Saturday, June 21, 2014

Use up our fabric, take two

We talked about resolves to stop purchasing so much fabric.

That is just crazy talk!! I was visiting some blog friends linked to the rainbow challenge, and realized, really realized, that we will not use up our fabric stash ever. We will have a good time trying...but we will always have a pile of fabric, with it's care and feeding requirements. That's the way it is.
We are collectors.

Some people collect old cars, some collect beanie babies. We like fabric.
The question becomes, will you allow yourself to use it? At what point do you have so much that it's hard to locate the one you want? What role does organization play in your collection? Do you find you are constantly having to reorganize and spend more time folding and refolding than using it? If that clean sweep tv show ever showed up at the front door, would you let them in or slam the door?? (I would NEVER let him near my sewing space!!)

We will never use it all up. When we go looking for a certain tone, or pattern, it will be there waiting for us. It may be playing hide and seek but it's there. When a friend says they are looking for a certain fabric from ten years ago, we know we have it and share. In the middle of a project we drag out the blue drawer/box/bin and have a lot of choice for a border. We now shop in our own sewing rooms!

We may run across certain fabric lines that sing to us, a siren song of longing, so enticing we must have a piece of each in that line, so the manufacturers pander to us with layer cakes and jelly rolls.Sweet stuff.

Imagine, we decide to make a black and white quilt, start the collection of fat quarters, use a small piece of each in a bed quilt, and viola! Instant leftovers to store!

We will never use it all up... Thank Goodness!
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