Monday, January 26, 2015

Making a meal of paper

Cole here, to discuss the value of dining with your people.

This is my  breakfast buddy, Dad. He joins me near my nest each morning where he has a bowl of cereal and I have some yogurt. It's our thing. He can eat people chow each and every morning, same ole thing every day. I on the other hand am more, ahem, discerning.

For instance, since I am on a special kibble from the vet  because of food sensitivities, I have to be careful to eat only the correct amount of kibbles and only I decide what that is.

For instance I almost always leave one to three pieces in the bowl, which keeps my people guessing. "What's wrong with that piece??"

 I know those are for the food goddess. Just to keep the food a comin'

I might be superstitious

It's so sad when the food is gone, don't you agree?? (luckily my duck remains steadfast)

LeeAnna here... Let's DO talk about eating.
Cole has been a wonderful guy, for 12 years.
When he turned 12 he began eating odd stuff, which has bought him a prison sentence of being baby-gated into a smaller area when we leave the house.
He seems to enjoy paper products.

He has begun trolling the coffee table when I leave the room nowadays. Apparently this pad of paper was too enticing to resist.
He always leaves some portion of the item, just so I know what he's been doing. Last year it was a recently finished watercolor painting I especially loved (ate half) a portion of a new roll of TP, Kleenex out of the box, who knows what out in the yard, half a turkey sandwich, napkins, and my precious broken in perfectly dance shoes.

This was the final straw! This got him the prison sentence. See the post here ( Pictures Here )

He used to shrug off my arm waving angry reactions. Better to ask forgiveness than permission. The mommy always eventually forgives. However when I picked up the pad of paper this weekend, and held it down to him, and he sniffed it, he immediately ran to Dad and hid.
The vet has no insight into this.
It is very sporadic.
They have been know to ask on a visit, "what's he eaten?"
I'm sure I don't know. We provide him with expensive dogfood and treats, which he often says he WISHED tasted as good as paper.


  1. Ah, poor baby, he's not getting enough wood pulp in his dog food. You need to buy a cheaper brand, obviously.
    Oscar barks incessantly when his bowl is two-thirds empty - no sense waiting till the last minute to fill that back up again is his motto. A walk in the park is as good as a buffet for him. I scream "drop it" every time his head goes down and once he actually did! But mostly I grab his muzzle, force his mouth open and shake his head until the urpy stuff falls out. So disgusting.
    Oh, look! I just pulled a twist tie out of his mouth. I can never find one when I need one; how does he manage this when I just swept up the kitchen?
    Sigh, just pet the boy for me.

  2. rotflmao
    You are hilarious!
    I yelled drop once, on a walk, and Cole spit out a squirrel he had just caught!!
    Luckily it ran off, punctured but ran off.
    Cole got a visit to the vet.

  3. Our standard poodle used to TP our house, dragging the toilet paper from the roll, when left alone too long. She'd eat it too! Our vet assured us it was ok because toilet paper is made to dissolve these days.

  4. Cole needs more fiber. Maybe a nice bowl of oatmeal? LarryPug prefers mulch. He's a weirdo.

  5. Yep. Got one of those that like cardboard too! Mostly my fault. My other dogs were given the empty tp rolls and paper towel rolls to have something "fun" to destroy, and they were cool with it. This one, now thinks it is her "privilege" and helps herself to anything cardboard. No too bad tho. And she doesn't eat it so that is good. She also loves spools of thread, and THAT one, I did NOT teach her!

  6. I think Cole's just trying to balance the diet LOL

  7. We had a dachshund that loved Kleenex and would break I to purses and trash to eat them. I am so glad you explained that last piece of food in the bowl. Our Kamikaze obviously observes that tradition as well.

  8. Harley loves paper - however... he only shreds it, he never consumes it. I like the yogurt idea in the morning. May have to try that with him one day.

  9. Well, it is something to be known at the vet for your very beautiful and prize winning Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs but now we are known for the Bad Basset Boyz. McGee is the celebrity, having been at the vet for several days at a time for eating things like the silk scarf I was making for the Habitat For Humanity Auction. Yes, a 6 foot scarf that only PARTIALLY came out when he threw up. the remainder cost $1200 to follow it through the rest of the dog. So now the Habitat people know us AND the vet staff knows us. And they all want to know what McGee has eaten lately............

  10. That was a fun post. My kitties are similar, but my dog scarfs up every little bit of food. Nothing is left for the food goddess.

  11. Needs more fiber I guess. (Okay... groan. That was bad.) So odd that he didn't start eating weird things until he got older! Here I thought we were in the clear with Rita since she never eats weird things, but I guess it could hit any day!

    Anyway, Cole - thanks for clueing me in as to why Rita always leaves those one or two pieces of kibble behind! I didn't realize it was an offering in order to keep it coming!

  12. Aww! Look at Cole eating off his plate.... How cute:-)

  13. Bahaha, sounds all too familiar. He's expressing his displeasure with you leaving him. Even for a minute. After all, he IS the king, no? Love the 'leaving 3 kibbles for the food goddess' !! Always enjoy reading what Cole's been up to. Don't they enrich our lives? :-)

  14. our monsters' favorite thing to get into is the trash can. One pulls it over and the other spreads everything around the house and then pees on it. You can bet that the days I forget to firmly shut the pantry (wherein the trashcan lives) are sure a big mess.....

  15. My daughter's cat would lick the glue off of the back of the tape on gifts and boxes...
    Maybe Cole is looking for more chew... or vitamins. Maybe food for older dogs would satisfy, or set out paper you don't mind losing.

  16. I swear Leeanna, you and Cole are so funny - I love your sense of humor!
    Hopefully he will never eat anything that could hurt him.