Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Houston Quilt Festival '14 post one

I'm really here! What a show!

Going to the Houston Quilt Show (IQA) is a big deal. It's a BIG show. I arrived Wednesday afternoon.

I had lunch and checked into my room, then made a game plan. Wednesday night is preview night with two hours extra for members. This means I got up early for the flight, and stay at the show til closing at 10 PM so I won't miss anything, grabbing lunch and dinner along the way like a pony express rider grabbed a mail bag! 
First order of business was to renew my membership then meet my new friend Nancy at pugmomquilts so we could visit a bit before the party started. 
I am not this fat, I swear
We are two fun-loving quilters who are ready to hit the aisles running! 
I will show you a few pictures if I remembered to get the maker's names. 
The show plan for me, being there for four days, is to balance seeing quilts and exhibits, meeting with friends I only see at this show, meeting new friends and being social, hearing lectures, and shopping. When my eyes get tired of stuff like the pet exhibit:  

Chloe a la Klimt by Helena Scheffer. Only one of the fabulous quilts I looked at many times. This is only one of about 40 special exhibits that share space in the hall with the actual competition quilts. 
The first evening most of the really big prize winners are standing next to their quilts and talking to us about their process. If you know me at all, you know I like to talk to artists about their process. I took a lot of time to chat with many of them. They deserve their own post later. That one will be on people I met. There will be a post on loot I bought and won too. 
So I spent a good amount of time the first night chatting with the winners, scanning the layout of the exhibit area including in full bloom, hands all around, The Beatles challenge, miniatures, doll clubs, and shopping. 
The energy in the room is high with everyone excited. This is a picture of the miniature exhibit, incredibly intricate teeny little buildings like:
 I got in big trouble trying to give you some scale...

 That's my finger on the left. Each little vignette was more intricate and tiny than the last. There was a doll exhibit behind this one. 
I'm telling you folks, each exhibit was enough by itself but all together is totally overwhelming. 
I know I must have wandered around with a dazed look on my face. Here is one more close up of that little green house in the first pic...each bolt is about a half inch.

The wearables were awesome as usual. I hope you can click on the pic to read the maker's name. I know I should do it but.
The wearable exhibit was striking and started a lot of conversations. 
I have so many pictures of awesome quilts to share with you, here are a few examples and I encourage you to click on them for exquisite details
 Dutch Morning by Vicki Bohnhoff

 Moody Beach, Maine by Margot McDonnell

Red Sunflower by Susan Bianchi
 Seneca by Ferret

Here's looking at you looking at my blog... Introspection by Jan Reed
More tomorrow!
 LeeAnna ( tired but inspired)


  1. Thank you Lee Anna for posting these amazing pictures. I have been seeing a lot of the 'Introspection' quilt, it is stunningly beautiful and my favorite of all images of IQF from this year. I had no idea there were so many other-than-quilting exhibits. The miniatures exhibit interest me especially. Can't wait for your other posts.

  2. Except for the miniatures, I didn't see any of the stuff you posted! Thanks for another perspective. More, please?

  3. Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures. I can't wait for more to come... The miniatures look really cool. I agree the pet quilts would have been my favorite, so fun.

  4. Hi LeeAnna, It was fun meeting you! I thought I saw every quilt, but you showed a couple that I must have missed. The button quilt was Red Sunflower by Susan Bianchi. I tried to take a photo of the sign for each quilt that I took, but I'm sure I missed some, too I l also loved that button one. It must have weighed a ton. I still haven't started blogging about the show, Hopefully tomorrow.

  5. The miniatures are amazing! Thanks for sharing your photos.

  6. Hi LeeAnna!
    4 days at Houston! Wow! The beginning looks great!
    That must have needed a lot of energy! Hop you left with a bit of creative energie!
    You won stuff there too!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your experience!
    Take care,

  7. Thanks for posting these, LeeAnna. It's no surprise that you posted many that I didn't even see! (So much to see, so little time.) I appreciate your time and efforts to share, I know from experience how much work goes into processing and posting these pictures!

  8. I'm back!
    Just wanted to enjoy the photo's again!
    Take care,

  9. Thank you sooo much for sharing the sights!

  10. Your picture of the pet exhibit has my quilt in it! Glad you enjoyrd the festivsl. I alwsys find new inspiration.

  11. Wow, Thanks for sharing! I really loved the Red Sunflower! Sounds like so much fun!!

  12. Drool!!! You know me; those mini fabric shops set my imagination on fire!!!

  13. Freya Rose Blossom sends her luvs :-) x

  14. Oh my! What a wonderful experience to get to go. The few quilts you shared here are AMAZING. Thanks you so much for sharing at Inspire Us Thursday!