Thursday, September 14, 2023

I LIke Thursday # 367

welcome to this week's list of likes.... starting with painting! I love painting and color on paper! More paintings on Saturday's creativity round up, please come see my portraits then!

Fall is coming soon, I hope, since it's still quite hot for September in the mile high...

 I got out the kitchen towels for Halloween... I have a number of so cute towels that are fun to see...

and baked oat flour/pumpkin muffins for breakfast

all three of us can eat these! Am I the only one who likes a mix of peanut butter and maple syrup? spread on a hot muffin

can't remember where I got this recipe, sorry

I keep collected recipes that I've made, in a notebook... we find it very useful. In this was also the chocolate chip/cherry brownies recipe we also made...

so good we wanted more!

I tried making my own whipped cream for the first time... and success! 

I'll help clean up!

Milo was very interested in the whipped cream and offered to help clean the whisk, in fact not knowing if it would be stable tomorrow to use, we gluttonously tried to eat the rest too. We tried keeping a couple tablespoons overnight and it was fine next day. 

I used 3/4 heavy cream (that's all we had) 4 TBSP of confectioners sugar and almond extract. Apparently you start slow with the mixer, move up to med fast (Not fastest setting) and keep close watch for peaks. Too long and you get butter! 

I loved these recipes found on youtube this week....

 deli salad secrets

and here is a video on deli style cole slaw  from a guy who worked at NY Deli's

OOooo I need to try these 7 quick healthy salad dressings...they all sound delish

if it doesn't open here, the link:


audio books: 

Ebook: 3rd in series of Edwina and Beryl private investigators

Murder Cuts the Mustard - Ellicott, Jessica


never stop dancing, you're never never too old!  (a short video)

I'm back on the baby orangutan school videos... watched a lot this week. 

Happy to say Survivor and Amazing race return in a couple weeks.  We have shows we both watch on netflix and ACORN, but the new season of Virgin River is starting again... love that scripted show on netflix. Big Brother.... anyone watching want to chat? Project runway ended. SLC real housewives just began...  and it's fun. 

Sewing a lot, finished this last week:post with more pics was last Saturday

knitting is fun, knitting the foot of DH's  sock now. Love the soft wool feel as I work

LOVED getting to talk to several friends this week, Diane in Texas on phone, Lane in Tampa on FT, and Joy on zoom! Thank you one and all for the friendships! 

Milo is suffering with ears again... afraid it might be food as they flared up after having some Salmon last weekend... sad... 

Okay, that's about enough, so please visit these folks to see their lists of likes, and join us sometime!

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easyweimaraner said...

oooh yes, it is THAT time again pumpkins and coleslaw...aaaah so great!! thanks for the recipes, they sound super!!!

Cloudia said...

I love your painting at the top! And Milo of course

Sara said...

I love pumpkin in baking - bread, muffins, etc. Don't like it in coffee. I haven't baked any pumpkin goodies yet this fall. I'm excited for Survivor to start. Just began reading a new-to-me series by Fern Michaels.

Poor Milo! My daughter's bulldog had lots of allergies too.

Home Sewn By Us said...

Good morning, LeeAnna! Oh, what fun towels for Halloween! My littles would really like them and the "muppins" as Chasey calls them. Oh gosh, I love coleslaw. I will definitely give that recipe a try! I'm excited for Survivor and Amazing Race to start again, soon. We've been watching Big Brother - ooh, Cam is miffed! I'm so sorry that Milo is having ear issues again. You would think salmon would be okay for him to eat. Take care of yourself! {{{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Those muffins look yummy! Anything with pumpkin... I should watch the video about homemade salad dressings, too - it would be good to branch out from the bottled ones we're always stuck on! Milo, hope your ears get better soon!

Brian's Home Blog said...

Your art is very pretty! WOW, that muffin sure looks great and Milo, that creamy stuff is pretty good, or so I hear. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

Brian's Home Blog said...

Dang, I'm not sure I said, but just in case, thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

grammajudyb said...

Your paint and ink art is wonderfully! I’ve been craving pumpkin something! Those muffins might just be “it”! I’ve not mixed map,e syrup and peanut butter, but I’d give it a try! Hey, my brother likes peanut butter on his BLT!! I’m off to check out those recipes.

Joanne said...

Peanut Butter and Maple syrup sound sweet :)
After leaarning about the availability of Marmite and peanut butter combined in one jar in England I had to give it a go myself. It' took a few tries to get the quantities right but it tased good !

Annie said...

Sorry to hear about Milo’s ears.....Milly sympathises cos she really loves chicken but can’t eat it because it upsets her tummy.
Hugs, Annie x

PaintedThread said...

Fresh whipped cream is the best! The muffins and brownie look delicious.

Kathleen said...

Oh, poor Milo. I do love those muffins and found them a MamaGourmand and downloaded it! Lovely flower painting - just divine!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sorry I'm late visiting. Your muffins look good. Not sure if you knew or did this, but when you whip cream, you chill everything, including the bowl and beaters before you make it.

I love both macaroni and potato salads, but I never use mayo. I'm allergic to it. Sounds like Milo and I both have problems if we eat the wrong food. I hope his ears get better soon.

Hope all is well in your world, dear LeeAnna.

Michelle said...

I have also been in the muffin making mood. For some reason I really like them in the fall. Thanks for linking up and have a great week.