Thursday, December 3, 2020

I Like Thursday 221


welcome to this week's list of likes... 

I like decorating for Christmas but I can't find all my boxes from the move (I didn't even try last year) 
I am slowly putting up colorful things as I find them. That's our baker's rack where we keep masks and keys and stuff for walking

I found this little ceramic tree I made in my teens!!! All it needs now is a replacement light

This quilt was made for Christmas the year before we left Maryland. I LOVE it and the pattern was from Ricky Tims kaleidoscope where he has you draft it out yourself. Click on the image to see details
I did a post on Tuesday with lots of Christmas photos... it's HERE if you missed it!

seasonal fun

Jacquie Lawson's advent calendar (HERE)  is out and it's chock full of beauty and fun for $5. Every day there is a new beautiful moving graphic, tons of unusual games and puzzles, you can decorate trees or cookies or wreaths. I look forward to it all yearlong.


 I liked two Hallmark movies last weekend... sometimes they are just too sappy but both of these had snappy dialogue and good realistic acting. Hope they are all that good this season!

I love the new bachelorette and she has a lot of really great men to choose from but love is something you can't see with your eyes so it will come down to what her heart wants. 
Escape to the Chateau...we are on the last season 2019, but it's coming to HGTV this month!
Amazing race is so much fun to watch!


I painted a pretty poinsettia last weekend, that post is tomorrow. I think I'm a pointillist.


two librarian mystery series by different authors... kind of confusing. 
reading on ebook at bedtime

 but the library is about to take it before I'm finished so I'll move back to this one that came back around

 listening to this book on audio

 finished Origin by Dan Brown and it was wonderful, can't praise it enough for content and writing.

I enjoy the blog

and saw this there...

instead of presents this year, I'm giving everyone my opinion

 I was struck by this little film, find it on a blog who shows cool indie films and old films


 I liked that DH went to pick up Milo's meds and our meds (a big wine order) yesterday, so I spent that hour and a half making minestrone soup. 


I love this Christmas song best... it captures the idea of giving what you have to the world little drummer boy


 Milo's Moments

I was just thinking .....

Milo: Oh my dog y'all! you will NOT believe what I saw on our really long walk last week. The very BIGGEST giant dogs I've ever seen in my life! I used to play with a giant malamute that was almost 200 lbs but there were big and black and...

Mama: They were cows. Those are called cows.

Milo: K A -- O W S

Mama: cows... are you making fun of my accent? I was raised in Florida but I've been away a long time

Milo: Fla rid ahh

Mama: oh stop it! We live in Colorado now anyway

Milo: Ohhhhh..... COWlarado! 

That explains it !
Oh to my dog friends out there, don't pee on any trees you find inside the house! 

These fine folks will continue the story with their own lists!     



  1. HAHAHA! That Milo has some personality! I adore that Kaleidiscope quilt you made! Have a wonderful week sweet Lee Anna!

  2. oh you made this tree? it looks super sweet! ... nelly is with milo, that are cha-ows... always when he sees some cows he wants to run away... not cow-l ;O)

  3. We love seeing Christmas decorations and that quilt is so pretty. Hey Milo, that's excellent no-pee-tree advice pal. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  4. You always have the best post for Thursday...all kinds of interesting things! I'll go look at that calendar but I want to look closely at the quilt! We have 2 Kaliedescopes that we bought at a craft fair years ago. I LOVE them! And yes...I know I misspelled it spell check! hahaha! Hugs!

  5. Oh no Milo mocks your accent. I know that there are times that Bobbin mocks me. Especially when she is mad at me. Great likes. Love your Wall hanging it is gorgeous, and your little tree. Great likes. I will have to come back and watch the video.

  6. Hi LeeAnna,
    love the vintage decor and quilts that bring cheer :)

  7. Your kaleidoscope quilt is just gorgeous! Wow! And those plaid poinsettias are so cute. Milo's Moments always crack me up, but today with the cows was extra funny. I've often wondered what animals were really thinking.

  8. OMG, the Christmas Kaleidoscope quilt is fabulous! I also love that you decorated your bakers rack! No decorations here yet, but soon!

  9. Your angel is so sweet, and I love the white lighted ceramic tree, too! It sounds fun to keep rediscovering things you can decorate with for Christmas. I have the Jacqui Lawson Advent calendar, too - love it!

  10. What a beautiful Christmas Kaleidoscope Quilt! So striking! I love your Christmas decorations. It's so nice to make the house festive. I love reading about Milo! Always makes me smile!

  11. Wonderful quilt and decorations. Milo you are one fun loving pup

  12. Oooohhh...that minestrone looks delicious. Very hearty! I would love to see your house at Christmastime. I bet it is gorgeous. Happy decorating!

  13. Nothing wrong with slow-roll decorating (and un-decorating). Soup looks yummy!

  14. I've misplaced a box of Christmas decorations myself... There must just be a box I didn't open. Yours look so festive! Crime of Passion Fruit sounds like fun :) I'm glad Zero made such a hit. Thanks for the hat tip :) That soup looks delicious.

  15. Your post today brought many smiles to my face, especially the Milo stories. That advent calendars looks very interesting. I have never seen it before but I think I am sold. The kaleidoscope quilt is gorgeous. I made turkey soup this week and turkey pie and the leftovers keep on giving. Thank you, LeeAnna, for all the Thursday Thankfuls ... :) Pat

  16. Lovely Thursday 13 post. Milo is a keeper.

  17. I love that ceramic trees are back & popular. Love the white one!

  18. Hi LeeAnna! I just love your ceramic tree. I inherited one that my SIL made and gave to my mom - it's green and it may have a few missing bulbs. I didn't put it out this year, and now I'm wondering why the heck not! And Milo is such a good boy laying by the door. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  19. Sounds like some nice festive moments. I love that you have your ceramic tree from your teens, and hope you can get the lights fixed. It's exciting to be in this colorful time of year, isn't it? Hugs-Erika

  20. That is a beautiful quilt. Milo is a cutie.

  21. "A Crime of Passion Fruit!" That's hilarious! I love your little white tree, too. And the kaleidoscope quilt, of course!

  22. I loved the short that Divers and Sundry showed. It was so clever. Your Christmas wall hanging is gorgeous. Truly a beauty. Milo always makes me happy. Have a super rest of Thursday, dear LeeAnna.

  23. I love all your Christmas bits. Milo's post always makes me smile..I hope all the other dogs were listening when he told them not to pee in indoor trees :-)
    Annie x

  24. I need to scroll through your posts, because they aren't coming to my inbox lately :-( So many lovely likes this week. You made that little tree?? (Wow) I love the kaleidoscope quilt! I got a big box of meds too - from hubs for my birthday (coming soon).

  25. I'm still getting to my Christmas decorations. This weekend, for sure. I really like that kaleidoscope quilt. That soup looks delicious. Seems like you're keeping busy!!

  26. LOVE that quilt and to think you made that ceramic tree as a teenager, creative way back. I have too many boxes for tree and light color themes that are all mixed up now!

  27. The ceramic tree is fantastic! My grandma has one similar to that, white with lights, and it's one of the few things she kept in her assisted living apartment. I'm also entertained by Milo's Cow encounter. We were hiking in the national forest several years ago and Bentley got over excited and started chasing the cows (they are sometimes grazing there). It was very stressful for the cows and also for us (I think Bentley was having a blast). Of course he didn't catch them, and now he's too old to hike up there, but the intermittent cow presence means no more off-leash for anyone! I'm a little aggravated that my local grocery stores won't sell wine or beer in the curbside pickups. I've gone to all curbside pickups for groceries, but I've been out of beer and wine for weeks. I need to call the liquor store to see if they're doing curbside or not....

  28. Those ceramic trees are quite trendy again. I always liked them. What a treasure, clever girl! I watched that clever video and loved the idea of love unto infinity. I clicked on your quilt to see it close up...lovely. And I'm playing your song while I'm writing this. Wonderful version. Minestrone soup, and Milo and very large dogs. YOu really should think about writing a children's book LeeAnna. What a great post.

  29. Your kaleidoscope Christmas quilt is wonderful! I need to make something just or Xmas, too. And yummy minestrone soup. Another thing we will enjoy soon. It's the right temperature outside for soup.

  30. I forgot to track you down on Thursday (like Wendy, still no emails). I have two ceramic trees, one was my MILs and I think the other one was a gift many years ago. I love kaleidoscope quilts and have an unfinished stack'n'whack in Christmas colors somewhere. I'm making turkey soup tomorrow. Hope your minestrone was good.