Saturday, March 28, 2020

sewing saturday

If this is Saturday, this is my weekly round-up of sewing stuff!
Not showing handwork today, it's the RSC teal Lozenges for this month.
cute and pretty fabric scraps

It was fun digging through, I picked 16 prints, and then cut 8 X 4 2 " squares in darks, and 8 X 4 2" squares in lights to sew on the corners.

Of course I kept the little cut off hst's and am trying something new with them.

I thought I would do a kit this week, to find my mojo... an
"easy" little pin cushion...

it didn't quite work out, and I had to find fabrics, muslin, drawer pull feet (luckily in my hoard of stuff brought from MD) a LONG needle, buttons and a good screwdriver.Plus so batting as it was droopy with just their foam and tiny bit of walnut shells.
Hmph, some kit.

I had to cut out templates, mark fabrics, baste and gather, glue edges.
Skip this one is my recommendation
Luckily I only stabbed myself once, with that nail of a needle, and the cord they included to tuft with, would not go through the fabric, and it felt wrong to leave an unsewn hole for it.

it looks quite Becky-Home-Ecky to me,(not that there's anything wrong with that!) but it's done. I threw away the pattern and box.
I added a little bubble bead topper on the button, and love my old candy parade fabrics... I really should make a quilt out of those beauties. I wish someone still made them!

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  1. Your teal lozenges are looking good, but that pincushion, although it looks perfect, sounds like frustration from start to finish. Well done you for persevering with it

  2. It's a cute little pin cushion! I love your lozenges, they are coming along really well! Keep you chin up kiddo!

  3. Hi LeeAnna,
    LILAMO ! the result looks great though! Yes, there are quite a few folk that don't have a clue when it comes to writing directions and/or making kits!
    colour of the month is cheery!

  4. Becky-Home-Ecky - what a GREAT term!

  5. I now understand your comment about being disenchanted with kits. Regardless, I think it's cute.

  6. Love the little monkey in one of the lozenges. So cute!! The pincushion turned out great. I have a kit for one of these too but keep setting it aside.

  7. LOVE those TEAL Lozenge blocks, LeeAnna!! Sorry that your Tuffet Pin Cushion turned out to be such a trial. I looks really cute, though!

  8. I love your lozenge blocks! I did a lozenge quilt in oranges a couple years ago that (nicely) decimated my orange scraps at the time. I think your pincushion turned out cute!

  9. How adorable! Love those blue /teal lozenge blocks.

  10. Your blocks of fabric are so beautiful and your pincushion is wonderful oh so cute I love something and the choice of colors!
    Greetings Elke

  11. I made one of those pincushions a while ago ... it was a booger! The end results (yours & mine) are really pretty but I didn't find it worth the effort. Not an easy project .. at least for me. Love the lozenges. Have a safe week!

  12. I love this shape, and it is really great for improvisational quilting, I might try it!
    #stayhome #staysafe ❤️
    // //

  13. Your little pincushion is very cute, and done! It's something you can say "I won't do that again!"

  14. I like that pincushion, it looks so sweet Becky-home-ecky or not. But I agree, some patterns DO NOT ever be made a second time. Once is sometimes more than enough, or even too much. Those projects make me appreciate those people who right a good pattern even more!

  15. Beautiful blocks! Thanks for linking to the Stress-Free QAL.

  16. Seeing your lozenge pieces gave me the glimmer of an idea about my next piece. LOL Not sure how it will play out but it will keep me off the street--and that's a "Good Thing" these days

  17. Love those teal fabrics! Lovely! Looks like you had a time making that pin cushion but you persevered and the result is wonderful! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.