Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thankful for friends and fabric from friends!

Cole loves Fall  circa 2003

I made this quilt when Cole was a puppy and president of the Stick Relocation Team for our area.

He loved picking up a stick of dried up leaves, and shaking it. Rattle rattle. Then carrying the "carcass" home.

 I painted leaves with acrylic textile paint, pressed them on fabric and appliqued them to the piece.
Metallic threads of course, I have  had a long love affair with shiny-sparkly items. The teeth are hand cut and 3-D. I might make different choices today but I still put this favorite up every year.

Let's talk about Friends and Fabric for a moment. I entered a drawing for 12 FQ of brights on the objects of design and Sally hand picked these lovelies for me including the pink poodle print! I so appreciate her generosity and gift.
 While I'm at it, look at the cool gifts I was given by friends at the Houston Quilt Festival this year.
Nancy at pugmomquilts gave me the fun, and colorful, mug of the patchwork sewing machine, the ultimate power tool. Note, her  furbabies photo

Maggie at funkydiva  gave me the sweet faced file and magnetic clothes pins, currently living on my fridge.

 I gave them an owl pin cushion to remember me by. 

The following fabric was a total surprise and sent to me by my friend
 Janice Paine-Dawes at   Just because we share a love of dogs and fabric, she sent me this piece of reclaimed fabric with art deco poodles. What a treasure!
As the Thanksgiving season is upon us I wanted to say I'm thankful for my blogging and internet friends who are Real and important to me even if I didn't mention you in this post. You know who you are, and I am grateful for the friendships that have developed between us! Love, LeeAnna


  1. What a cheerful and fun addition!

  2. Wow! I love that last b and w fabric! What a great piece. And I love your uquilt of Cole.

    Chloe the Smelly Basset collects pine cones. We have maybe 30 or so in the yard at any given moment. And not one single pine tree! She fits two or three in her mouth and carries them home every night!

  3. Thanks Sweetpea. Quilt Swissy, it was in a box of vintage fabrics and poodles scream Ms. Paylor so into an envelope it went to be whisked away on its journey.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to write these wonderful blogs! I thoroughly enjoy each one of them! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Drew and Cole.

  5. I love it all, but your wall hanging is fabulous!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! XX! Lori

  6. That poodle fabric is great, and you have some lovely fabric-giving friends! Happy Thanksgiving to you, and Drew and Cole.

  7. I LOVE your Cole loves Fall quilt. It is beautiful. Please do a post, showing your home and how you display all your lovely quilts. I think that poodle fabric is fabulous! And congrats on the big fabric win. I'm drooling.
    Pugs and kisses,

  8. Great fabrics! The poodle pattern is great.

  9. The art deco poodle fabric is really neat!

    Also, I love your quilt of puppy Cole.

  10. That tessellated dog fabric is terrific and I love your little quilt of Cole. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  11. Hi Y'all!

    Oh that is beautiful. We love quilts.

    Y'all come on by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  12. Hi LeeAnna!
    Love the mug! Should be on a T-shirt and body warmer/vest!
    Great Autumn quilt!
    Take care,

  13. Hello LeeAnna,

    The quilt of Cole as a puppy in the leaves is absolutely delightful - so much movement and wonderful colours.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Love from England - where it is just an ordinary weekend,