Friday, January 8, 2021

paint party Friday


It's Friday, and the day  I share what I've drawn or painted this week. 

Like most  Americans I've been shaken to my core with the attempted coup to take over our democracy, but like most artists I sought solace in creativity. 

It's not much to show you but it's a sign of wanting to express myself.  It is just a doodle on my weekly calendar now passe as it is from 2020. 

Taking respite from the news, I also toured a few videos on how to view famous painter's work

I painted on fabric one evening and began a small collage with fabric around her. 

I  used ink and pencil, on scraps of muslin. I find  painting images on fabric to be a different challenge to paper as substrate. The ink bonds immediately and there is little you can change. 

I could throw any fabric paintings away that didn't come out like I wished, but correcting a line is not possible. I can shade over some areas and stitching can change a look, but once an action is taken it's not easy to undo. 

Like life, some actions and words cannot be taken back or covered up.

So like life, I consider these exercises a lesson in the "now"  and after a day I look at them and decide what worked, what didn't work, what  I like or don't, and what to do with the piece. Like all my ladies, I never know what she will look like... I do not plan them, I start with eyes but the nose defines them. 

The most I can do is add to them, but you can't take away their spirits

On this one I like the shading around her neck, and her shoulders. I like her hair and the applique flower in it. Her eyes are haunting but something is amiss with her lips. We are all different and none perfect.

today is Stephen Hawking's birthday and here is a quote by him:

He said: “For millions of years, mankind lived just like the animals. Then something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination. We learned to talk and we learned to listen.”

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off the wall Fridays 

can I get a whoop whoop Fridays


  1. it looks grrrreat!!! love the olor and the positive touh it sends to us O)

  2. Love your art. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  3. It would be good if we all talked less and listened more. Love the purple hair.

  4. I think your ink and pencil drawing looks pensive, but hopeful—perhaps how many of us are felling today.

  5. Lovely art! Lots going on in your country.

  6. Your art is a great way to let it loose. We always did like that Stephen Hawking dude, we miss his smarts.

  7. That's a nice piece with haunting eyes!! :) Steven Hawking's quote is great...yet I still believe that most of humanity hasn't really learned to listen yet. :)

  8. Love your fabric portrait. It's just beautiful!

  9. Love that you used purple. That is such a royal color. The face on the fabric is wonderful. Have a nice weekend.

  10. I do enjoy seeing how you are able to mix media and techniques, and create something lovely. I heard a doctor talking today about how being creative is a powerful way to combat stress.

  11. Lovely fabric drawing and collage!

  12. I've found some calm in yoga, but the news keeps getting worse. How can the news keep getting worse? :(

    Drawing on fabric sounds quite challenging to me.

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