Thursday, January 28, 2021

I Like #229

my sister gave me this plate!

well it's Thursday, the day we list our likes for the past week... and Milo says let's get a move on. 

I feel like I just wrote an I Like post (HERE) last Tuesday

I would like a muffin!


reading     listening toMaisie Dobbs (Maisie Dobbs, #1) by Jacqueline Winspear... not sure if I like it yet...

just finished Winter in Paradise - Hilderbrand, Elin  and ordered the next one in the series 

also finished The Little Shop of Found Things - Brackston, Paula   and waiting next in the series Secrets of the Chocolate House - Brackston, Paula

tv shows

I'm enjoying the remake of All Creatures Great and small.  I think Celebrity Game Face is hilarious! Kevin heart hosts 3 celebrity contestants in silly but really funny games. 
The bachelor is always good, The Good Doctor and This is Us, The Crown, Best British Bakeries (on TUBI) is so fun... two judges test the merits of three bakeries in an area. Finding your roots on PBS


I got some new pens from Dick Blick... I love color! (posca paint and fineliners

 I want to find an inexpensive sturdy paper journal and make my own journal like Shayda Campbell's videos ( watch it here

pinkie goodness in a table runner in progress...
grand finish on Saturday's post!

people chow

an old recipe for fruit cocktail cake

This recipe was a staple at every pot luck I went to in the 70's. We ordered some fruit cocktail in it's own juice, and I'll just say it's better after sitting overnight or several days in the fridge. It's quite sweet!
I told you about the banana pumpkin muffins on the Tuesday post... best ones I ever made!


The next one is SO FUNNY I subscribed and have spent waaaay too much time watching this funny dog's life!

hopes and dreams

that "goodness" will win out, that law and order will return, that people will remember to follow the Golden Rule (replacing the idea of  "my guy can do it but you can't") & that people will begin to look for facts in life.

when it feels like you're never done in the kitchen...(bored panda site)

I’m Doing The Dishes 


Hi to all my fwiends out there... I've got to admit I like wearing extra skins mama makes me. I feel handsome.  I was busy this week watching out the studio window for danger. Every time I sees something move, I BARK to let EVERYONE know and they don't seem to appreciate it. 

I've been enjoying the big bed at night, and snuggling up to the pawrents because it's cold. 

I am pretty choosy about food, like I don't always trust what Mama hands me but I am ALWAYS ready to taste the baked stuff she makes lately! Tell her to give me a WHOLE muffing next time! 

now sit! stay! visit these nice humans who have lists to share too!  

unable to post this week  http://homesewnbyus 

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  1. we love the fruit cocktal cake.. are that pecans? oooh yummmm! Milo be bark at all and everything too... without a break...

  2. Hi LeeAnna,
    I was just thinking that also..It's Thursday already !
    Pineapple upside downcake we had when I was a kid..remember that?
    Have you watched Just get it done quilts interview with Cassia st. Clair ?


  3. That's a nice bunch of goodies today, especially that cake. Hey Milo, you are always a most handsome dude. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  4. I read your Tuesday one! Lots of goodness here again, food for the body, mind and soul. And Milo does look handsome!

  5. Poor Milo - I'm sure he is starving and you are so selfish to not give him a whole muffin. LOL I've been enjoying This Is Us a lot this season again. But this week we had a rerun. Bummer!

  6. Thank you, Milo ... you should have a whole muffin because you are so cute. LeeAnna ... Milo should have a whole muffin. The recipe for Fruit Cocktail Cake is new to me. Charlie likes fruit cocktail so maybe he would like this. Thank you for the recipe. Now I need to go check out the yummy muffin recipe that Milo is raving about. Thanks for the fun post that makes me smile today and for hosting us ... :-) Pat

  7. That piglet video is fantastic! I loved him playing with the goats and then in the car with the baby calf. So fantastic! Little animals seem to be playful no matter what!

  8. Just read your recent posts and thanks for all the great content. Pinks in a table runner are so playful. Fruit cocktail was a staple in my youth. Mom made squares out of it too. Murphy likes to clean my counters too but in a whole different way. Thanks for mentioning the remake of All Creatures, a sentimental favourite in this house. Keep Creating!

  9. Those muffins sound delicious - thanks for sharing the recipe! We've been enjoying the new All Creatures Great and Small, too. And the golden retriever videos are a hoot - I found them awhile back and have enjoyed them, too!

  10. I've never heard of fruit cocktail cake but it look yummy. I didn't know there was a new Paula Brackston book out already. I'll have to look for it. It looks like you like the same type series books that I like. What is Milo wearing? I thought it was a collar but then saw something longer maybe?

  11. The little video is hysterically funny! Plus the dishwasher dog is cute also! Have a fun day!

  12. Milo is such a cutie. I keep forgetting about All Creatures Great and Small, I need to check that out as I loved his books.

  13. I have the same hopes & dreams as you. I think a lot of us do. All Creatures Great and Small has been recommended to me by others too. I loved that book years ago. I think I will give the series a try.

  14. OooOooOOOh Mom remembers fruit cocktail cake! (she is OLD)! We are thankful for you guys! And Mom says making your own journal is fun! Have a marvellously Happy Day!

  15. Milo even I think you are cute and Dad says that Fruit Cocktail Cake may be something in the future as it was not in his past. He thought he knew it all. Hah! Not a Cat Dad!

  16. If you give Milo a muffin, a WHOLE muffin . . . please just give Milo a WHOLE muffin. :-) You've been reading a bunch! Thanks for sharing that, I need some good ideas. That journal video looks like such fun. I order journals from JB Welly, he handmakes them and they have thick paper that doesn't bleed through. Perfect for that journal. Please give Milo a WHOLE muffin. Milo - you owe me now. And you are quite handsome in that fancy skin :-)

  17. Yum, we kitties love muffins!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

  18. Hi LeeAnna! I have been thinking about reading the Paradise series - my library has all three books in the series so far. Milo looks pretty darn handsome in his new skins. He's particularly fetching in that lovely green. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  19. Hi LeeAnna,
    Love all your pinky fabrics. Your Fruit Cocktail cake looks yummy. I've got one like's called a Dump Cake. It uses Pineapple. Our dog, Bob, does the same thing...but he barks at only stuff he can Have a great day!

  20. Seems like Thursday is every other day lately. LOL I actually watched TV the other day. Hamilton is awesome, daughter is full blown fan girl of Lin Manuel Miranda. Started watching a show called Virgin River. Milo looks handsome. Bobbin is the same lately....barking, birds, leaves, delivery guys, people coming from the cross street, people turning around in our driveway.

  21. Milo - you are indeed handsome!
    That pic of him at the sink is hilarious.
    PENS!!!!! You'll have to let me know how you like them after you use them for a bit. I'm a pen-addict

  22. Love seeing your books and I also got some new Posca paint pens. I went with medium points. They are on my agenda to play with tonight. Loving the videos and of course views of Milo. Hugs-Erika

  23. Poor Milo, I bet he is as undernourished as my two dogs....which is not a bit! lol He is so handsome. Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend.

  24. Elin Hillderbrand's "Winter" series is such fun to read this time of year. I raced through all four over the holidays and enjoyed them very much. Fun to see that you're into them now as well; it may be the first time that we read the same books at basically the same time!

  25. Look at all that pink fabric. Pretty! Cake looks yummy. And Milo is looking dapper!

  26. I'm a day late again, sigh. When I checked our library catalog for the Paula Brackston series, I found there is a third one published last year, Garden of promises and lies. I like Elin Hilderbrand, but have fallen behind on her books. I should do some baking during this cold spell. It would warm up the kitchen. I'm almost done with my "Table Scraps" piece, half way done sewing down the binding. I agree with your hopes and dreams for a return to fairness and truth, but it looks like the Republicans have decided to refuse to solve our countries problems while they continue their pursuit of partisan politics. I need to stop reading the news.

  27. Sweet're such a handsome boy. Stay warm and have a great weekend.

  28. Lots of lovely pinks for the Table Scraps challenge! Wish I could get that sweet dog over to my house to do the dishes! Lol!

  29. Those Paula Brackston books look interesting (as does Milo's extra "skins".) I'm looking forward to the reveal of your PINK table runner!

  30. We have that very plate and have always used it for birthdays :) I've never heard of fruit cocktail cake, but it looks delicious!