Saturday, January 16, 2021

In the Pink... sewing Saturday


Pink is a favorite color in my world...all shades from the ballet pink tights I wore twice a week to dance lessons to bright intense fuschia of those flamingo sunglasses.

 It was all about wine this week in studio as I started a year long table runner pattern to participate in Joy's challenge. 

I found this pattern from Hoffman Fabrics free, online, and thought I could make the bottles in the rainbow scrap challenge color of the month!

so I went into the pink scrap box, and decided what to call my special vintages... made sketches on paper, took the muslin and fabric markers to draw a label on. 

I paper pieced the whole flamingo block before noticing I pieced the label in upside down, so took out the seam ripper, turned it around, making it a little more ragged, and not wanting to undo ALL the piecing I top stitched that edge in place.

After the stray threads are removed and it's quilted, it won't be noticeable. 

Now I didn't dither and dally over the images or do mock ups or plan anything. I just drew it on and sewed. 

Can't wait to see more colors emerging for the runner!

One of my paintings in pink cheers up the cutting table

I am doing Project Quilting this year, so when the work from home, round robin came to my attention I said, NO! 

Then thought, I found this book

and made the sewing machine in pink

yes, this fabric combo will work!

used a scrap of fave background fabric unavailable now, and my happy pinks and will be sewing with that pretty turquoise thread up there!

So if I like what they are planning at the round robin site, I'll use this large block for my center ! A good studio quilt I think!

Now about the pattern... Lori Holt made a convenient cutting chart, but.... watch out. Sometimes her chart says to cut the necessary pieces for that block, sometimes her chart has cutting for the whole row included. I had to turn on my brain to figure out what was actually needed for just one block. Again, sometimes her instructions WERE for one block, sometimes for ALL the blocks in the same chart.

Following patterns isn't that much fun to me, but at the moment I need easy sewing to divert my attention from Americans attacking our own capitol with guns and bombs.  I am also using online  recipes which if you know me, you know cooking isn't my passion. Here are last night's  pumpkin/ cheesecake muffins.

recipe source
I forgot to add in some sugar and top with crumble before baking so this morning I made a drizzle to glue the topping on, and its okay. It isn't perfect, it's different from the recipe but it's okay and sometimes Okay is just enough.
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  1. Hi,
    Love the pink, those Wine Bottles are really nice. But the pink sewing machine is awesome. Have a great day!

  2. Those muffins may be just okay, but they look delicious to me! I like your quilty round robin plan and the center block. Sometimes sewing with a pattern just makes sense. It takes all the stress out of decision-making. Hang in there--only a few days until we turn the page.

  3. Love both the wine bottles and the sewing machine!

  4. It's refreshing to see so much pink this time of year :) Muffins sound like a good plan. I'll have to see what I have ingredients for. Thanks for the suggestion :)

  5. The wine bottle patterns are fabulous. I'd drink either of those, but I love the idea of pink poodle wine. And I like the sewing machine too. I was going to do some quilt block sewing today, but it was so dreary I never made it far from the couch. Your muffins sound good, even without the streusel.Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  6. Those wine bottle blocks are neat! I may need to try those. I love your sewing machine, too. I'm joining with that round robin and need to make my center block, too.

  7. Such nice pink sewing! And the muffins look delicious. Sewing is helping me get through this anxious time, too. Good luck!

  8. Pink is the perfect color to brighten one's spirit.

  9. Hi LeeAnna,
    Did you know that puff pastry was " invented" by mistake by an apprentice? He forgot to add the butter. Then he rolled and folded it in giving us the puff pastry that we know of today.
    Now you can make the muffins as sweet as you would like with different toppings " glued" on !Thjat sounds like a great idea :)
    Pink ! fun and joyful fabrics ! Love that wine bottle idea! Do you have any grape or other fruit themed fabrics ?
    The sewing machine block ! Love !
    Did you know Lori Holt is coming out with more fabrics and a pattern in the Summer ?

  10. Well, I'm sure I responded to this post because I remember commenting on the wine bottles (I like). Also love that pink flower which looks like a poinsettia bloom. The pink sewing machine will be interesting to build a round robin around if you decide to follow that route. I barely gave that one a thought. I know I would probably get bogged down and not finish it. I'm going to finish sandwiching a quilt today. It's partly done, but I need to press the top again as its been sitting too long.

  11. Pretty flamingo glasses ;) Great bottles of wine, and your sewing machine block is beautiul. Enjoy the challenge!
    Thank for sharing with Patchwork & Quilts link party ;)

  12. Mmmm pumpkin cheesecake muffins!!! Those wine bottles are adorable.

  13. Love your sewing machine block!!! It will make a great centre for the SAHRR!!! Glad you are joining us!
    Happy Quilting! :-)

  14. Your pink blocks are a lot of fun. You can tell you are inspired by the color. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  15. Love your pink wine bottles and yes. . .sometimes okay is plenty enough!!!

  16. I am coming to pink late in life but it sure is a color that brings me joy these days. Love your sewing machine

  17. Well your muffins look tasty, and everyone is going to love that pink sewing machine! Have a good week!

  18. What'd Milo think of the pink poodle rose? I am imagining a pink poodle might just turn his head!

  19. You never cease to amaze me with what you create - love the Pink Poodle Rose!

  20. Love your pink wine bottles ... but then again I pretty much love any wine in any bottle! Hahaha!! Your sewing machine block looks great topped off with turquoise thread. Will be a great center block!

  21. The labels you made for your wine bottles are so cute! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.