Thursday, June 5, 2014


I was out on the back porch last evening, and realized I haven't sketched in a long time. I craved color, so I went looking for these...
These two paintsticks are so much nicer to me, than Shiva, which has metallic colors, but the smell gives me a terrible headache.
This book has some plastic texture sheets, and I got if from the Nat'l Gallery of Art in DC.
I got out some muslin, and it's the cheap thin kind too. I put down some freezer paper on a foam core palette, to hold in my lap while sitting in our little haven, come see it HERE!

Recently I posted a photo transfer onto fabric of this fountain. I started by just drawing a fountain, then leaves (that aren't there in real life) and then got out the textured plates to see what could happen.

There was time and fabric left, so I drew some spirals for fun...
which turned into this snail. I would never have been able to just draw a snail, or it would have looked like a pictionary one at best. But I just started swirling color, then more color and saw the snail coming out! Then I smeared in a body and texture plated around him. I think the rubbings look like ferns.
You know what came next...

a poodle. next to a tree, all done with rubbing plates. In green orange and pink.

Of course.
You are supposed to leave them to cure for a day but I just couldn't wait a moment past noon the next day to cut them apart and press to set the color.

These are oil paints, so you need to use a pressing sheet. I started with paper, then used more muslin and a hot iron.

They are still kind of wrinkly but when I decide just how to use them, they will get really pressed.
I think my portable design wall (shown not opened up) makes it look like an art show!! How fun! I might put three of them together in the same quilt.

Or do separate ones. What do you think?

The little fan on the bottom, was to be an underwater fan, and will still be. I,er, sliced it off accidentally in my glee and haste, but it can still be fused back together. No Worries!
Here is the view, with the supervisor showing me his back.
Everyone's a critic.


  1. They look like they belong together--maybe Cole found a snail on his walk...and the tale goes on from there! The texture plates are a good addition to the drawings.

  2. Hi LeeAnna!
    Like the colour! Love the snail! That's my work logo!
    The view you have is great! So relaxing ann interesting!
    Put them all in the same quilt! Great impact!
    Take care,

  3. A fountain?? I saw a man sitting down with his arms around his knees wearing a sort of sombrero hat. These paintsticks and texture plates look very interesting! I came over from Jo's country junction.

  4. Oops! I mean from confessions of a fabric addict from jos country junction.