Thursday, November 27, 2014

Baby Blue Stained glass blocks

These are my stained glass blocks in baby blues, for this month's color from the RSC (link)
The picture isn't very dramatic but they look good in person. I have to admit, using only one color of only one colorway is not my preferred way to use colors.
I like to explore a color from light to dark, mixing visual texture. This has been a good exercise for me as it's not my usual way of doing things.
Do you agree that it's good to stretch oneself? To try things a new way? To allow a challenge to put parameters on your sewing which make you do things differently? I think there's value in that.
See my tutorial on how to construct this stained glass block HERE!  and more of my little tutorials here

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  1. Hi LeeAnna!
    Always fun to try something new! Sewing, fabrics, plants or recipes!
    That will be quite the Stained Glass quilt! Looking great!

  2. I really like these and the idea of stained glass blocks ! :)

  3. Oh my!!! I love those stained glass blocks!!!! Must have some of my own!!!

  4. I am always trying something new since I've only been quilting for a year. I've not tried stained glass blocks yet but yours look great and it looks like a good way of highlighting the fabrics. Visiting via TGIFF.

  5. Lee Anna - always good to stretch oneself and do new things. Great for the mind. Sometimes doing new things helps me remember old things that I forgot, which is kinda sad, but that's why we need to keep learning. Love your stained glass.

  6. Beautiful shades of blue. So glad you stretched yourself.

  7. I enjoy the challenges that have enough criteria to narrow down possibilities considerably. To make something good out of what seemed impossible is exhilarating. I have to discipline myself away from joining too many.

  8. I love the way this looks. Stained glass quilts are so pretty. Great job!

  9. I also like to work with more than one color at the same time, but it's great to challenge yourself and try different things because you never know what you like or what you may learn doing things in a different way!
    Thanks for sharing your project at MOP Monday!! :)