cute!

  7. Cole looks like he is king of his castle and he is adorable! Thanks so much for linking up with MCM. My tree is still up too - fingers crossed it gets taken down today! :)

  8. That Cole is one handsome devil when he gets all cleaned up!

  9. OH I WOULD LOVE TO WIN THIS! I love Maddie on Things- she's in my RSS feed and I love seeing all the great pictures. I wish my photos were like that!

  10. Well, I guess I've been missing out. I'm not familiar with Maddie. I'll go look her up. I do need a calendar:) so maybe I'll get lucky and win. I would probably caption Cole's first picture with, "what? I'm reading." To me he looks like his paws are holding the book and he got interrupted :) have a great day! Beth

  11. Maybe Cole was keeping an eye on his toy box by sitting that way.

    As a former dog groomer, I know how gamey these guys can get. LOL.

    Thanks for visiting over at I Love My Chihuahua!

  12. Someone does not want to bothered at the moment ;) Also, I love Maddie on Things!

  13. He looks like he has everything he needs right there in his nest!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets