Friday, June 20, 2014

pieced circle tute--part two

This is a continuation of the pieced circles tutorial.  See part one:   just click here! 

 after turning back the fabric over the FP, then run a small amount of glue stick over the fabric and
hold it over your focus circle, already cut in the previous step.

Make sure it's perfect as this will be how it looks after sewing!
After looking at the back and making sure the focus circle covers your clipped edge opening, give this a quick press with an iron to set.
At this point, I get a number of them ready for sewing by the machine. It's a fast process from here!
Next thing we'll do is stitch. 

 Lay the block face up, gently pull back the background to look at the FP. Place needle right next to the FP, which will be through the two layers of fabric only.

 Keep the background gently pulled out of the way to the left, and use a slightly shorter stitch length. If you have auto needle down, use it. Sew slowly around next to the FP, being careful not to catch the background.

When you sew completely around the circle, you are free to gently pull the FP out, and it usually comes out intact. Press the block flat and you are done.


  1. This looks really easy, but you lost me. I got the background clipped and glued to the FP, But Whats going on with the circle, and how is it stitched in?? Sorry to be so confused. Amy

    1. okay, you've already cut the circle of fabric to show thru the circle. Another bit of glue on the folded back edge, lay on your precut circle to show thru, take to machine block face up, gently pull back a corner of the background leaving FP showing. Insert machine needle next to FP, sew around which is sewing thru the two fabrics only. Pull off paper and press. email me if you have questions!

  2. "piecing circle tut" got my attention! I'm always wanting to make circles and after reading your tut...feel a bit more confident to try!

  3. Thank you LeAnne, that is more clear, I think this is going to be EASY!!! I love using circles in my designs. I had a great time at the coast on a 3 day art quilting retreat!!! I hope you have as much fun with your quilting.

  4. Great method. Will try it out tomorrow. Thanks!

  5. Hi from Tuesday archives. I read every tutorial on circles--kinda like recipes, them start to follow and mix and match.

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