Wednesday, June 11, 2014

stained glass block

I opened the yellow scrap bin  and this happened!!
 The color of the month over at  superscrappy  is yellow. I am doing some stained glass blocks each month in their chosen color, all from my scrap bins. I believe a quilt is much more interesting if you mix different tones, as well as different values. Greenish yellow, brownish yellow, butter yellow, all in light to dark.
I made this block from instructions given by two women in my quilt guild for our president's quilt.
 Here are the cutting measurements for their block.
 The block in yellows...
each block at this stage measures 7.5"

Choose a mix of different tones in light, medium and dark of your chosen color. I choose fabrics with a blurry pattern, so they will feel kind of like glass. A lot depends on the size of the scraps!
Instructions for each block :
From your colors cut:
 three @  2.5 inch squares
 two   @  5" by 3 3/4"  (3.75")
From black cut a 1 inch strip and from that cut:
one 7.5 by 1"    one 5" by 1"    and two 2.5" by 1"

 Lay out your pieces like this to see if you like the colors.

Sew them in rows as usual, the two top ones to the black strip. The three little squares to the black strips.

Press firmly to the black strip which makes it stand up a bit like the lead in stained glass.  The seams will meet in the center. It should finish at one half inch wide. Press also from the top and check that size.
 Sew the center black strip to each half of the block and press the seams firmly to the black strip again. Press from the top at the end to really make sure there is still a half inch of black showing.
--- the block should measure 7.5" at this stage.
I haven't decided how to set mine yet, but my two quilt guild members, Lynn and Jeanne, sewed a 1" black strip to the entire outside of each block, making each block an inch larger around.
See all the pretty colors so far?? The colors of the month have been, teal, green, blue, pink, purple and now yellow. I love color!


  1. Hi LeeAnna!
    Thanks for sharing the pattern! Wow! The yellow scraps look great!
    That will be quite a task deciding on a stained glass look that you like and sewing it all together! Have fun!
    Take care,

  2. These blocks look terrific, especially with all of them together. It'll be fun to see which layout you finally choose. Thanks for posting the instructions.

  3. It is making a lovely quilt.

  4. This is going to be an amazing quilt!

  5. This is going to be fabulous quilt. It really does look like stained glass (reminds me very much of the stained glass from the church of my childhood). I love the arrangement with all the yellows together -- I'm eager to see the final arrangement as it comes together.

    As always, thanks for linking up at Inspire Us Thursdays!

  6. Thanks for posting the block instructions. I never make blocks like this anymore, but this one and the color idea are very inspiring. Your quilt is going to look fabulous, no matter which setting you finally choose. Love it!

  7. I am really liking the last pic of your stained glass quilt-and thanks for sharing your block!

  8. What great colors! The black is such a nice contrast to all the happy scrappiness. Love them all together.

  9. What beautiful colors. Perfect block idea for a RSC and thank you for sharing the pattern. I may steal your idea for next year's scrap challenge.

  10. Gorgeous blocks - they just pop against that black don't they?