Friday, June 6, 2014

paintsticks plus quilting

 A little batting and quick free motion quilting with halogram threads, then decide on background and placement...
 This whimsical purple flowery fabric has found it's way into several of my quilts. I just love it and have yardage, so I don't have to weigh the "quilt-worthy-ness" in each situation! I might not cut with abandon, but I do cut into it.
 Each little piece has been quilted with batting only and mylar threads so even if you can't see the sparkle it's there making me happy.

I'm now trying to decide how to box these in, maybe binding each in a bright fuchsia then applique onto the quilted background.
It's not for anything special, but it's fun and bright and easy since there is no place for it to go but my wall.
My widdle poodle looks a bit like Elphaba, no?


  1. Your thread painting makes them even better! Can't decide which is my favorite, the snail or the poodle. Elvis and LarryPug are voting for the poodle. Romeo is asleep downstairs.

  2. What fun! Your thread painting really makes them come alive. I just read your last blog. I had never heard of those products before. I will have to check them out.

  3. When I read the word paintsticks, I knew I was in for some fun creativity here, and you did not disappoint. What a fun project!

  4. wow so pretty, I love the poodle, it is too cute. I wish I had the talent to thread paint, but I do good to meander.

  5. Such versatility! Your paintings were good, but the stitching enhancement has made them beautiful. I like the cheeky snail.

  6. You are always up to such fun, creative stuff! I am a smidge jealous! :-)

  7. Oh my goodness! These are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thanks so much for linking up xx