Tuesday, January 26, 2021

t is for Tuesday, M is for muffins


Joining my friends at T is for Tuesday today... 

It's snowing today, a fine snow that falls... not blowing sideways as usual. It's a portrait of winter to me.

Today I have to make another batch of iced tea.... I steep 6 bags (half decaf green) to make two quarts for us to have with the week's lunch.

I have to finish my third challenge quilt for the week

it's going to be a table runner made from the pink scrap bin. I plan to do curvy edges, and appliqued flowers and a heart. It is the kind of quilt that symbolizes the importance of each one of us to the whole... each 2" finished square is small but brings different color to the whole, each one is strengthened by the others, each one is integral to the whole piece, and together they make something of beauty. Just like citizens of the world... each one of us is important to the group, and each one of us can bring beauty to the world, or if they fray and pull away the whole life quilt is affected. 

 I just finished a wonderful audio book and glory be! There is another one in series to reserve at the library! Can't wait to continue the story!

The Little Shop of Found Things - Brackston, Paula
Secrets of the Chocolate House - Brackston, Paula

the story is that a woman who is sensitive to objects and their owners from the past traveled back in time to solve a mystery case.

On TV, There has been a BBC remake of All Creatures Great and Small... I loved the older series and am enjoying the current one, with the one drawback of casting for Tristan... they cast the guy who played the gun happy younger brother in the Durells in Corfu... miscast in my opinion as he is distracting to the story. Still.. worth watching. (and reading the real life books written by the actual vet)

I've been baking and want to share these


I had bananas. I had pumpkin. I had a desire for a good breakfast muffin and these are the best ever muffins I've ever made!

Of course I changed the recipe a bit. I used 1 cup of whole wheat flour instead of all white flour. 

 I used half brown and half white sugar

I added in some fresh (frozen) orange peel

I adjusted the heat/time for high altitude cooking. 

I'm turning into a cook... 

 Finally, I've enjoyed watching this man play music for his whole ranch of critters

I have watched a lot of videos of this rancher playing his guitar and singing for his donkey Hazel but this video made me really smile... some people are critter whisperers

 If T is for Chooseday... please choose to wear a mask and stay back from others. Reports are showing that having the virus causes 1/8 to have permanent neurological problems after recovery. Things like mental illnesses, strokes, dementia, as well as lung scaring. It's no joke. 

Those of you in America who don't want to wear a mask and believed this was a hoax, it's not. You're endangering me with your denial of it's danger. To the wonderful people reading this who are doing all you can to stop the spread... Thank you...

Happy Tuesday y'all

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  1. muffins & tea the perfect idea for winter

  2. All Creatures Great and Small - some of my favorite books and TV series from past years. Such wonderful stories of real people. Love that pink piece you have started - wavy edges plus applique has my attention. We finally have some sunshine here but expect more grey skies the rest of the week.

  3. sweet shot of your pup :)
    Love your pink quilting-a fave color of mine! I forgot to watch All Creatures Great and Small but I'll try and catch up. Thanks for sharing your delicious muffin recipe. Happy T day!

  4. Ooh, warm muffins on a snowy day sounds heavenly!

  5. Your muffins look yummy!
    I read the Little Shop of Found things several years ago when it first came out. I had no idea there was another book in the series. I am going to have to check it out.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Tea Day,

  6. Hi LeeAnna! Those muffins look delicious as does that coffee. Thanks for linking up today! ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Wintery snow :) must be nice. Our highs have been in the 70s lol I loved the original All Creatures Great and Small, too, and am enjoying this remake. I didn't really understand why they remade it, since the original is still perfectly watchable... but I'm liking it. Those muffins look delicious! I love opossums and am always thrilled when they show up on our patio. It's a rare treat.

    I've heard doubling masks might help, so I'm going to start wearing 2 at a time of my disposable ones.

    Happy T Tuesday!

  8. It was gray and overcast up north. No snow though!Thanks for the link to the pumpkin banana muffins! I’ve been craving a “yummy”! I think that might just help! I’m anxious to see your pink “ Table Scraps”! I’m sure it will be fabulous!

  9. Oh my, muffins are a wonderful start of the day along with a cup of coffee... thanks for recipe! i also sub flours for the all purpose white and found i like coconut flower in muffins as well as bran!
    i love C.A.'s guitar music and animal videos too!! love how Alice seems to hug him as he strums and sings. pure love!!

  10. The horrible segment of our American society that insists that masks destroy their freedom, and then go on to try to kill our elected officials ... what a situation! I hope that the new administration creates new norms for dealing with the pandemic. So far, it's promising.

    be safe... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  11. Howdy Milo! Boy those muffins look good. Yes, we again, wear the masks. We now have 5 friends who have Covid in just the last week.

  12. That photo of Milo really made me smile. Dogs are just great friends. And the video made me smile too. I love the opossum on his shoulder. So how do you get those squares to all be the same size after you cut them? I can't seem to accomplish that. And those muffins sounds delicious. I the idea of combining both banana and pumpkin. Hope T day is going well. Hugs-Erika

  13. Your coffee with Milo looks wonderful. I don't drink iced tea, except in summer, but I'm glad to read about yours and it makes for an extra tea inspired T post, too.

    I agree with Mae about the pandemic. I even wear a mask when I go out to my mailbox which is attached to my front porch.

    I'm enjoying the PBS show All Creatures. I see it's a remake, but never saw the first one or the Corfu series you talked about, so Tristan doesn't have any prior fault with me. I have Passport because I'm a PBS member, so I can see all seven in this series. I can see all the rest before they show. I'm digging Miss Scarlet and the Duke. I LOVE that she's one of the first private detectives in England. But, I always LOVE a good mystery and these are wonderfully put together. For once, I didn't figure out in advance what was going on, either.

    Gosh, LeeAnna, you have made me very hungry for one of those muffins. In fact, anything sweet would be great about now.

    Thanks for sharing your pink quilt runner, your BBC choice, your plea for masks, and your coffee and iced tea with us for T this Tuesday, dear.

  14. I'm AMAZED some people STILLLL think its a hoax & not real. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE. (I say that at least 3 times a day)... my cousin STILL has troubles with her memories due to COVID. Scary stuff

  15. I like cinnamon stick tea hot. It is a cup of comfort during Winter, and would pair nicely with those delicious muffins. Your quilt is beautiful and I enjoyed the story of its creation. Take care and Happy T Day

  16. I'm working on a pink table topper for "Table Scraps" for a small square table right inside our front door. I quilted the center block today and will tackle the border tomorrow. Those muffins look good. I haven't made muffins in years. I'll have to look for the cinnamon stick tea. Sounds like it would be good in iced tea. I usually make mine with peach or raspberry or sometimes both. We're waiting to be called for our vaccine, but there isn't any available in NY right now. There are 7 million people in NY eligible and the state is only allocated 300,000 doses a week but they don't seem to be getting that amount. All we can do is stay home and wait and wear a mask when out.

  17. Hi LeeAnna,
    That's a great idea for a table runner !
    yes, we're wearing masks and most Dutch also.
    Happy for you that there is a good muffin recipe that works :)
    Have fun altering the ingredients !

  18. I haven't seen All Creatures Great and Small. I need to look for it. I'll be making sweet potato muffins and having tea today. Thank you for the recipe for your pumpkin and banana muffins. I don't have the ingredients in the house for these.

  19. I see where your appliqué will go. Love the plan. We could use a pink table runner. February is a difficult month to slog through and pink cheers it up.
    I’m watching All Creatures, too. Didn’t make the connection about the actor. Tristan was frustrating in the book, too. And thanks for the book suggestion.

  20. I like that new pink project; isn't pink a glorious colour with which to work in January? I also LOVE the opossum video! There was one in our yard last week, and Rufus ran right up to it, but he didn't hurt it thank god. I went out and checked after my husband got Rufus back in the house, and it was all I could do NOT to scoop it up and bring it in the house to sleep on my bed, ha! Good to know on All Creatures; the books are wonderful, and I watched a few of, and thoroughly enjoyed, the original episodes.

  21. Oh! What a sweet face. Reckon you have food there?
    Oh, and cinnamon, healthy and yummy. Love your quilt and the ideas / history behind it. And time travel! Do you know "Quantum Leap", I love that series (DVD).
    OK. Just yesterday I thought about making Pizza muffins again. Reckon this is a hint! But, oh. I have a peeled orange in the fridge. And carrots!
    Yes someone I know lost (hopefully not permanently) taste after having had the virus. Not a joke at all. Mean flu/virus indeed.

  22. What a sweet expression on your dog's face. Did you visit Jo yet? Coinicidentally she made a grid square journal page for T this wee. Your quilt in process is lovely.

    I love the "All Creatures Great and Small" books and we enjoyed the TV series as well. We'll have to see if we can view the new BBC series.

    Thank you for the recipe link and tips. I just printed it out.

    Happy T-day! Stay safe, warm and well. Hugs, Eileen

  23. Love those pinks on your quilt! We enjoyed the new version of 'All Creatures Great and Small' especially as we know the village where it was filmed. Your muffins look delicious! I am definitely with you on every wearing masks but I do wish that some folk don't use that as an excuse to attend large gatherings!! A very belated Happy T day, Chrisx