Tuesday, December 1, 2020

T is for Tuesday


T is for chooseday.... what will we do with this day? Milo is thinking.... he will probably think about what to put on his Christmas wish list for SantaPaws

Thanksgiving has come and gone, unlike the snow we got a week ago which is still here. There is more predicted for the entire day so it's gray and foreboding. Then bitter cold temps to come. 

I  got out the Christmas dishes to use all December. How I love them! 

I also have a set of cutlery with little Santas on it to use!

This morning it's strong coffee with milk in our snowman cups in honor of the snow today

The little coaster was made by cutting up a quilt I didn't like, but I like the individual coasters that came from it! 

no pic of the pecan pie debacle of Thanksgiving 2020. I've made this for the past 30 years and this year, in the high altitude of Colorado it blew up. Yep began to rise, like a volcano, like the raft in the closet on Dick Van Dyke show. I punctured it with  a knife and it dropped. The crust was broken, we basically served it with an ice cream scoop and it was still delish!

We had our traditional Thanksgiving food except no turkey this year, and enjoyed this almond champagne all weekend... sadly it's gone now. I think we need to make another curb side pick up at total wine, don't you?

We began decorating the house, and here's one of my older quilts that I put on the sofa

I'm not done but I am enjoying the outside porch tree and 1940's wooden cutout from my computer perch each day!

this was a lovely pre-lit tree til the lights failed. I picked the strands off last year, and replaced them with two normal strands that twinkle. It's as good as new except for the green wire, but who cares when it's the hap hap happiest season of all! Whee! I love vintage things, and we found this cut out on the trash back in MD. DH was less excited than I about dragging it home but I love it. 

 It's time for Santa to come back from his Hawaiian vacay and get busy... we all need some holiday cheer about now!

and just for silly fun.... something very different in the way of a Christmas song from the past sung by Dinah Shore... a polka!





Divers and Sundry said...

That's a nice pattern for the season :) Love those trees. The snowman mugs do look like the perfect choice for a snowy day. What a great porch view! Vintage decorations are fun to have, even if they take a bit of rehabbing. Happy T Tuesday!

kathyinozarks said...

Good morning I am loving your Christmasy post. I love those dishes and your couch quilt and decorations so far. I have never seen the almond champagne sounds delicious will look for it.
your snowman mugs are perfect Happy T and December Kathy

easyweimaraner said...

love the holiday santa... i wish we could escape to to some island with sun ;O)

Mae Travels said...

Santa looks very happy in his Hawaiian shirt with his tropical drink. Too bad he has to get busy.

be safe... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Sara said...

Your porch scenario looks so cheerful, and your quilts are lovely as always. I think quilts always bright up a house. Holly Jolly - that is what granddaughter Olivia calls Hobby Lobby. Love it.

Wish you could send some snow our way. It's just cold and brown - and extremely dry around here. What snow we've gotten melted quickly and we need some moisture.

Kokopelli said...

Love the Hawaii Santa! And your cup! We had some snow today, too, but it already melts and will be gone by tomorrow I think. Have a nice evening!

Brian said...

Love the Christmas goodies! Our Dad used to watch Dinah Shore on the TV.

Barbara said...

Looks like the holidays in your house!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your holiday dishes are beautiful and your Snowman mug is sweet. I'm not a wine drinker, but this looks like something I'm sure you would enjoy.

Your quilt on the couch is beautiful and I can see you are also decorating both in and out. Thanks for sharing your photos, your dishes, and your wine with us for T this Tuesday, dear LeeAnna.

Eileen Bergen said...

That's a beautiful hexagon quilt in your header, LeeAnna. Lovely Christmas china. We have Lenox Christmas tree plates, but use them only for display. Now I'm thinking, why not use them for meals?

It's cake I have a hard time making at high altitude (6000 ft. above sea level). I've never had pies inflate like that. I wonder why yours did. Glad it still tasted good. I've never heard of almond champagne, but love champagne.

Your Christmas quilt is gorgeous! I've never seen such a beautiful one. You must be delighted to bring it out on display each year.

I remember that Dinah Shore Christmas polka song. It strikes me as pretty funny now. Thanks for the smiles.

Happy T-day! Stay safe and well. Hugs, Eileen

CJ Kennedy said...

Schadenfreude, I'm glad I wasn't the only one that had a pie fail 😉 Thought the volcano pie sounds pretty spectacular! Himself, the chemist, would have loved that. Thank you for reminding me to get the Christmas dishes out! Your quilt, little tree, and snow people are very cute. Happy decorating and Happy T Day.

Linda Kunsman said...

You sure are in the Christmas spirit! Love your snowmen cup, and of course the quilt work is fab!
I bet that pie tasted just as delicious from the scoop:)
Stay warm, and happy T Day!

Rebecca Jo said...

I love you use Christmas dishes!
Almond wine? I've never heard of it before - I'm not a big wine drinker, but I'm curious now

My name is Erika. said...

I am in a very Christmas spirit this year too. Maybe it's Covid and all the strangeness of 2020. I wonder what Milo is wishing for? Dog treats? Toys? A squirrel to chase? Your decorations are looking very spirited. And you reminded me to take out my Christmas dishes. I think Milo is on them. I will have to post a photo. Will you put up an inside tree? Hope it was a happy T day. Hugs-Erika

Molly the Airedale said...

Love your Christmas dishes and beautiful sofa quilt!

Preeti said...

Santa is in Hawaii??? I'd advise him against traveling right now :-) Love the cute holiday décor in your home, Lee Anna. Hugs to you. Stay safe.

MissPat said...

I decided that maybe if I started bringing out the Christmas stuff, I'd perk up a bit. Of course, that means lots of dusting and figuring out where to put the non-Christmas things to make room. Good idea to bring out the Christmas dishes and use them all month. We have just a coating of snow. It's sunny today but quite windy.

pearshapedcrafting said...

I loved seeing your sofa and all your other preparations for Christmas. Belated Happy T Day, Chrisx

Anne (cornucopia) said...

Your plates are fantastic. I love all of your Christmas decorations. And that quilt is fantastic. Happy belated T-Day!