Sunday, June 15, 2014

Use up our Fabric? BwaaaHaHaaaa!

I am a big fan of fabric.
I have a little story to tell about meeting an internet friend  in person yesterday... I am a member of quiltart online fiber artists from around the globe. This love of fabric is universal!
Two of us met at my local guild quilt show, and got a chance to connect in person after months of emails. We took a chance and it paid off! More about meeting people tomorrow!
After we looked at quilts together, we talked about our collective stashes. 

We decided, absolutely no fabric purchases today!

After all we have so much it's hard to find a particular fabric when we want it.

Surely we have what we "need" by now!
I can't even squeeze new fabric into the existing bins at this point!

It's right now, overflowing baskets waiting to be filed with it's peeps.

It's a colorful sculpture in the way!

It is an avalanche waiting to happen!
It's eeked over into the family room!

It's a colorful testament to my taste!

It is choices, a palette, comfort and excitement!
Back to yesterday's story. We could buy trims, threads, jewelry but really, no more fabric. And we supported each other in our resolve. Until...

we bought more fabric. My purchase was the basket of two hand dyed half yards, total $7 in the members' store. What a find!! Had to get it!!

Admit it... you'd have bought it too!
Now where is it going to live??


  1. Such a timely post! I spent too much time yesterday trying to find storage for new fabric purchases. I don't think I'll ever use up all the fabric I have, but I can't stop buying more!

  2. You would be regretting it if you had not bought it. I always make exceptions with great deals because eventually they do get used. Well done!

  3. Hi LeeAnna!
    I think there is a formula that calculates the amout of fabric stash needed to the amout of creative projects that get started and completed! In your case you would be in the min. That being positive! Meaning theres more fabric allowed! LOl! Where you put the fabrics is not calculated in the formula! There are worse addictions in life than being addicted to fabric! You make great choices! Have fun!
    Take care,

  4. I'm a great believer in buying fabric when I see it. My lqs burnt down over Christmas and I would have been lost without my stash. You never know what's round the corner xx

  5. I definitely would have bought it! I tell myself there are worse vices to have than being a fabric hoarder (whore?). I will never use up all that I have and my niece and nephews will just have to deal with it when I go to the big quilt shop in the sky.

  6. Oh you know we all would have! However, I must say I am doing good on using up my stash...haven't bought any fabric for quilting so far this year that went into my stash. Oh wait..yeah I did. Broadcloth was on sale for $1.99 a yard and I use that for binding and "junk" fabric (For when I need to make a trial piece) so I got a yar d of 5 different colors! Does that count as stash? LOL! FOund you on Bee Social!

  7. I figure with every quilt that goes out the door I can get at least that much more fabric ~ right? Plus because you don't want to come up a fat quarter short on the next project, oh an yeah I can always use some more low volume!

  8. Too funny. The scraps will never be gone : ) Sometimes making a second quilt is easier than finding room for the scraps!!

  9. I've only been to one quilt show and that was last year, the one hosted by the guild I am in.
    However, no, you can not pass up the member's sales booth! My hubby gave me $75 to spend and I spent most of it in the member's booth.