Sunday, November 9, 2014

Houston Quilt Show Shopping-Spree whee!

one of the wonderful miniatures

 This is what it felt like when the shopping floor opened each day!

I apologize I didn't write down the maker of this buffalo work of art that included real buffalo hair and 3-D eyes. Click for detes.

Shopping was such a fun ride! The first night I cruised the 20 plus aisles. I was like a deer in headlights because I love to shop and this was like Disney world.

The first night I bought these beads and tops. I just knew they would be gone if I waited.

 I did choose these two tops and good thing too! They would have been gone by the next day. The one on the right is a stretchy tunic perfect to wear with leggings, and the one on the left is a brilliant teal coat where the hand dye bias bottom swirls around your legs! Score!

The vendors had Halloween candy and samples for the taking and many dressed up to add to the fun. Halloween day they really pulled out the stops. I wore a tasteful silver glitter spider fascinator but I was giggling at the wild costumes. It's like Mardi Gras, in that groups dress alike. The calm ones wear the same t-shirt. The wild groups for example wear a sash with their title (queen of thimbles) and tiaras, or green led dreadlocks. Nothing is too wild.

Eleanor Burns did not need a costume, she's a character all on her own. Her demos and booth were always crowded. See that fan with her face on it?

I just loved this display for some reason. BTW, there was a lot for sale besides quilting needs. Clothing, jewelry, shoes, massagers, mops, furniture and machines. 
I fell in love with the display of old crank singers in the  Suncatcher of Texas booth. I want a featherweight in bright pin, red or yellow one day.

I really need a regular sewing machine first and there was no limit to people willing to help me out of my money and into a new machine!! I resisted as it's a really important decision since they cost more than many cars I've bought.
The vendor's also want people to try their new products and are generous with samples. I was given several spools of thread to try...

And won several spools in the Aurifil booth by playing black jack and roulette.  I love aurifil's smoothness and can now try the thick threads for free! Thanks Aurifil for the Italian accents and the threads.

The long arm and machine people want you to remember them, so they hand out a number of tote bags per day, and these are a few of mine. I'm partial to the shape of the baby lock bag so use it all year for projects.
 After attending two lectures before opening on Saturday, I looked out the window and spied an outdoor craft show. Whee! Off I went to investigate and found a very high quality show. I interviewed this jeweler

(carianne) who told me all about her process and lost wax technique of making delicate meditations jewelry. These are words on silver that you can collect. Like many of us, when she isn't in the zone, she will jumpstart by going into the studio and doing what she's done before to prime the pump. She was a thoughtful approachable artist and very charming to talk to about art making. 
As much as I loved her words in sliver, I had bought this amethyst ring
with gemstone, silver and bronze which DH says will be a perfect Christmas gift. (I'm wearing it every day already)
It has an ingenious way to make it sizable and is made by
Albritton Gallery.

The metler booth had this kit too good to pass up, 12 spools of cotton thread for $8! And a free spool to try! Bonus!
I probably covered the aisles a few times over the four days seeing something different each time.
I was looking at soft fuse and spied a box under a chair that said $4 each item.
I saw a hand dyed tank. When I held it up and decided on the pink, she said, two for $7.50... you can't go wrong there. She was right, I got both and she and I had a lengthy chat about vending and marketing. I learned a lot from her!

And I finally on the last day gave up my vow to not buy fabric because these fat quarters were on sale and called me... sewing items and 50's aprons?!? Blue batik, all on sale! 
Once the resolve was broken, I fell hard for the bargello pattern and fabric here. My new friend Nancy and I both bought yardage to make this together! She lives in MA and here I am in MD but that doesn't matter much. SewSisters will make it happen.
Watch and see, this will show up in both blogs soon! I plan another post with gifts from my friends at the show, and from blogging. I won some fabric from one blogger, was sent poodle fabric from another! I'll post that soon, because we love fabric don't we?? LeeAnna  
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  1. Great buys! I really like the ring. The miniatures look wonderful. Were they for sale, or just on display? I've never been to Houston, but really, really want to get there some year!

  2. Hi LeeAnna!
    I was just wondering if you were able to get and of those tote bags while I was reading your blog when your photo came around! Super!
    What cool stuff you won and bought! Love the fabrics with the aprons and the other with sewing stuff! Must have been fun packing for the trip home!
    Take care,

  3. any....any of those tote bags....

  4. Awesome Blog! Loved looking through all your great buys! I felt like I was shopping alongside of you:-)
    I just can't get over that miniature it! The buffalo quilt is amazing.

  5. Great goodies! The amethyst is my birthstone, but I didn't see that booth.

  6. What a fun post! Thanks for the Sunday afternoon tour of all the goodies.

  7. Poor dear LeeAnna! glad you had fun and bought a lot of stuff!


  8. Thanks for sharing the fun - I too love your amethyst ring.

  9. Thanks for sharing this fun experience and all your treasures with us!!

  10. What a haul ! I just love the fabric with the trees !

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