Friday, March 27, 2020

watching paint dry

It's Friday right? With the topsy turvy world I'm living in right now, I'm not always sure!

Like most people who usually turn to creativity, I've had some trouble finding my footing amid the stress of just surviving. Some was lifted yesterday by my fellow "I Like Thursday" group.

If you aren't aware of us, we post a list of the small or large things we liked that week, on Thursdays. If you like this "like" idea, please join us, just let me know in comments you wrote a post too.

I started watching the Sketchbook Revival (Karen Abend) videos today. A mere 4 days after it started, but who's counting. She brings together lovely artists from around the world to teach us, two videos a day. I am on video one, day one and this is what came of the first presentation.
I sit at the messy kitchen table, watch the video, and keep notes.
I pulled out the KOI watercolors, my sketchbook, waterpen, pencil and pigma marker.

One of her two exercises was to smear paint on a page (you can do that right?) then turn it around til you saw something in it, and then use pens to make lines.
I have no delusions of grandeur, I do not seek perfection. I seek joy, self expression, and imagination!
I saw first, a little eye in the middle blob... so it became a bird. The blob on the right was obviously a poodle running, and that cat on the left followed quickly. A cat about to groom it's privates! 

I am trying to get  back to seeing the world as a creative would... I am sewing (that post tomorrow) but not writing much. I watch mindless comfortable TV, walk my poodle in the 'hood avoiding contact as I go, and read. 
Today I reached for paint. I might not have but for the stimulus of the Sketchbook revival, so thank you to teachers, video makers, coordinator, and other creatives who hold me up!
 as a wee note, I use a page for each presentation, and do a quick sketch of the artist!

Pink Saturday!


  1. The kitty was my favorite!! The little crossed paws - so much like every cat I've ever known. I've been trying to only watch "happy TV" unless I'm catching the news. My husband has been watching endless old westerns and what I refer to as "shoot em ups". I just leave the room and find something else to do. Hang in there!!

  2. It's good you have the inspiration to create. I am having trouble finding my mojo since Sam passed even though I have plenty of reasons to play in the studio. Sigh, just can't seem to get excited enough to start. Here's to a weekend of creating beauty and enjoying the process.

  3. That does look Molly the pink-nosed (wild) Cat! She just strolled into the office and plunked herself next to the Husband's feet. Purrrrrrrr, she said. :-)

  4. Wonderful!! I have recently started sketching more in my sketchbooks. I think this will be a cool time to look back on - things are so crazy!

  5. Very creative! Your paint blob drawings are wonderful! It does seem like we should all be taking advantage of this 'me' time, but with so many worries, it is hard to focus. It definitely takes discipline! I think our pets keep us sane - they are always so happy no matter what. x

  6. How fun! I know I'm keeping busy with crafts and dioramas...and it is great, because it takes you to the OTHER side of your brain---blocking all the OTHER stuff! Grins!

  7. Wow what a wonderful post and you are on the first video, fantastic. We will all back on our art for this time and see a difference in who we are. Be safe and elbow hugs.

  8. I found Carla Sondheim's video wonderful. Love the "smear some paint' prompt. I've found at least one helpful hint in all of the ones I've seen, so far. I'm so glad I subscribed to the Sketchbook Revival series.

  9. They all are pretty!Hugs and blessings!

  10. The paint blog images are really creative. I like the idea. - Margy

  11. It worked. You painted/drew and shared.