Thursday, November 20, 2014

Learning is a good thing

Our sewing group took on the study of the book  
Inspirations in Design for the creative quilter (K.Masopust)
We decided there would be more of a chance of us actually doing the exercises if we did them together!

Laughter ensues.

We led each other through the first exercise after arranging the white items to be drawn. Oh yes we're artists despite no one wearing a beret and some of us drawing like a 4 year old (me)
We all had paper, pencils and mat corners with which to crop an image we liked.

We got through several sketch-without-looking-while-listening-to-jazz exercises and my personal  outcome?? well... I didn't love the process or the outcome on my sheet. I do like sketching especially in this setting where I am among friends who are too busy trying to keep up to judge my weird offerings.
When tired we took it in turns to move the items around the table.

Yeah that's why it isn't working, it's the arrangement!

After lunch, the weekly highlight of our meetings, we resumed looking at that white still life but this time only using squares and rectangles to interpret the scene.

Hold the presses!!

I like doing this! I LIKE my drawings and the process and what I see. Then we tried it with only triangles. I kind of liked the drawings but again found I liked the process.
Sometimes if it's new, and not so fun, if you just keep going it gets better! LeeAnna

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  1. The one and only art class I ever took I worked on a drawing for days of this still life. I turned it in, the teacher wadded it up and threw it away and told me it was crap, try again. I was so angry I drew a picture of the same still life in about 15 minutes. It was great, got an A. I always remember him telling me I tried to over think it too much. Just go with how I feel.

  2. Hi LeeAnna,
    A change is as good as a rest is what my mother used to say to me, a lot!
    take care,
    Great to hear you were able to see Red Brolly at Houston! I've done a few of theit sticheries!